Why should you choose Hairvietnam? Top reasons

 Hairvietnam – The Best Choice For Everyone. Why should you choose Hairvietnam?

Meta: Overview of the Hairvietnam Vietnam factory. Top reasons why you should choose Hairvietnam Vietnam. Find out answers in this article. Hairvietnam factory is touted as one of the leading Vietnamese human hair extension factories. Working in the human hair extension field for a long time, Hairvietnam has lots of experience as well as a large number of customers trusting and using its products. To understand more about this best Vietnamese hair factory, don’t skip this interesting post. Let’s jump right in!

I.Overview of the Hairvietnam factory

Before finding out the top reasons why we should choose the Hairvietnam Vietnam factory, we need to have an overview of the Vietnamese human hair extensions and this Vietnamese hair factory. 

1. Overview of the Vietnamese human hair extensions

The human hair from Vietnam is always a hot item in the human hair extension market due to its amazing features. Tens of tons of Vietnamese hair are sold on the market each month in the wholesale hair market because resellers can profit greatly from selling Vietnamese hair. Vietnamese hair extensions are always a favorite among many individuals, especially African hair users.  As a result, when African human hair vendors import hair extensions from Vietnam, they can resell them for a price that is three to six times more than the initial cost. Vietnam hair extensions consistently sell well, especially in the European and American markets. However, manufacturers in Vietnam are more focused on exports than those in Africa.  Vietnam hair extensions are therefore less common in the European and American markets than Chinese or Indian hair, yet they are always out of stock. As a result, the cost of Vietnamese hair will be 8 to 15 times more expensive when sold in huge markets to buyers in the premium category than when obtained from a Vietnamese hair manufacturer. And this tendency won’t change because the demand for Vietnamese hair is rising daily while the supply is generally on the decline owing to urbanization. Vietnamese hair is also among the most affordable hair varieties in terms of pricing. However, because hair from Vietnamese women is chosen, Vietnamese hair is among the best in the world. Vietnamese hair extensions are therefore of the highest quality and are reasonably priced.  

2.Overview of the Hairvietnam Vietnam

Talking about a hair factory or any company, we need to consider these factors:
  • The Brand name: Hairvietnam is an easy word to remember. Customers can get easy to call and keep the brand name in mind.
  • The company slogan: Hairvietnam’s slogan is “ Natural and Honest”. Needless to say, you can easily see how the company focuses on the quality of human hair extensions. Hairvietnam says no to synthetic, shedding, and tangling hair. Honest means that Hairvietnam says no to lying and cheating. The customers’ benefits are placed in the top preference. To sum up, customers will not regret purchasing hair products in Hairvietnam Vietnam.
  • The company operation: Hairvietnam Vietnam factory has operated in the human hair extension field for a long time. Moreover, It distributes hair products to international wholesale and retailers all over the world. A business with such a vast operation demonstrates its prestige!

3.Overview of the Hairvietnam Vietnam’s product

Depending on which kind of dividing types of hair extensions, there are different products. However, whichever kind, Hairvietnam always offers various options of hair extensions.  Based on the hair quality, Hairvietnam offers virgin and remy human hair, both of the highest quality:  
  • Virgin hair Vietnam: Virgin human hair is hair that has only been taken from one donor. The best quality human hair is of this type. It is really wholesome and simple to style. In particular, the hair may be bleached to get the ideal blond tone—a 613 color—which other hair types cannot.
  • Remy hair Vietnam: Hair taken from two or more people is known as remy human hair. This hair is rated as being of excellent quality by K-Hair. Its quality isn’t as flawless as a virgin one, though. Of course, the cost is a little lower as well.
Based on hair types: Hairvietnam offers bulk hair Vietnam, human hair frontal wig, human hair deep wave wig, and human hair extensions. There are different kinds of hair extensions that you can consider choosing such as
  • Hair extension wefts 
  • Clip in hair extensions 
  • Tip in hair extensions
  • Tape in hair extensions
  • Closures
  • Frontals
  • Ponytails
  • ….
Based on hairstyles: You also have numerous choices from this catalog. From straight hair to wave hair, color hair, Hairvietnam has provided to you. Some popular hairstyles are:
  • Bone straight hair
  • Pixie hair
  • Afro kinky hair 
  • Body wavy hair
  • Full of color choices: piano, choco brown, blond, red wine 

4.Overview of the Hairvietnam Vietnam’s hair market

As previously indicated, Hairvietnam Vietnam now collaborates with more than 5000 salons, dealers, and hair vendors worldwide. There are more than 100 nations where Hairvietnam  is regarded as prestigious.  Hairvietnam Vietnam takes pride in meeting the needs of even the most demanding clients from Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Australia. Nigeria, Ghana, the USA, the UK, and South Africa, among other countries, are many of POOHAIR Vietnam’s patrons.

II.How to import hair from Hairvietnam Vietnam?

Purchasing hair from Hairvietnam Vietnam is simple. In reality, the business regularly updates the best ways for customers to get hair extensions. For the convenience of consumers from various countries, we’ve listed 5 procedures for importing hair from Vietnam together with particular payment & shipping guidelines.   Step 1: Finding the contact When you choose the international import option, you may encounter numerous challenges like language barriers, the payment process, and more. This puts you at risk for scams. Therefore, to be on the safe side, you should do extensive Internet research about hair providers using sites like Facebook, Instagram, Google,… Alternatively, you can use Hairvietnam as your provider to save time. Hairvietnam Vietnam factory will assist you with any of your problems 24/7. After you have picked a reliable contact, contact them via various platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram,… Here are some ways that you can contact to Hairvietnam:
  • Visit the website 
  • Contact through the hotline: +84919292399
  • Whatsapp: +84919292399
  • Email: 
  Step 2: Order the hair products This step is very important. In this step, you will tell your requirements from length, color, quality as well as price to your human hair Vietnam supplier:
  • You can follow these instructions to get what you need now: Hair texture – Grade of hair – Hair color – Length – Quantity.
  • Make an invoice and check it including product prices, shipping costs.
  • You must specify the type of hair, length, color, quality, etc. while ordering so that we can make according to your specifications. If necessary, you can contact and ask the sales staff. 
  Step 3: Wait for goods
  • After payment, you need to wait for good production. This time can be 7-14 days 
  • Having a finished product, the sales staff will record a video, take photos and send them to you. You need to watch them carefully and make sure goods are what you need from hair quantity, quality, hairstyles as well as hair colors. 
  Step 4: Paying and shipping When you are satisfied with the deal of Hairvietnam Vietnam, now is the time for you to pay for goods. When it comes to this process, there are various variations among foreign importers who purchase hair from Vietnamese hair vendors.
  • Hairvietnam has our own Nigerian account for payment and shipping agents if you are from Nigeria. Additionally, Hairvietnam  got a highly favorable rate support exchange due to the Vietnamese government’s protection. 520 Naira to 1 USD only applies to large bulk orders (While all other hair company exchange rate is about 497)
  • Hairvietnam  can employ a shipping agent through China agent or DHL for shipment if you are from other African nations.
  • Hairvietnam can ship via UPS and DHL and accept payments via bank account, Western Union, Moneygram, or World Remit if you are from another country.
  Step 5: Return or exchange products if necessary
  • If you encounter any problems while using the product for which the factory must be held accountable, you can speak with it directly to find a resolution. For further clarification, you may also review our return & exchange policy in advance.

III.Why should you choose Hairvietnam  Vietnam factory? 

Although Hairvietnam  factory is the leading hair producer in Vietnam, its fame extends beyond that country. In fact, retailers all over the world are becoming increasingly familiar with and confident in Hairvietnam  Vietnam . There are numerous opportunities for international journals to suggest it. Here are some reasons why Hairvietnam  is the best choice for you:
  • Being one of the best Vietnamese hair vendors: Hairvietnam  has many years of experience when accompanying many domestic and foreign businesses. It also receives many positive feedbacks from customers and partners. 
  • Having a professional staff: Customers will be insulted and given suitable advice to choose the most suitable products. Careful manufacturing department: The production department and the Hairvietnam  factory are the foundation of any wholesale hair market.
  • High-quality products: Manufactured under the most advanced machines and careful hands of staff, products in Hairvietnam must be high quality to go to the shop.
  • Cooperating with many wholesales hair markets over the world.
  • Having attractive buying policies, thus, you can purchase products at a reasonable price especially, when you buy a large number of orders, you will get more incentives. 
Visit the website hairvitnam.com to order immediately!