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Piano Black and Burgundy Weave Human Hair Bundles

Material: 100% Human Hair
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Piano black and burgundy weave human hair bundles

Piano black and burgundy weave human hair bundles  is a rather unfamiliar and fresh term for those who want to transform their style and appearance. Maybe you've seen this hairstyle somewhere but don't know what it's called. This is one of  trending hairstyles in the USA and Nigeria, let's take a closer look at it!

What’s black and burgundy weave human hair bundles?

Piano black and burgundy weave human hair bundles are created by blending two colors, that’s black and burgundy. For easier to imagine , these two hair colors intertwine like piano keys. In addition to the two colors black and burgundy, hair stylists also create many combinations of different colors such as dark brown and light brown, black and orange, blonde and brown... You can choose  different piano hairstyles with a variety of colors.

What makes black and burgundy weave human hair bundles so special?

There are 3 main reasons why piano  black and burgundy hair  is so special. 

Unique hair color

The uniqueness of this hair color is reflected in its name. You see, this hair color is a blend of two very special colors, one is popular and the other is very prominent. The contrasting combination of them gives a very special appearance.  More specifically, this hairstyle is also very versatile.  A hair has a vertical combination of black and burgundy, if more black, we have a different look, conversely, if more burgundy, we have a different look. . . What a unique transformation.

Color changes follow to different hair layers

Because piano dyed hair is a combination of different colors vertically, different hairs have different colors, it is completely contrasting from the color similarity of ombre dyeing. So we can imagine that the hairs on the inside might have a different color than the hairs on the outside. That makes for a very interesting experience, you can have a unique look with many layers of hair, or the bottom layer of hair is revealed when you tie your hair in a ponytail.

Hair color changes with different hairstyles

In addition to the popular straight piano hairstyle, you can choose   more unique piano hairstyles such as wavy piano hair, curly piano .... Visit our shop hair to pick the piano hairstyle that you want.

Characteristic of vietnamese human piano black and burgundy weave

  • 100% human hair: The hair is made from 100% Vietnamese human hair, so it's very easy to style and colored. 
  • Long lifespan: Real Vietnamese human piano weave hair can last up to 2-3 years under the proper care.
  • Match closely with your own hair: As mentioned, it is made from 100% human hair, so it gives a good ability to blend with your own hair. 
  • Durable: With double machine weft technology, the hair is durable enough for use within 5 years. 
  • Soft, smooth, silky and health
  • It’s easy to wear, easy to care

Where to order Piano black and burgundy weave human hair bundles?

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