Is There A Vietnam Hair Factory In Nigeria?

As you are aware, there is no Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria. What, though, are the causes of this circumstance? If you are from Nigeria and want to find a Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor in Nigeria to buy in-store? No way for you; you can’t find any Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria.

Why is there no Vietnamese hair factory in Lagos Nigeria?

There are a few things discussed below you must know:

First, Vietnam has excellent hair sources, whereas Nigeria does not produce many raw materials. Many publications concerning the hair of young Vietnamese girls have indicated this. Donors always properly nourish hair and don’t use alcohol or other substances. Due to its thickness, which is something that only a few countries in the world might have, Vietnamese human hair is particularly well-known for its high standards of quality.

Second, building a hair factory in Vietnam will result in significant cost savings, as has long been known for several reasons. An advantageous geographic location, for example, will prevent you from paying additional tax to a third party. Additionally, Vietnam’s first-rate production system enables direct imports of hair bundles worldwide. They must import wigs from India and bear some tax liability, unlike China hair companies.


On the other hand, wholesale hair sellers in Lagos can research Vietnamese hair producers online and make online orders for their products. The issue is that there are a lot of Vietnamese hair sellers on the internet. As a result, when importing wigs, wholesale hair merchants in Lagos are unclear about which Vietnam hair manufacturer to choose.

How to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria?

Without the Vietnamese hair factory in Lagos in particular and Nigeria in general, you may wonder how to start a hair company. We’ll demonstrate it to you. The two most common methods for obtaining hair for hair extensions are through agencies and direct imports from Vietnamese human hair wholesalers.


By agency 

Every merchant selling hair extensions in Nigeria purchases them from worldwide hair factories in Vietnam, China, India, Russia, and other nations.

As a result, the quality of each source determines the origin of wigs in Nigeria, which differs significantly. More precisely, Vietnam Hair Extensions is Nigeria’s market’s primary provider. Because the Vietnamese market has enough raw materials to satisfy their needs, more than 80% of Nigeria’s hair suppliers have recognized Vietnamese Virgin Hair Works as a political candidate supplier and have signed a long-term contract with them.

Import directly from hair factories (Vietnam, India, China) 

When starting a hair business, maintaining consumers depends on quality. Because consumers are willing to pay more for high-quality goods (even though the price may be higher elsewhere), for this reason, imports from the Vietnamese hair industry are preferred by hair traders. Vietnam hair typically costs a little more than hair from other sources. The most excellent hair factory in Vietnam produces hair that is a variety of high quality, long-lasting, and durable. Additionally, they have a wealth of knowledge in this area and can provide you with specialized advice on how to launch a hair business, which hairstyles to buy and which to avoid, which hairstyles are dry and prone to tangles, etc.

Why is Vietnamese Hair Extensions one of the best choices for Wholesale Hair Suppliers Business?

Vietnamese hair extension manufacturers are glad to offer the highest quality products at competitive prices. Vietnamese hair offers a wide variety of hair extensions to make it easier for customers, particularly those from outside, to find the most appropriate hair extensions. Young girls with strong, straight hair without any stimulants are used to harvest the hair. This benefit gives you access to the best Vietnamese hair wigs, especially if you need to improve your appearance.


One of the top factories in Vietnam producing essential items for extensions is Hairvietnam. Even there is no Vietnam hair extension factory in Lagos. Online stores sell Vietnamese hair.

Even the pickiest customers from Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Australia are catered to with pride by Hairvietnam Vietnam. Numerous nations, including the USA, UK, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, and others, support Hairvietnam.

It’s simple to buy hair from Hairvietnam Vietnam. The company changes the most refined techniques for customers to get hair extensions frequently. We have specific payment & shipping requirements and methods for importing hair from Vietnam to convenience customers from different nations.

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