What Is Virgin Hair – Different Types of Virgin Hair

It can be difficult to choose extensions. If you’re interested in what is virgin hair, here are a few types and why you should get virgin hair.

Virgin human hair is one of the most popular and most expensive types of hair used in extensions and wigs. Virgin hair is unprocessed hair, similar to what we start out with on this planet. Chemically treated or dyed strands are not considered raw. More specifically, it’s hair that hasn’t been permed, bleached, dyed, or colored-and yes, even highlighted. Throughout this guide, we’ll discuss what is virgin hair in depth and explain different types of virgin hair.

Difference between a virgin and a non-virgin hair

In the context of weaves and extensions, the term virgin is probably familiar to you. Chemicals and colors should not be used on the strands. The majority of waves and extensions fall outside of this category.

Difference between a virgin and a non-virgin hair

In terms of weaves and extensions, virgin hair is often considered a great choice. That can be quite a challenge. Even though these strands are longer-lasting, you will not be able to match virgin extensions to your hair color.

The best extensions and waves for those with natural strands will match their mane’s texture since virgin extensions are in better condition.

The next step is to describe what virgin hair is and what non-virgin hair is. After defining virgin hair, let’s move on to the non-virgin type. Even though they come from a human donor, it can include previously processed or colored strands. Can they last for a long time? The quality of the extensions depends on how well they are cared for.

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What Makes Virgin Hair So Popular?

As you now know what is virgin hair, there are several reasons why it is so popular;

What Makes Virgin Hair So Popular?

Those are real human hairs

When it comes to avoiding synthetic hair and obtaining 100% human hair that is heat-styleable, dyeable, permed, etc. Virgin human hair is the best choice. During manufacturing, virgin strands are not subjected to any chemical processes or acid baths, since they come directly from a donor’s head. The best way to get the real thing is to opt for virgin wigs and extensions. You can treat them like your own hair.

Hair that is healthier

As a result of not being subjected to harsh chemicals either internally or externally, virgin tresses are healthier. Dyeing, bleaching, highlighting, perming, relaxing, and more all cause some damage to your hair as they break down the protein bonds. Buying virgin hair ensures you won’t be exposed to these harmful chemical processes, so you’ll have a healthier head of hair.

This lasts a longer time

Wigs and extensions made from virgin hair can last 1-2 years if properly cared for. It is possible to extend the life of wigs and pieces by avoiding excessive heat, chemical processing, rough handling and brushing, and storing them properly. It is important not to damage the hair since it starts off healthy and undamaged.

A better look than synthetic hair

The cuticle layer of virgin hair is intact, so it looks better than other types. Outside of the hair there is a cuticle layer to keep it smooth. Additionally, it provides the hair with a pleasant, natural shine and softness.

It can be chemically processed and heated

Wigs and extensions made of virgin fiber can be heat styled or processed. Heat and chemical processing can be done on any human hair, virgin or not. However, only virgin strands will be strong and healthy enough to tolerate it without appearing damaged in the end. Due to the fact that there has been no processing before, this is the case.

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The different types of virgin hair

Several types of hair are available; however, the following five types are most common:

Vietnam Virgin Hair

Virgin Vietnam hair is hair that has been collected from a Vietnam woman as a donor. In the case of virgin Vietnamese hair, it is never permed, dyed, or bleached, and is not chemically processed. In this type of hair, the cuticles run in the same direction, so the ends are full. It is trendy because it can be dyed, bleached, cut, and processed like your own hair. If you want, curl it and wash it like you normally would.

Vietnam Virgin Hair

Make your style stand out with Vietnamese virgin hair from HairVietnam Extensions. Your hair can now be transformed into a world of limitless possibilities with their exquisite collection.

Indian Virgin Hair

There are many versions of this, but this is the most common. In order to achieve a natural-looking, long-lasting extension, this will be the best option. In addition to deep waves, body waves, natural waves, loose waves, and curly and straight textures, this hair is versatile, lustrous, and silky. In order to achieve a particular look, these extensions were not chemically treated.

Malaysian Virgin Hair

Malaysian extensions tend to be heavier and thicker, but they are soft and silky as well. This strand has an incredibly luxurious feel and a beautiful natural shine. In addition to curly, wavy, and straight textures, you can also get it in different colors. Curling Malaysian extensions will provide you with long-lasting curls.

Brazilian Virgin Hair

The thick and durable properties of Brazilian hair make it one of the most sought-after hair types in the world. The hair of virgin Brazilians tends to be blended with that of Caucasian and African Americans to create a beautiful shape.

Brazilian Virgin Hair

Russian Virgin Hair

One of the most expensive types of virgin hair in the world, Russian hair is known for its silky and glossy texture. In addition to remaining lustrous and silky for more than 5 years, this virgin hair type is available in a variety of colors.


Knowing what is virgin hair will help you decide what type of virgin extensions to purchase. The goal of this guide is to assist you in navigating the different types of extensions and point you in the right direction. The virgin hair we recommend is Vietnamese Hair, which HairVietnam Extensions offers.

The HairVietnam brand represents the highest quality and authentic virgin hair in Vietnam. Their specialty is sourcing natural, lustrous Vietnamese hair, known for its strength, texture, and luster. They guarantee the utmost integrity of each strand by sourcing their extensions directly from Vietnamese donors.