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Vietnamese Hair - Top Luxury for Finest Hair Quality

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Vietnamese hair may not seem strange to those in the hair industry. Vietnamese hair is consistently rated as having the highest quality on the market. Due to its distinctive qualities, it is consistently the finest option for wholesale hair sellers. 

However, a lot of us are ignorant of the traits, qualities, and ideal methods for caring for this sort of hair. Together, let's learn more about the Vietnamese human hair industry and the factors that have led to its reputation as the "King on the throne" of the hair industry.

Is Vietnam hair good?

Known for its high-quality hair at affordable prices, Vietnamese human hair is known for its high quality. Because the hair is derived from healthy sources, it can last over a long period of time (up to 2–5 years if properly cared for).

Is Vietnamese hair good
Is Vietnamese hair good?

Vietnamese Hair Review


Vietnamese hair review
Vietnamese hair review

Vietnamese hair texture

The straight, smooth, soft, and silky textures of Vietnamese human hair are distinctive. Because of its naturally explicit nature, Vietnamese human hair does not easily tangle. The strand of Vietnamese natural hair is thick enough. You can feel its fullness and thickness when you hold it in your palm. 

Hair's rigidity is what gives it its weight and volume. This raises the standard of the hair. Vietnamese hair is frequently of good quality when it is sold. But to your surprise, the cost is totally fair.

Vietnamese hair color

The hue of Vietnamese hair is naturally black. Vietnamese women's hair might therefore match the hair color of women from different nations.

Natural black can be dyed to any desired hue, including red, orange, blue, pink, blonde, grey, dark grey, brown, and dark brown. Any hair color and style that is required by our customers can be completed fast and efficiently by Hairvietnam. The majority of the bundles share a single, recognizable hue.

Vietnamese hair shape

It is a common adage that "quality is shown in the hair shape, color, and texture." Vietnamese human hair is not coarse or scratchy, despite its thick look. Vietnamese human hair is incredibly straight, smooth, soft, and silky, contrary to what many people believe. 

The human hair from Vietnam is also very durable and simple to style. Vietnamese human hair has a unique texture that makes it easy to style into any style, including water-wavy, deep curly, even kinky, and oily hair.

Easy maintenance

Vietnamese hair is of incredibly good quality and is simple to maintain and remove. It is easy to shape and pattern hair because each strand is silky and soft. 

It's simple and quick to install and remove, regardless of whether you have curly hair, wavy hair, or straight hair. After using Vietnamese hair a few times, you'll be pleasantly pleased by how much you love its quality! After a while of use, you hardly ever observe hair become tangled and rough.

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What is the best way to take care of Vietnamese human hair extensions?

In order to avoid losing money and time, especially during the winter, you must know how to properly maintain a certain healthy, smooth, and slippery Vietnamese human hair extension. Follow our lead and start immediately!

How to take care of Vietnamese hair extensions
How to take care of Vietnamese hair extensions

Vietnamese hair is renowned for having a pleasant smell, so, fortunately, even after numerous washes, you won't experience the same issues with foul odor as with other types. You should still pay attention to the flavor of your shampoo, though. The finest choices are herbal, tea, or silicone-free ones if you want them to nourish a heaven-like scent.

Avoid using hot water to wash your Vietnamese human hair texture in bad weather. Instead, it damages your hair by creating tangles, matting, split ends, and breakage. Hot water deprives your hair of moisture and elasticity if it has a curly nature. So, ladies, the invocation is lukewarm water!

Vietnamese hair is known for being extremely natural, therefore letting a dryer dry it would be a great mistake. Your hair becomes significantly worse and less lustrous after it is dried. You should simply leave it be since it's so lovely naturally; let the wind do its thing. Press a low-temperature hot dryer if you need to move quickly, but keep at least 15 cm of space between you and it.

As the old adage goes, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. This means that it is strongly advised that you take hair care cues from Vietnamese women.

Historically, the majority of Vietnamese were farmers who resided in villages. They were skilled at using natural products like grapefruit peel, basil leaves, and locust fruit to care for their hair. To make it easier for you to perform it yourself, I will just describe the grapefruit peel method in this article.

Scientists have established that using grapefruit peel on your hair can make it silky and soft without causing any harm. Your dull and dry hair integrations can be completely reversed with homemade grapefruit peel oil. Antioxidant properties are present in this peel and aid to clean, adding shine, and revitalizing.

How can I manufacture quality grapefruit peel oil by hand? Even if you are the type of clumsy man, it is quite simple. Within 15 minutes, bring grapefruit peel-infused water to a boil. After that, break the peel until the oil emerges. Water's surface can be seen unaided by the naked eye.

What's next? You only need to wash your Vietnamese human hair with water; nothing else is necessary.

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Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair


Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair
Different between Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair

Origin of Indian versus Vietnamese hair

First of all, Indian hair is not of the same origin as Vietnamese human hair. The production of Indian hair extensions takes place at several locations,... Hair dealers will gather hair from various parts of India without carefully selecting the best.

In contrast, Vietnamese women only grow hair in hilly regions between the ages of 18 and 30. Thus, the hair is in excellent shape and comes from a limited number of sources.

Quality Indian versus Vietnamese hair

Second, the biggest distinction between Vietnamese human  hair and Indian hair is quality. When comparing Vietnamese hair with Indian hair, it is evident that the former is of a higher quality. This is due to the hair's source. Hair from Vietnamese donors is cared for with natural products. Additionally, Vietnamese people tend to view their hair as a precious treasure that accentuates their beauty and youth. Therefore, it is easy to understand why hair is so valuable and excellent.

Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair


Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair
Vietnamese hair versus Chinese hair extensions

Because of its dazzling appearance, many people can incorrectly feel that Chinese hair is as excellent as, if not better than, Vietnamese human hair when comparing the two in terms of quality. As pleasing as it may sound, the reality is quite different:

  • Initially, Chinese hair is quite attractive, but it loses its beauty with time. Due to the fact that Chinese hair is gathered from a variety of sources, it is chemically treated to give it a gorgeous coating, but the coating only lasts for a short time. After removing the cuticles chemically, silicone is used to give the hair a natural gloss and texture.
  • As many Chinese hair suppliers combine combs, ground hair, and weft remnants to make extensions and wigs, counterfeiting is still a major issue.

Vietnamese hair, on the other hand, is naturally thick and strong 

  • The hair is gathered from rural Vietnamese women who live in hilly regions and eat a diet high in fiber and nutrients as well as in a climate that is ideal for hair growth—not too hot or too cold.
  • Moreover, Vietnamese women wash their hair with lemongrass, locust, or grapefruit juice, which has been scientifically proven to boost scalp and hair health.
  • It is common for Vietnamese human hair suppliers to have stricter control over hair sources due to the producers' greater concern for quality.

Vietnamese hair vs Brazilian Hair


Vietnamese hair vs Brazilian hair
Vietnamese hair vs Brazilian hair

Virgin hair, or unprocessed hair, is a term that refers to both Brazilian and Vietnamese human hair. Brazilian hair is typically less expensive, however, it costs more since it is rare. Because it is coarse, hair that is ideal for Vietnam has only its natural color. Unlike Brazilian hair, raw Vietnamese human hair is harder to find for two key reasons.

  • The first is a rare type of Vietnamese hair, while the second is coarse hair. We adore both hair types because they can be styled and colored in so many different ways. Whether you want a more expensive alternative or something a little more reasonably priced while still getting fantastic results depends as much on your hair texture when making your choice.

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What is Vietnamese hair?

Vietnamese hair is renowned for having a lustrous, silky, smooth, and thick texture. Even though Vietnamese hair is thick, it is thin and light, so it doesn't make the head feel heavy.

Is Vietnamese hair good?

Vietnamese hair is incredibly resilient. When compared to hair obtained from other nations, they are very durable and have the natural flow and fullness of Real Vietnamese hair products. If you take good care of your Vietnam human hair extensions, they can last a year or longer.

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