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Discover Different Types of Weave Hair for Your Style

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Women have worn different types of weave hair to create a glossy, feminine image for more than 6000 years. At first, celebrities were the ones who used them the most. Women from all across the world are wearing these outfits today.

Hair extensions have quickly developed to meet the demands of the contemporary world. Even though it's simple to experiment with weaves on your hair because not every hairdo will seem reasonable to you. It's crucial that you comprehend them, specifically the ones you are wearing.

Here, we will discuss different types of hair weaves and their names, hair weave textures, and many more. So, let’s get started.

Hair weave textures

Hair weave is a popular hair styling technique that allows people to add volume, length, and texture to their hair. Popular Hair Weave Textures You Should Know:


Different types of weave hair
Hair weave textures

Vietnamese Hair

Vietnam Hair is a type of hair extension that comes from Vietnam, a country in Southeast Asia. Known for its high quality and durability, Vietnam Hair is made from 100% real human hair, which has been collected from Vietnamese women who have long, healthy hair to ensure that only the best strands are used for the extensions.

Vietnamese hair is known for its quality and popularity in the hair extension industry. Here are some advantages of Vietnamese hair:

  • High-Quality: Vietnamese hair is considered to be some of the highest quality hair in the world. The hair is collected from donors who maintain a hair care routine, which results in strong and durable hair strands.
  • Natural Look: The texture of Vietnamese hair is naturally straight and silky, which gives a natural and seamless look when used as hair extensions or wigs. It also blends well with all hair types and can be easily styled.
  • Versatility: Vietnamese hair comes in a range of textures, from straight to curly, and in various lengths and colors. This makes it a versatile option for different hair styles and preferences.
  • Longevity: Vietnamese hair is durable and can last for a long time if maintained properly. It can withstand heat styling, coloring, and other treatments, making it a cost-effective option for those looking for long-term use.
  • Ethical Sourcing: Vietnamese hair is typically sourced from donors who sell their hair for additional income. These donors are compensated fairly and the hair collection process is transparent and ethical.

Vietnamese hair is one of the most popular types of hair on the market today, helping you to have soft, smooth, strong, and durable hair.

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Peruvian hair

Peruvian hair, which is regarded as one of the greatest possibilities for weaves, is not only very pleasant but also quite light, so choosing this style of weave won't make you feel as though your head is heavy.

This hair type is also incredibly free-flowing, allowing you to wear really natural styles without being concerned that they would look all unnatural. Even if it isn't the most lustrous hair on the market, this hair appears natural, feels sumptuous, and has a lot of sheens, more than making up for its lack of luster.

Because Peruvian hair is slightly coarser than other varieties of hair, it also feels more natural and doesn't feel as slick. This style of hair is what you choose if you want to seem your finest in images or videos because of how silky it looks in pictures.

Additionally, if you want your weave to have a lot of volume, you'll adore this type of hair because it moves and has more body than other hair varieties, which prevents it from looking rigid. It is simple to understand why so many people pick Peruvian hair when they want a weave because there are so many various types

Brazilian hair

The most popular hair weave manufactured and purchased globally is made of Brazilian hair. Brazilian weave features a natural wave pattern in terms of texture. Like the numerous other weave varieties we've studied, its form is often thick but soft to the touch. The wide range of colors that Brazilian hair is available in when acquired is what makes it so well-liked. You can find Brazilian hair in colors of natural brown, dark black, and, on a few rare occasions, light honey highlights. Brazilian hair can also be colored platinum blonde, which is ideal because Brazilian hair's thickness readily accepts color.

Due to the tenacity of Brazilian hair strands, you seldom ever suffer the loss and broken ends that occur when most weaves are dyed and processed. This hair weave's excellent hold over hairstyles is another benefit. Brazilian hair can be styled in a variety of ways, including spiral curls, crimped waves, and a bone-straight appearance. We advise you to look into buying some Brazilian weave bundles if you're seeking a complete body weave and something that will allow you to be more versatile.

Indian hair

Indian hair weaves are timeless and have been popular for a lot longer than other hair weaves. This weave is outsourced in the same manner that people give their hair as offerings to the gods in Indian temples. The hair is sold to millions of people all over the world after it has been cleaned, processed, and wound onto wefts. The thickness of the texture varies and is comparable to Malaysian hair. Due to the fact that it is not unduly processed and doesn't use harsh chemicals to attain its sexy straight hair look, Indian hair is very in demand. Once placed, the Indian weave is quite voluminous and has a light, airy feel.

Although it is not as thin as Peruvian weave, it still has a fantastic, sleek appearance. Fortunately, a lot of the textured hair on African Americans fits this weave nicely. The inherent blackness of this specific weave is another advantage. Indian hair is available in a wide range of dark colors, and darker weaves are a popular item. Due to its lustrous, silky texture, raw Indian Remy hair is simple to identify if ever needed.

Malaysian hair

You should give Malaysian hair for your weave some thought if you have relaxed hair or naturally very silky and fine strands. This is ideal for ladies whose hair texture and how coarse other weave solutions often prevent them from having a weave that looks natural. Because Malaysian hair is frequently exceptionally lustrous and shiny, your hair will quickly appear to be very healthy and beautiful.

Malaysian hair is beautiful, feels wonderful, and is very simple to maintain. This form of hair is excellent for people who are just learning how to style a weave and want to be able to be successful straight away, unlike other varieties of hair that can be a little bit more challenging to control and to style.

When you choose Malaysian hair, you will have a variety of styles to pick from, making it simple to find the one that will complement your hair the best and give you the unprocessed appearance you desire.

Eurasian hair

This type of hair typically has a very smooth and silky texture and comes from persons who are of Asian or European origin. This type of hair can be something to think about if you desire a relaxed hairstyle. It typically has a velvety feel and is extremely thick.

Eurasian hair can be difficult to get to hold a lot of curls or waves, but it is excellent for straightening and will flat iron quickly and effortlessly, allowing you to leave the house in the morning.

You won't have to worry about many tangles with this type of hair for your weave, which is another advantage. You don't have to worry about how you'll detangle it when you get up in the morning or what you'll do if it tangles up during the day because the hair isn't nearly as textured as other options are. Your hair will last and look fantastic for a very long time if you take a little care, brush it frequently, and use high-quality products.

Different types of weave hair based on origin

Currently, there are many different types of weave hair available, and some common types that cannot be ignored include:

Human Hair

Human hair is obtained from a human donor, as the name implies. You may wash, condition, and detangle this type of hair exactly like regular hair because it is treated the same way. Human hair is typically more expensive, but because it resembles your actual hair so much, it's worth the extra money.

Human hair is also divided into many different types based on characteristics and quality, with common types such as:

Types of human hair

Virgin human hair

Virgin human hair is a subset of human hair that is considerably more expensive. This hair is obtained directly from the donor's scalp and has undergone no chemical processing. Hair of this type is strong and long-lasting and can be heated and styled.

Remy's hair

Remy's hair is a different variety of human hair. The less shedding and detangling result from the hair cuticles remaining completely intact. This premium hair can last up to a year with proper care.

Non-Remy Hair

Non-Remy hair is a type of human hair that is collected from multiple sources and is not arranged in a particular pattern. The term "non-Remy" refers to the fact that the cuticles (the outer layer of the hair) are not aligned in the same direction.

Synthetic hair

Synthetic hair is the least expensive choice because it is formed of microfibers. Although it is vital to keep in mind that synthetic hair cannot withstand heat effectively, aside from that, there is no discernible difference between synthetic and natural hair.

Types of hair weaving styles

There are now many different types of hair weaving styles available to suit various hair types and styles.

Types of hair weaving styles
Types of hair weaving styles

Natural waves

Natural waves are the ideal haircut for someone looking for a more understated look. It enables you to create one hairdo from several other ones.

Loose waves

The name loose wave denotes that this design is a loose spiral. It is possible to switch between straight and curly hair depending on how you style it. Although it resembles the body wave, a loose wave curl is more distinct.

Body wave

Body wave is a hairstyle that resembles wand curls or naturally curly hair. They are large but undetectable, forming an S shape, and are simple to handle. It looks glossy and is resistant to tangling.

Curly waves

Curly waves are simple to maintain because they spring back when wet. Since it has a permanent curl that works well in all conditions, there isn't much to style. It is also reputed to impart youth.

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How to make straight human hair weave curly?


Add a palm's worth of conditioner and a few drops of extra virgin oil to the boiling water.


Start attaching your perm rod extensions. The curls will be more tightly curled if the perm rods are smaller.


Verify that the water is essentially boiling; it should still be boiling but not vigorously.


After attaching all of the extensions to the perm rods, carefully add the extensions to the pot of boiling water. The extensions should simmer for at least 2 12 hours.


Immediately after the allotted time has passed, turn off the heat source and remove the pot.


Remove the extensions from the pot and let them air dry the following day.


When all of the extensions are fully dry, take them off the perm rods one at a time until they have been removed. Then, using your hands, separate the hair.


Before installing, shampoo and condition the hair.


Depending on the type, texture, and desired style, the hair weave can look natural and can provide many styling options. However, it is important to maintain the weave properly and to use the right products and tools to ensure that the hair is not damaged. Ultimately, it is an individual’s decision as to whether or not weaved hair is suitable for them.

We have discussed different types of weave hair above in detail. If you have any queries or confusions regarding extensions, feel free to reach us.

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