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How To Dye A Wig - Guide to Dye Synthetic or Human Wig

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Dyeing a wig may be a good option if you lack space for new wigs or wish to update an old synthetic or human wig. To learn how to dye a wig, read this guide. The best thing about wigs and hair extensions is that they allow you to change your hairstyle seasonally, without damaging your natural hair. The question of how to dye a wig is frequently asked. The purpose of using proper dyeing techniques is to extend the life of a high-quality human hair wig that you have invested in. Human hair wigs and synthetic wigs can be dyed to match your exact look - and it's easy to do. To help you craft your hairstyle just the way you want, we've compiled this guide so you can dye your wig with the best tools.

What is the best Human Hair Wig to Dye?

The first thing you need to do before dyeing wigs is make sure that they can be dyed. A wig can be extensively damaged if it is dyed just for the sake of dyeing. Choosing the right human hair wig for dyeing can be difficult, so here are a few tips.
What is the best human hair wig to dye?
What is the best Human Hair Wig to Dye?
Wigs made of virgin human hair in natural colors are the best choice. There is no better human hair than Vietnamese virgin hair. With HairVietnam Extensions, you can be sure that you are in good hands. Virgin wigs accept hair dye easily since they are unprocessed and untreated. It is strongly recommended that you don't dye a jet black wig, since it can be difficult to obtain a color that shows on it. Blonde wigs can be dyed pretty much any color you like. The reason for this is that it is the lightest and most common color for wigs. Your chosen dye won't work if your hair is pre-lightened.
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How to Dye a Wig - Human Hair

How to Dye a Human Hair Wig
How to Dye a Wig - Human Hair

Human Hair Wig Dyeing Tools

Don't start coloring your wig until you've prepared them all.
  • Before you begin cleaning, grab a few trash bags to protect your floors and counters. Work on a flat, spotless surface, such as a kitchen counter or bathroom floor, as it is the most ideal place to do so.
  • In addition, you will need a wig stand, T-pins, and a bag of T-pins.
  • For highlights, gather foil, mixing bowls, brushes, clips, and combs to separate hair, along with foil to mix and apply color.
  • A few drops of bleach, peroxide (around 20 volumes is sufficient), along with your preferred color, may also be necessary.

Now you are ready to begin coloring your hair.

The Steps To Dyeing Your Human Wig

  • You may need to remove the yellow from a blonde wig if necessary. You may not need it on lighter wigs, but if the yellow is a little too noticeable, use purple shampoo and air dry it.
  • Using any form of color treatment on wigs is always recommended since not every wig carries the same color. If you deposit color onto strands, the results will not always be the same. Before depositing color, test it in the back to make sure it's what you want.
  • By covering small sections with broad swoops, you will avoid creating boundaries. Whenever you reach the roots, gently stroke upward rather than squeezing the brush (you can reach the roots easily with an angled brush that does not touch the wig's lace).
  • Rinse the hair with cool water and apply conditioner after 30-40 minutes of letting the color sit. After styling and attaching your wig, use lace tint spray to make your lace more skin-tone-appropriate.

How to Dye a Synthetic Wig

Polyester, acrylic and polyvinyl are the main components of synthetic wigs. Due to the lack of pigment in these fibers, natural hair dyes cannot be used on a synthetic hair wig.
How to Dye a Synthetic Wig
How to Dye a Synthetic Wig
The chemical dyes and processing of synthetic hair make it look like hair, but it is actually a variety of plastic. As a result, the hair does not become colored. Instead of being placed beneath the strand, the color is placed on top of the strand. When it comes to dyeing synthetic hair wigs, customers often have a hit or miss process. Those who are serious about dyeing synthetic wigs can follow these steps to do it.

Tools Required For Dyeing Your Synthetic Wig

Dyeing a synthetic wig requires a set of essential materials. Your base should be a synthetic wig that is heat-resistant. Invest in an acrylic ink. To facilitate the dyeing process, you will also need a spray bottle and rubbing alcohol. Make sure to spread newspapers across your workspace to avoid stains. Disposable gloves should be readily available during the procedure to protect your hands. To successfully dye your synthetic wig, you will need the following items. It's also a good idea to wear old clothes that you don't mind getting dyed on, as well as an old apron to protect your clothes.

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The Steps to Dyeing Your Synthetic Wig

  • Using acrylic ink and rubbing alcohol, you can dye wigs. While this method is more expensive, it yields the most vibrant colors since it uses up a whole bottle of acrylic ink.
  • Your spray bottle should be filled with acrylic ink. The spray bottle should be filled with rubbing alcohol. Make sure it's 70% rather than 90% as 90% rubbing alcohol tends to make the color run more easily. Once the ingredients have been combined, shake the mixture.
  • Once your dyes are mixed, you can spray them onto your wig. Gloves are helpful in this situation. The dye can also be distributed more evenly by using a wide-toothed comb after the color is saturated. Use the lighter color at the top and the darker color at the bottom of the wig to make it easier.
  • Let your wig dry after you are satisfied with the results. It can take 4-5 hours to dry in a humid climate.


Whether it's a human hair or synthetic wig, this guide has explained how to dye a wig. This comprehensive guide provides step-by-step instructions for transforming your wig into the perfect shade, matching your personality, preferences, and preferences. You can find high-quality human hair wigs and extensions at HairVietnam Human Hair Extensions to enhance your styling options. Make your hairstyle game even better by exploring their collection today!
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