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The Top 7 Vietnamese Hair Vendors To Try

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Vietnamese hair is gaining popularity and being adored by women all over the world. The Vietnamese hair market is drawing an increasing number of investors thanks to the enormous potential and earnings it offers. However, it can be difficult to comprehend and locate a reputable Vietnamese hair vendor. Therefore, we will cover everything you need to know about Vietnamese hair in this post, including the current top Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors. Read on to learn more about them!

7 Best Vietnamese Hair Vendors

Congratulations on having the chance to browse the list of top hair suppliers in Vietnam if you are reading this page. Evaluation is based on average monthly sales and customer satisfaction with product quality.

1. Hair Vietnamese - Vietnamese hair vendors in Vietnam

 Best Vietnamese Hair Vendors 
Hairvietnam - Best wholesale Vietnamese hair vendors

Hairvietnam is the best Vietnamese hair factory for human hair extensions. Hairvietnam has extensive experience in the field of human hair extensions and a big following of clients who trust and use its goods.

Due to its remarkable qualities, Vietnamese human hair is constantly in demand in the market for human hair extensions.

Because resellers can make significant profits from selling Vietnamese hair, tens of tonnes of hair from Vietnam are sold on the market each month in the wholesale hair industry. Many people, especially African hair users, always like Vietnamese hair extensions.

Vendors of African human hair can therefore import hair extensions from Vietnam and resale them for a price that is three to six times more than the original purchase price.

Vietnamese hair extensions frequently have strong sales, particularly in the American and European markets. However, compared to those in Africa, Vietnamese producers are more concerned about exports.

The following are some justifications for choosing Hairvietnam:

Hairvietnam, one of the leading Vietnamese hair suppliers, has a wealth of experience guiding both domestic and international companies. Additionally, it consistently earns praise from clients and partners.

  • Having a professional staff: Customers will not be humiliated and will receive appropriate guidance in selecting the best products.
  • Production department with care: The Hairvietnam plant and the production department are the cornerstones of any wholesale hair market.
  • Good-quality stuff: Products in Hairvietnam must be of a high caliber in order to be sold in stores, and they are produced using the most cutting-edge equipment and skilled labor.
  • Easy Ordering: Ordering is very simple, and you won't need to worry about complicated procedures.

2. VQ Hair Company - Vietnamese hair factory

VQ hair factory top vietnamese hair vendors
VQ hair factory

One of the initial Vietnamese hair distributors, VQ Hair, was founded in 2007. Despite the numerous disputes regarding the quality of the hair offered by VQ Hair, the company is consistently ranked among the top brands that are the best hair in Vietnam during the previous ten years.

3. Mic Hair – Vietnamese human hair wholesale vendors

Michair Vietnam

A few years ago, Mic Hair, a wholesale hair business, was founded. However, this company swiftly established its position in the hair industry thanks to consistent product quality and a novel business strategy. Michair is a famous Vietnamese hair supplier in Nigeria as well as in countries in Africa and Europe.

4. Poo Hair - Vietnamese hair supplier

Poohair Vietnamese hair

In order to compete with the other hair distribution companies, Poo Hair Company, a Vietnamese hair vendor, generates a lot of buzzes. In addition to Super double-drawn hair, there are double-drawn 1, double-drawn 2, and single-drawn hair grades available. 

For a single drawn 8-inch piece, the lowest cost is 230$/kg. As you can see, they placed numerous empty slots at various lengths in the price table. And 790$/kg is the highest cost for extra double-drawn 32 inches.

5. Apohair - Manufacturers of hair extensions

Apohair Vietnam

One of the first hair businesses in Vietnam is Apo Hair. The business creates numerous other hair brands in addition to the Apo Hair brand, concentrating on various market niches.

Apo Hair, in contrast to the firms previously mentioned, primarily concentrates on offering hair extensions for the European market, including bulk hair, clip-in hair, and tape hair.

6. Lyn Hair - Raw Vietnamese hair wholesale vendors

Lynhair Company

For the past 11 years, Lyn Hair, one of the leading Vietnamese raw hair wholesale suppliers, has been providing high-quality human hair extensions. In the hair industry, Lyn Hair Factory has an outstanding reputation. 100% Vietnamese human hair is used to create all of their hair.

The primary product is bulk hair, raw hair, Vietnam virgin hair weave, closure and frontal lace.

7. Beautiful Hair - Raw Vietnamese hair manufacturers

Beautifulhair Vietnam

100% natural human hair extensions are the area of expertise for the hair distributor Beautiful Hair.

Over the years, this raw Vietnamese hair factory has established a reputation as one of the top wholesale providers of high-quality hair services and products. A global commercial organization that specializes in exports processes and sells products made from natural human hair.

Why is raw Vietnamese hair highly sought after?

Vietnamese raw hair has a number of advantages as well as disadvantages. A dark and thick mane is the description of Vietnamese raw hair. This beautiful hair comes from Vietnam, a southeast Asian nation. Direct cuts from Vietnamese women donors are made, after which the fabric is cleaned.

Vietnamese women take excellent care of their hair, therefore the raw hair is typically silky and healthy.

The ordering process from Raw Vietnamese Hair Vendors

Order Processing from Raw Vietnamese Hair Vendors

Search for raw Vietnamese hair suppliers.

Information about Vietnamese hair vendors is simple to locate on websites like Alibaba, google, and social media. But be sure to locate legitimate vendors. Take the time to look at their website, Instagram, YouTube channel, and past customer reviews to learn how well-known their business is in the hair industry.

Be sceptical if you identify a raw hair source and discover they are not active on other platforms or connected to any consumers on other sites.

Contact a vendor of raw hair

Once you've located a reliable hair supply, get in touch with them using the hotline or Whatsapp number provided on their website or official Instagram account.

You can video call to view hair samples, evaluate the service, and determine whether the supplier is a genuine one or a con artist.

Verify the invoice

Send the suppliers a list of the goods you want to order after selecting reputable vendors for yourself. The sellers will assist you in creating an invoice. You are able to compare pricing between vendors based on the invoice. Remember that the supplier with the lowest price may not be the best. To make an informed choice, you must analyze the supplier in light of a wide range of variables.

Set up a deposit

You must put down 50–70% of the total cost in order for the hair provider to begin creating the order.

Examine the hair's condition.

When the order is finished, the supplier will video call you and take images of the finished product so you may inspect the order's quality. Depending on your order, it may take 7 to 15 days from the moment of your deposit until your item is finished.

Resolve the balance

When you complete the payment to the hair supplier and decide you are happy with the merchandise, they will promptly dispatch your order.

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What is the difference Between Raw and Virgin Hair?


Raw Hair

  • Raw hair is your greatest option if you're looking for authenticity and naturalness. The tissue comes from a single donor and is not processed in any way. It has never undergone any heat treatment or chemical processing.
  • Raw hair, as opposed to virgin hair, enters our factories in its unprocessed form. The highest quality hair available is of this kind.
  • Raw Vietnam hair has a very natural appearance and blends well with your own hair. With careful care, the bundles are large, and thick, and can endure up to five years.

Virgin Hair

When looking for a Vietnam raw hair producer, you could occasionally run across the term "virgin hair," and they are in reality extremely comparable in quality.

  • Virgin hair resembles natural human hair in appearance. Human hair that has not been chemically processed comes from a single donor.
  • It has not undergone rigorous washings, bleaching, perming, or dyeing. Avoid tangling and hair damage by ensuring that all of the cuticles are intact and travelling in the same direction.
  • Virgin hair, as opposed to raw hair, is steamed processed, which results in textures like a deep wave, kinky curly, Italian curly, body wave, and others.
  • Among the most popular types of virgin hair are Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian, and Peruvian. Given that you may treat virgin hair like your own by dying, bleaching, and cutting it, it is very well-liked by our customers.

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In addition, there are Vietnamese remy hair and non-remy hair as input hair sources for the production of hair extensions. However, the choice of hair quality will be related to the cost of the product and your needs.

Where can I find the best quality Vietnamese virgin hair wholesale

If you are looking for the best quality Vietnamese virgin hair wholesale, then look no further than We are one of the best Vietnamese hair vendors of premium quality virgin hair from Vietnam. Our hair is 100% unprocessed and sourced from only the finest Vietnamese women. We offer a wide range of textures and lengths to choose from, and our hair is available in both wavy and straight varieties.

Best Vietnamese Hair Vendors

Bottom line

Many women desire long, flowing locks but are not blessed with the genes for it. Likewise, chemotherapy and other medical treatments may have resulted in hair loss. Fortunately, there is a solution for these women: hair extensions. 

Hair extensions can give you the look you desire without having to wait for your own hair to grow out or worrying about losing more of it.

We have discussed Vietnamese hair extensions wholesale in this article. There are many suppliers of hair extensions, but not all of them are created equal. When selecting a supplier, it is important to consider the quality of the hair, the price, and the level of customer service. Stay tuned for more info on hair extensions in the future! Thanks for reading!


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