Who are we?

HairVN is the leading hair wholesaler in Vietnam. Through the years we have managed to create one of the most famous brands in our country and over the world. We provide many hair types from Raw, Bulk Hair to Hair Extensions such as Weft(Weave Hair), IUV Tip Hair, Tape Hair, Clip-in hair and Closure Hair all sizes.

Skilled workers from HairVN system to collect and store tons of Vietnamese hair

Besides the reputation of a big hair wholesaler and manufacturer, HairVN is also your companion. This blog is the best place where you can share knowledge, skills, and experiences related to hair topic. Hair blog list includes 4 main parts: Hair Care, Hair Trend, Hair Extension and Travel to Vietnam. Data will be refreshed once a week, so let take time to read, you will receive much useful knowledge for your beauty investment.

Hair Care

Not everyone also owns a strong and clean hair. Some of you have to face to thin hair, tangle or split hair tip while others have a headache of hair shedding. To solve these problems, many women have spent a lot of money but they still live with the bad hair.

The advice from Experts and Hairstylists

Based on the index using search and social metrics, HairVN has published The Best Hair Care blogs from thousands of top Hair Care blogs. The contents of each post are selected from all advice of leading experts, the famous hairstylists.

Through the post, you will get the best ways to own healthy hair that you have dreamed and deserved for a long time. Blogs written by HairVN are amazing and inspiring blogs that help you overcome all roadblocks.

Hair care with Vietnamese hair extensions

From styling to treating to protecting and more

Hair Care blog posts guide for relaxed and relaxed the women over the world. This was designed to share the advice and techniques used to grow long beautiful hair to waist length and to encourage women to make informed hair care and styling choices.

Blog topics show how to comb and remove tangle natural hair to get flawless, long-lasting curl. Hair routines are analyzed to propose the utility methods for you. If you have enough reading about how to take care your natural hair, we also have funny and quirky posts to entertain you.

The blog post contains hair care tips for healthy hair, curly hairs, choosing shampoos and conditioner products.

Vietnamese hair extension for Nigerian ladies

This blog also suggests eating natural foods and feeding your hair natural products. We covered every possible hair care topic under the sun, and provide simple remedies that you can use to deal with your hair woes.

Hair trend

Which source of information?

This blog is showcasing the coolest haircuts, modern hairstyles, and the latest grooming tips and advice. We bring you new hair trends from professional barbers and hairstylists over the world.

Update the latest hairstyles daily

With the right information and inspiration, we can lead you to a beautiful hair transformation instructions for creating hairstyles, braids,  french braiding, updos, twists,  buns, plaits, knots,  pigtails, weaving, ponytails, curls.

If you are hair salon or retailers, you should catch the latest hairstyles daily to meet the needs and wants of your potential clients. After the big events, maybe your clients want to renew follow the hairstyle of the celebrity or their idol, you need to flexible response.

Short color hair – the hottest hairstyle of this year

Hair extension

The diversity of  hair extensions overview

With the role of a big vendor for hair extensions, HairVN creates this blog where lists all hair extensions in our factory. All information from the renovation to launching new hair types mentioned here.

On the showcase, we have many types of Hair extensions, detail 5 hair extension types: Weft, Tip, Tape, Clip-in, and Closure. The length from 8 inches to more than 30 inches for each hair type. Moreover, the hair still classifies follow the features, detail as straight, natural wavy, loose wave, curly, kinky, color, etc.

Easily compare hair extensions from HairVN with other brands

Each supplier has different hair types both in the essence of hair and hair length. Vietnamese hair is surely different from Chinese women hair or Indian hair. As a middleman who buys and resells hair, how you can distinguish?

HairVN did the best difficult thing for you. We published all hair types on the website with the fix price list. That is easy for you compare with other. In addition, we have many videos and post that show you how to choose the right hair with 100% human hair, no tangle or shedding. You can avoid the faded hair, synthesis hair or the different hair quality.

Especially, we welcome all of you can come to our factory to visit and directly test our hair before having a big order.

The different lace closure hairstyles in HairVN

Travel to Vietnam – the paradise of the best hair

Vietnam, the most peaceful country in the world where you are always welcome both to travel to explore a new culture and to run your own business.

The great tourist destination

Vietnam where you can travel and buy the best hair

A land of staggering natural beauty and cultural complexities and hill-tribe villages, Vietnam is both compelling and exotic.

You may have unforgettable experiences everywhere in Vietnam.

  • The sublime: gazing over a surreal seascape of limestone islands from the traditional junk in Halong Bay.
  • The ridiculous: taking only 10 minutes to cross the street through a tsunami of motorbikes in Hanoi city.
  • The inspiration: exploring the most spectacular cave systems in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.
  • The adventure: Be Vietnamese one-day in the traditional craft villages, make the hand-made products and sell it by yourself.

    Hanoi – the most peaceful place in the world

Place of the best hair quality

There are many companies both manufacturers and commercial in Vietnam, that you can get the hair. But why should you choose HairVN?

With 20 years of experience in exporting and manufacturing, we always sure to provide the best hair quality with the wholesale factory price for all your order.

The high skilled workers and the enthusiastic consultants are friendly and supportive, so you can ask any question you want.

If you do not hurry for a big order from us, HairVN staff will be a free tour guide for you in many regions in Vietnam. You will have the experience of a real hair collector and hair maker like us. Let think carefully about a big adventure in Viet Nam, you would receive an unforgettable memory.

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