It’s All About The Vietnamese Hair Weave

One of the most widely used types of hair extensions is the weave. However, many are unaware of the best type and where to purchase it. We will discuss some information regarding Vietnamese hair weave in this article.

What is a Vietnamese hair weave ?


It is a form of hair extension that is sourced from healthy Vietnamese donors. It is the cause of its popularity and allure. The weave is strong, silky, smooth, and thick.

Vietnamese hair is frequently used in salons to please consumers rather than other types. What, then, are the causes? Women are always concerned with their hair.

Vietnam hair weave comparison to Brazilian and Indian hair weave

Vietnam hair weave is softer than Indian and Brazilian hair weave. Vietnamese women’s hair is always naturally black, and it complements both the skin tones of African American and European women. They are silky and stunning. They are reasonably priced and have a long lifespan. Vietnamese bulk hair has a durability of up to 3.5 years. Vietnamese bulk hair serves many functions.


They can easily blend in with European and American women of African descent. The most popular hair beauty product on the market right now is straight black hair. Vietnamese bulk hair usually has a very smooth and silky texture. You can locate a nice bulk hair with the most excellent quality using 100% human natural hair.

Best way to care for weave

Since this hair type is thick, daily maintenance on Vietnamese hair weave is required. Avoid vigorous brushing because it will make the hair fall out.

Maintaining the weave should be cleaned, but remember to brush your hair first. Wash your hair gently with sulfate-free shampoos. Apply sulfate-free conditioners as well, being careful not to twist your hair.

We advise letting your weave air dry. Pat your hair softly with a dry cloth. Always utilize the low heat setting on your blow dryer.

Generally speaking, treating your weave like your own hair is the best way to keep it healthy. Natural oils and thorough treatments are the most significant ways to protect it from drying out or tangling.

Vietnamese hair extension

Because of their thickness and fullness, this kind of hair extension is the most popular. Each hair bundle is imported straight from Vietnam after being harvested from a donor. All of the cuticles point in the same direction, which helps to avoid tangles and mats.

Extensions are left unprocessed and in their original, natural state. Colors and textures vary somewhat from bundle to bundle because no donor’s hair is identical. It can satisfy the high standards of consumers who want the hair of higher grade.

Hair Vietnam factory

As one of the biggest Vietnam hair suppliers in the market, the Hairvietnam factory promises to bring you the most beautiful products of Vietnam hair weave.

Hair Vietnam uses many years of experience in this field and a passion for improving the products every day. Our company only uses virgin Vietnamese hair to create hair extensions.

Vietnam hair weave for sale is available. Hairvietnam has many styles of Vietnamese hair weave. Hairvietnam weave products may help you if you are not confident with your hair.

For example, you only need Vietnamese straight-hair weave extensions to add more volume to your fine hair. You can feel Vietnam hair weave is not only thick and healthy but also very silky and smooth.

Vietnamese hair weave has truly natural hair, so you can color whatever colors you want. The wearers don’t need to worry about the quality of the weaves because they will make you feel comfortable. Another positive thing about raw Vietnamese hair extensions is that they are healthy and durable because of being unprocessed. Sometimes it is more vital than your natural hair if you style and color it several times.

Hairvietnam guarantees that our Vietnam hair weave is 100% Remy’s hair. This is the reason that a lot of customers are attracted by our products.

We supply all kinds of weave. They come in various styles, like straight hair, body curly hair, and wavy hair. With these hairstyles, we only use hot steam vapor, so we don’t apply harmful chemicals to our products.

Customers can use Hair Vietnam products without worrying about harming their hair and health. The length of weaves is varied, so the choice is your own. We are sure that our hair weave will make you satisfied. And don’t hesitate to leave your all demands, our excellent workers will try to achieve them.

Vietnamese hair weave has many beautiful features that are useful to extension users. Visit our website  for more information.


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