Vietnamese Hair – 100% human virgin remy hair with factory price

Vietnamese Hair – The best human hair of the world

It is said that Vietnamese human hair is the most beautiful hair of the world due to many features like: smooth, strong, silky, tangle free, no shedding, clean, free of nits and lice.

Vietnamese hair is Virgin, natural 100% human and amazing beautiful.

Many customers after years using various hair type from different source end ups fall in love with Vietnamese woman hair provided by HairVN. It is the traditional factor to let the woman from Vietnam always tend to have the long hair, the longer hair means the more attractive the owner of the hair could become.

Best remy quality – smooth, silky and strong hair from Vietnam

It is no doubt that not many countries where the woman can keep the long hair like Vietnam, some special case we collect hair from ladies around 1.2 – 1.5 meter (~ 48” – 60”), so amazing.

Vietnamese women use the herb to wash the hair

Using mostly the herb and natural leaves to wash and nourish the hair by Vietnamese woman is the key factor to explain why Vietnamese hair is both strong and silky.
Even the drying hair process also be natural as the woman would keep the hair dry by a towel, then the hair could be gradually and slowly dry.

Common herb named “Bo Ket” used widely by Vietnamese women

That’s why the structure of the hair is always in it best condition and the hair outer is not be damaged by the strong heat. The women also prefer to keep the straight and longer hair, then the hair is absolutely kept in the most natural condition.
There’s no chemical involve or restyle during the lifetime of the hair that HairVN collected from the donor.

Cool climate plays an important role to the hair beauty

The cool climate in Vietnam also let the woman hair be smooth, it is not dry as some tropical countries hair. All year round, the cool weather, not too dry, not to wet give the hair great chance to grow faster and stronger. The woman in Vietnam work mostly in agriculture sector, then they don’t have to face with the air pollution and dust… like city girls, this also help the hair and hair extension to be in the long lasting and very healthy.

Cool climate – beautiful lady – excellent hair

It can be seen that hair from hot and dry tropical country is strong but tend to be short and deeply curl while hair from cold area lying smooth and soft but quite thin and weak. Vietnam locates in the sub-tropical zone, both features of the hot and cold country hair are combined into Vietnamese hair, make it become strong but still soft and silky smooth.

The diet helps the Vietnamese hair to be the best

The cuctile intach layer is perfectly enriched by the diet fulls of vitamin from Vietnamese woman. More fruits, vegetable and other fresh source of food are the ideal factors to let the Vietnamese women hair to be highest score in the beauty scale.

Diet with full of vegs and fruits of Vietnamese people

That is not only the diet of woman itself, if you plan to visit HairVN store and buy human hair from us, stay back for days or weeks you will experince lots of wonderful thing about this country, especially the food. Most of the food on the dining table from Vietnamese family are vegetable, meat – of course appear – but in the small contribution. Less fast food, less red meat and other not very healthy food help Vietnamese women a long, smooth, silky hair as well as the skin.

Best Vietnamse Hair is purchased from HairVN

Trustable – Long history hair supplier

More than 20 years being one of the largest Vietnamese hair and hair extension factory and providing hair to all countries worldwide especially Africa, Europe, Middle East, USA, Brazil and so on…, HairVN always commit to bring not only best quality Vietnamese hair but also the trust and best services to satisfy all partners.

HairVN office and main factory complex

How Vietnamese hair is collected

The hair is strictly and widely collected all over Vietnam and Cambodia by our large-scale collectors system. We select the hair from girls who meet our criteria of: Long – Smooth – No styling before – Clean – No dying before – No process before – Healthy – No disease (certificated provided request). After that, virgin hair will have to pass by one more time of checking in the store of Vietnamese hair and hair extension company – HairVN. Our QA and KCS staff will cross check to make sure all the hair is good before coming up to the next steps.

Hundreds of workshops over country let us to be the biggest collector for Vietnamese and Cambodian Hair

We ensure the best remy hair quality to our customers

Hair after that would be washed and dry naturally with shampoo only to clean. The hair would be picked 100% manually under the control from the experienced senior.

vietnam-remy-hair-3 – most reliable and reputable partner

Then, hair will be classified into categories for direct selling as Raw/Bulk hair or process further into extension like Weft hair, Weave hair, Closure, Frontal, Clip in Hair, Tip hair (keratin hair with all available shapes U – I – V), Color hair and all other as per the requirements from customers.
Vietnamese hairs and Cambodian hair after carefully collected, checked and processed will be packed and customized for each and every order and finally ship to our partners worldwide.

Serving customer with factory price and hearted services

In HairVN, we not only sell the hair, we provide the best Vietnamese hair extension with best services and the image of Vietnamese hair to the world. We care every order, from test order 200-300gram to hundreds kilogram order. We are 24/7 online to answer all of your questions.

We are looking forward to cooperation with you

HairVN is the first company to provide service of pick up customers from the airport, arrange all needed documents, lodging and entertainment for your trip to Vietnam. For online customers, we ensure to have clip and photos of the hair with the name of customers before the hair be shipped to make sure all of our customers completely satisfy before the hair comes to their hand.
Best Hair – Best Price and Best Services All we’ve done for last 20 years and next coming years are to serve the partners and together we develop.

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