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Hair Vendors List: Finding Best Wholesale Hair Supplier

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A person's crown is their hair. That's accurate. But with time, our crowns erode. Instead of wallowing in the issue, businesspeople use it to launch a multimillion-dollar hair industry that offers everything from immaculate wigs to high-end extensions.

Do you need to find a new hair vendor? Your current supplier may not meet your requirements, or you may be seeking a better deal. There can be many reasons why finding a good hair vendor is challenging-but there is no reason why it has to be difficult. The goal of this blog post is to help make your search for hair vendors easier by showing you the list of hair vendors.

Hair Vendors List - Top 16 Wholesale Hair Suppliers

Our wholesale virgin hair vendors offer the highest-quality hair on the market, so you can save time and money. It is our guarantee that the virgin hair providers we recommend and the hair bundles we propose in our blog posts are all reputable.

Hair Vietnam Factory

Hair Vietnam Factory

Hair Vietnam Factory reinvents the conventional sales approach with its goal of assisting every aspiring hair merchant. They choose to sell their items directly to their customers rather than relying as much on mid-agency partners.

Their company benefits from remodeling the conventional sales model. The 20-year-old Vietnamese hair business currently participates as one of the greatest businesses on the virgin hair merchants list.

In addition to Vietnamese weave hair, they also specialize in other types of hair.


Mic Hair Company

Mic Hair is a premier customer-focused business that competes in both domestic and foreign markets. Mic Hair is one of the most reputable hair suppliers in the globe thanks to its more than ten years of experience in the hair market.

The company maintains its global partnerships with business people in the US, Nigeria, North and South America, and Europe, particularly in Russia, Ukraine, the UK, Italy, and France, in order to serve its foreign markets.

With its top-notch and unmatched quality products, Mic Hair consistently meets the needs of its client's thanks to its strong position in the global market and strategic approach.

You can see why Mic Hair is on the best Hair Vendors by combining premium items with reasonable costs, quick shipping, and first-rate customer service.

Rio Human Hair Brazil

Rio Hair

In Brazil, this is regarded as a high-end brand since it consistently sets the pace for hairstyles and brings the highest caliber merchandise. with the goal of enhancing women's alluring appearance. Rio combines the best technology with the purest hair products so customers can boldly show their individuality and sense of style.

Rio is one of the top wholesalers hair in Brazil, offering amazing items of the highest quality due to its extensive industry experience and outstanding patented technology. The company's products are consistently meticulously scrutinized at every level to guarantee quality to customers in every aspect. Rio is one of the best wholesale hair suppliers because it continuously innovates, sets the standard, and delights clients.

Her Hair Company

Her Hair Company

A leading hair supplier in Indonesia with years of experience producing premium hair extensions for export to other markets is Her Hair Company.

The organization is currently preparing to grow its clientele to include direct customers in markets throughout Asia, South, North, and Eastern Europe, North and South America, and many more nations.

This association constantly works to raise the caliber of the goods it supplies to the market with the intention of establishing mutually beneficial commercial ties with customers.

Adorable Hair suppliers

Adorable Hair Supplier

An Indian business called Adorable Hair Supplies sells high-quality hair extensions for a very reasonable cost. They continually collaborate with premier raw Indian hair suppliers to offer their clients the best hair extensions, and they take pleasure in their premium virgin hair.

The business is not just included among the top wholesale hair dealers in India thanks to its thorough approach and great product care.

They are also among the top suppliers of raw hair in India and among the most sought-after businesses on a list of virgin hair suppliers.

There are three major markets for the company: the United States, the United Kingdom, and China.

Cambodia Hair Freak

Cambodian Hair Freak

The Cambodia Hair Freak is another international hair supplier on our list of hair suppliers.

The Cambodia Hair Freak, in contrast to other hair sellers, focuses on supplying Cambodian hair domestically and internationally.

Their high-quality, robust hair from ladies between the ages of 18 and 25 sets their hair and products apart from those on the list of hair merchants.


Lynhair Company

One of the most popular wholesale hair suppliers in Nigeria is Lyn Hair. There is an assortment of hair products available from them, including virgin hair, Remy hair, and lace wigs. As well as offering a wide variety of colors and styles, they also offer a variety of sizes.

Globally, the company has a wide network of distributors and salons. Top-quality products are offered at competitive prices.

UNice Hair


With more than 20 years of expertise selling human hair, UNice Hair is a reputable supplier of 100% virgin human hair. Thus, it is an excellent choice for virgin hair vendors wholesale options.

They are a well-known brand that offers a range of alternatives, including hair weaves, closures and frontals, hair extensions, and wigs. They sell 100% unprocessed virgin human hair.

Beauty Forever Hair

Beauty Forever

Beauty Forever Hair sells affordable, high-quality hair that is free of the odor, tangling, and shedding that are common among suppliers of human hair. This hair company purchases virgin hair that has not been treated. One of the top hair retailers is Beauty Forever.

Their hair maintains a smooth, natural feel that is simple to comb through and integrates flawlessly with the majority of hair textures. withstands heat and dyeing well, and it keeps its lovely curl pattern for a very long time. Shipping is extremely quick, and even the packaging is adorable.

Nadula virgin hair


At affordable costs, Nadula offers wholesale virgin hair extensions with luscious bounce and lovely wave patterns. Because of the incredible quality of these bundles, it doesn't feel appropriate to call Nadula Hair inexpensive.

Nadula Hair manufactures 100% Remy human hair and provides high-quality products and services to distributors, retailers, salons, and online shop owners around the world. EXW pricing from the factory to the buyer, no middleman fee.

Julia's hair

Julia Hair

Creating, managing, and selling human hair are the main priorities of the innovative brand Julia hair. They insist on producing high-end fashion Virgin Remy human hair items at competitive prices with a brand notion of youth, energy, and individuality.

One of the first authentic human hair brands in China, Julia's hair, has its own autonomous design team. Based on the original hairstyle, which may have had straight, curly, or body-waved hair.

Wiggin's Hair

Wiggin's Hair

Compared to other hair suppliers, Wiggins's hair has been on the market the longest. Wiggin established its foundation in 2016, however, the business has existed longer. Numerous international clients have given it great reviews and a strong reputation.

Additionally, this hair provider concentrates on providing products made from premium, virgin human hair. This comprises hair weaves, lace frontals, closures, and lace wigs. Additionally, you can benefit from prompt delivery and top-notch customer service.

Yolissa Hair

Yolissa Hair

Lace frontals, hair bundles, and lace wigs are among the products offered by Yolissa hair. The hair is exceptionally silky, has no fragrance, and sheds seldom at all. Additionally, it has a nice curl pattern that would endure for a long time.

Additionally, they provide excellent customer service. Normally, the staff is interested in your orders both before and after their sales.

Klaiyi Hair


Each bundle of hair from Klaiyi represents style, fashion, and noble qualities; as a result, you receive hair advice and fashion updates in addition to the hair bundle. The company's guiding principle is "Look Good, Feel Great.". Always strive to improve and win people over.

Klaiyi is your go-to if you sport gorgeous locks. Virgin hair in various textures and lengths is available from Klaiyi.

Beautiful Hair

Beautiful Hair VN

Beautiful Hair is one of the best wholesale bundle hair vendors, a worldwide distributor of top-notch hair extensions for women. They provide wigs and weaves in a range of textures, lengths, and hues.

It also offers inexpensive costs while including high-quality hair. They provide the convenience of quick delivery together with the customization of pre-cutting.

Comprehensive customer service is offered by this business. Additionally, they offer complimentary consultations to all of their clients.

Supernova Hair

Supernova Hair

Supernova is an industry leader in the production of products made entirely of 100% human hair. They offer hair weaves, lace frontals, closures, hair bundles, and lace wigs.

Additionally, their hair is simple to style and will complement the majority of hair textures beautifully. Moreover, you'll appreciate their quick shipping and appealing packaging.


Why should one rely on a hair vendors list?


Time is money, and you should always keep this in mind. Some people might not understand this, but imagine that you are competing in the hair industry with someone who is ten steps ahead of you and making money whether or not you take the first step.

To catch up with them, you must quadruple your speed. To beat your deadline and guarantee you get the greatest hair vendors to list available, you need a qualified data researcher.

Instead of individually calling and requesting all the information you require from the vendors, you need their experience to provide you with all the specifics about a specific hair dealer. So, should you utilize the list of hair vendors? Absolutely, I say.

How to locate a virgin hair vendor or a raw hair supplier?


Without a hair vendor list, there are numerous ways to locate your own hair stylists.

  • You have probably received a tonne of Instagram messages if you have an Instagram profile dedicated to wigs or hair extensions. Yes, hair and wig sellers will locate you. The greatest problem is that they are contacting every one of your followers in an effort to sell the hair. My recommendation is to immediately block them.
  • Since there are so few trustworthy raw hair suppliers, finding a reputable virgin hair vendor may be simpler than finding a raw hair vendor.

Are there any free hair vendors for starting up a hair business?


The majority of my customers ask me this, and the answer is no. Although it may not be impossible, the chances of finding one are extremely slim.

The only way to find out for certain is to research each and every one of the vendors on your list. You will only know for sure if you contact them and inquire about their rates.

Here is the list of some discounted/free hair vendors for startups:

  • Hair Vietnam Factory
  • VQ Hair Factory
  • Lyn Hair Factory
  • SGI Hair.
  • Julia Hair.
  • Beequeen Hair.
  • Mic Hair.
  • Virgin Hair Cambodia.
  • C.S. Queen Hair
  • Beautiful Hair Factory
  • Poo Hair

What credentials must the business possess if you want to cooperate?


The business needs to possess some formal credentials.

  • Security and product return policies must be well-known and ensure that customers receive the most benefits.
  • A factory-based business will do better since it will be more powerful than a trading firm. A hair factory will make sure that your ordering options are not constrained because of its plentiful supply. Furthermore, you won't have to consider the product's cost when making your decision.

Bottom Line

A hair vendors list is a compilation of the best hair extension and wig suppliers in the market. The search for a good hair vendor doesn't have to be difficult if you know where to look.

Online forums and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are great resources for finding vendors. Read reviews and compare prices after you have found a few potential candidates.

And finally, don't forget to ask plenty of questions until you're sure you've found the perfect vendor for your needs.


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