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Hairvietnam Blonde Highlight Piano Color Silky Straight Hair Bundles

Bone straight piano color hair bundles is the most popular piano color hairstyle that many people choose to use. It can make other shapes, Bleached and Dyed.
  • Production and distribution: Hairvietnam Factory
  • Color: Piano mix color #4/16
  • Style: Bone-straight hair
  • Grade: Single/ Double/ Super double
  • Length: 8-32 inches (from 40 inches or more, please contact sale staff)
  • Application: Women who love flowing black weave hair    
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Product infomation

Products description

  • Brand: Hairvietnam
  • Formality: Weave hair bundles
  • Hair texture: Bone Straight 
  • Origin: 100% Vietnamese human hair
  • Can be Bleached, Dyed and make other shapes
  • Quantity: Single/Double-drawn/ Super double-drawn hair
  • Hair Type: Blonde Highlight Piano Color Silky Straight Hair Bundles
  • Hair Color: Mix color, Piano #4/16
  • Hair length: 8 - 32 inches

Characteristics of Blonde Highlight Piano Color Straight Hair Bundles


Natural, soft and smooth

Still, with the perfect hair quality from 100% Vietnamese human hair, Hairvietnam commits to 3 No for origin hair: No Remy (Non-Remy) - No fibres - No Chemical. In other words, 100% of our products are high-quality virgin hair. 

Dynamic colors

Brown and blonde are two colors that are commonly used today when mixing colors in the style of piano colors. This is because the color of this #4/16 piano is really bright and brings a new feeling compared to natural hair.   

Multiple Hair Grade

Hairvietnam has a full range of hair levels from basic to VIP for you to choose from including single-drawn hair, double-drawn hair, super double-drawn hair and VIP. Depending on your economic ability as well as quality requirements, you can freely choose your favourite and most suitable hair grade.

Some ideas with Piano Color Straight Hair Weave Bundles

Straight piano color is the most popular piano color hairstyle that many people choose to use. Bone Straight piano accents on natural hair can be combined with many different colors. Piano straight hair color gives you a dynamic and fashionable look, suitable for both summer holidays and festivals. 

However, to stand out with this special hair color requires you to choose a sophisticated enough outfit. What if this long, straight hairstyle and fresh colors are combined with a youthful outfit?

How to take care of Blonde Highlight Piano Color Straight Hair Bundles?

Proper hair care will help your hair color piano #4/16 be durable and not tangle during use. The lifespan of Blonde Highlight Piano Color Straight Hair Bundles can be up to 3-5 years if you pay attention to the care ways we mentioned below.

  1. Shampoo and conditioner are indispensable when you proceed to clean straight-weave hair after about 3 uses. Using a soft towel to remove moisture from the hair is essential, avoid rubbing the towel vigorously with the hair.
  2. After the cleaning step, you can let your hair dry naturally or blow dry at a moderate temperature with a distance of about 40cm from the hairline. If drying at a high temperature or exposed to an outdoor temperature that is too sunny, piano color hair will quickly fade in the next few uses.
  3. Using hair oil is also necessary to help you keep your hair straight as well as avoid some solar radiation when going out. 
  4. Piano color straight hair must then be securely wrapped inside the hair extension bag after each use to keep the color smooth and dust-free. 

Where to order Blonde Highlight Piano Color Straight Hair Bundles?

Hairvietnam is a reliable and reputable address for favorite customers as well as hair extensions in general. We have all the perfect elements in terms of products, services and prices. Contact Hairvietnam today to receive the latest promotions. 

HAIR VIETNAM – BE TO QUEEN FactoryDong Tho, Yen Phong, Bac Ninh, Viet Nam Email: Phone/Whatsapp: +84 367.811.999

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