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Top 4 Vietnamese Hair Extensions Suppliers

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Nowadays, many people aspire to have long, beautiful hair like the superstars they see on television and in magazines. Indeed, many of them use hair extensions to create intriguing looks. You may learn the explanations for why Vietnamese hair extensions are so popular on this page.

In a world where hair extensions are widely used, you might be surprised to learn how widely they are used. Vietnam hair extensions stand out among them for their superior quality. In case you are debating whether to get hair extensions, this article will help you make a decision.

When you want to experiment with new colors without causing any damage to your hair, wearing hair extensions is a terrific idea. It can occasionally be used to cover up a terrible haircut. Or why not use it to appear so stylish on prom night? Let's look at it.

How come hair extensions are used?

Have you ever wondered, "Why do individuals use hair extensions so frequently?" Well, it appears that many people experience hair-related issues. To help you find the solution, we've listed a few benefits of hair extensions below.

How come Vietnamese hair extensions are used?


Is anyone else experiencing trouble with their hair staying the same length no matter how kind and patient they are with it, which prevents them from having long, gorgeous hair?

It sounds like this is a problem that many people are experiencing. You should think about utilizing hair extensions in this situation. Right, this is far too simple. But it most certainly is! If you could achieve your "hair objective" in the simplest way possible, how would you feel?

There are many people who experience other frightening issues in addition to issues with hair length. A bad cut could result, for instance, if you go to a hair salon with visions of a lovely hairdo with a little trimming of the ends.

Sounds like something we have already dealt with, and hair extensions are a great substitute. Throw away the fear that this will impede hair development if you have it.

Diverse experiences with color

Many people are drawn to certain trendy hairstyles with distinctive colors. But not all of them dare to apply these colors to their own hair because of the possibility of it being damaged.

In actuality, this idea is entirely logical. This process will go more smoothly with a hair extension. With your hair extension, you can now experiment with whatever style you've been yearning to attempt in the past, such as adding highlights or trying the ombre or rainbow trends.

Experimenting with a variety of hairstyles

It's true that your hairdo has a big impact on how you look. Therefore, do not undervalue its significance. You can quickly determine whether or not a haircut suits you thanks to a hair extension.

What makes Vietnamese hair extensions desirable?

The number of people using hair extensions from Vietnam has been rapidly rising in recent years. In the long run, users will enjoy a variety of benefits as a result of its continued use. Let's investigate them.

Good Vietnamese hair extensions


For many people, hair loss can be a major issue. Vietnamese hair extensions are made with a lot of volume to help you with this. With the aid of this form of hair extension, the thick hair you once had will regrow.

Due to its voluminous effect on your real hair, this hair extension is also a great solution for those who naturally have thin hair.


Vietnamese hair extensions are renowned for having a surprising amount of volume in addition to persistence. This gives it the ability to complement the user's natural hair beautifully.

Raw Vietnamese hair extensions

Origin of raw vietnamese hair extensions

Raw Vietnamese hair is virgin, unprocessed hair that has been cut directly from a single donor. Suitable for bleaching and dyeing in multiple colors, it is the ideal material for bleaching.

Since the villagers in the high mountains (cold weather zones) do not expose their hair to sunlight, they are extremely thick and silky, which is why we typically take raw Vietnamese hair from them.

The majority of hair comes from women between the ages of 18 and 25.

It is well known that the high mountain residents are in excellent health. Throughout the day, they work hard. Therefore, the health of the donor and the quality of the virgin hair are closely related. Long-lasting and robust, it is incredibly durable.

What brand of hair extensions are the best?



Hairvietnam Company

One of Southeast Asia's most reputable hair manufacturers is Hairvietnam. This is one of the best Vietnamese hair extension wholesale suppliers. Two decades ago, at the start of 1990, the company was established. We started out as a tiny factory that created hair extension products for a variety of international e-commerce businesses. The business has expanded quickly in the hair market over time. We began selling hair on its own in 2008, and since then, we have received orders from around the world.

2. Lyn Hair - King Hair Extensions Vietnam

Lynhair Company

It was established in 2014. Weave hair extensions, lace closures, lace frontals, and hand-tied hair are some of the primary products that our firm, LYN HAIR EXTENSIONS, provides. Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya, the US, and a few European and American nations are their top markets.

3. Poohair

Poohair Company

Matching the texture of extensions to your natural curl pattern is made easier with Poohair. With curly patterns ranging from 2b to 4c, this Black-owned company offers weft wigs, clip-ins, and ponytails. Additionally, it is all 100% virgin hair; you'll be astounded at how long it lasts if you take proper care of it.

4. VQ Hair

VQ Hair Factory

VQ Hair is a good option for anyone considering hair extensions for the first time. The company offers ponytails, clip-in buns, volumizer bundles, and ponytail accessories, including "peekaboo" rainbow extensions. Additionally, they provide a line made especially for women who are experiencing postpartum hair loss, enabling the wearer to fill in and add more volume as desired.

Each line of Luxy's collections features numerous lengths and hues and is produced entirely of 100% Vietnamese virgin human hair. To apply for your extensions, they have a number of tutorials on their website correctly, a virtual color match option, and are very user-friendly.

Bottom Line

Hair is an important factor in one's appearance. There is no doubt that it can make or break a look. This is why many women take their hair very seriously.

If you are not confident in your own hair, Vietnam hair extension may be the answer for you. There are many different types of hair extensions on the market, each with its own set of pros and cons. You should do your research before choosing the type of extensions that are right for you.


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