Human Hair Vs Synthetic Hair

In the dynamic world of hair extensions and wigs, the choice between human hair vs synthetic hair is a significant consideration. This article aims to delve into the comparison between the two, highlighting the superiority of human hair. As a leading player in the industry, Hairvietnam stands out for its unwavering dedication to providing only human hair products. Throughout this article, we will explore the key differences, emphasizing the advantages that human hair offers over synthetic alternatives.

Understanding Synthetic Hair

what is synthetic hair

What is synthetic hair?

Synthetic hair refers to artificial hair fibers that are created to mimic the appearance and texture of natural human hair. These fibers are designed to be used in hair extensions, wigs, and other hairpieces.

Composition and manufacturing process of synthetic hair

Synthetic fibers used in hair extensions and wigs: Synthetic hair is typically made from various types of synthetic fibers, such as polyester, acrylic, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These fibers are specifically formulated to resemble the characteristics of natural hair, including color, texture, and shine.

Chemical treatments and styling limitations: Synthetic hair undergoes a manufacturing process that involves heating, shaping, and setting the fibers to create a specific style or texture. However, synthetic hair cannot be chemically treated or colored like human hair. Heat styling tools, such as curling irons or straighteners, can also damage or melt synthetic hair, so it’s important to use low heat settings or specialized heat-resistant synthetic hair.

Availability and variety of synthetic hair

Range of colors and styles: Synthetic hair products offer a wide range of colors, including natural shades as well as vibrant and unconventional hues. There are also various styles available, such as straight, wavy, curly, and afro-textured, allowing individuals to choose a look that suits their preferences.

Cost-effectiveness of synthetic hair: Synthetic hair tends to be more affordable compared to human hair. This makes it a popular option for those who want to experiment with different hairstyles or occasionally change their look without making a significant investment. Additionally, synthetic hair requires less maintenance and styling, which can save time and effort.

Considerations When Choosing Synthetic Hair

Human Hair Vs Synthetic Hair

Limited natural appearance:

Lack of realistic texture and shine: Synthetic hair may not possess the same texture and shine as natural human hair. While efforts are made to replicate these qualities, synthetic fibers often have a slightly artificial or plastic-like appearance.

Inability to mimic natural hair movement: Synthetic hair typically lacks the natural movement and bounce that is characteristic of human hair. The fibers can feel stiffer and less flexible, making the hair extensions or wigs appear less natural when worn.

Durability and longevity issues:

Synthetic hair’s tendency to tangle and frizz over time: Synthetic hair is prone to tangling and frizzing, especially with regular use and exposure to factors like wind or friction. This can result in a less desirable appearance and require more maintenance to keep the hair looking presentable.
Challenges in maintaining the original style: Unlike human hair, synthetic hair cannot be restyled easily. The original style and shape of the synthetic hairpiece may become distorted or lose its form over time. This limitation makes it difficult to change the hairstyle or adapt it to different looks.

Heat resistance limitations:

Incompatibility with heat styling tools: Synthetic hair is not heat resistant and cannot withstand high temperatures. Using heat styling tools, such as curling irons, straighteners, or hot rollers, on synthetic hair can lead to melting, burning, or irreversible damage to the fibers.

Risk of melting or damage under high temperatures: When exposed to excessive heat, synthetic hair can melt or become permanently damaged. This makes it important to exercise caution and use low heat settings or specialized heat-resistant synthetic hair when attempting any heat styling techniques.

Considering these downfalls, it’s essential to carefully assess your needs and preferences before choosing between synthetic and human hair. While synthetic hair offers convenience and affordability, it may not provide the same level of realism, durability, or versatility as natural human hair.

Understanding Human Hair

Understanding Human Hair

What is human hair?

Human hair refers to hair that is naturally grown by humans. It is composed of keratin, the same protein found in nails and skin. Human hair comes in a variety of textures, colors, and thicknesses, making each strand unique.

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Realistic and natural look:

Authentic texture, shine, and movement: Human hair offers a more realistic appearance as it possesses natural texture, shine, and movement. The individual strands have a softer and more lifelike feel compared to synthetic hair, giving a more natural look when styled or worn.
Seamless integration with natural hair: Human hair can blend seamlessly with natural hair, making it difficult to distinguish between the hair extensions or wig and the individual’s own hair. This creates a more natural and undetectable look when the hairpiece is worn.

Enhanced versatility and styling options:

Compatibility with heat styling tools: Human hair can withstand heat styling tools, including curling irons, straighteners, and blow dryers. This allows for greater flexibility in creating various hairstyles, from straightening to curling and beyond.

Ability to dye, bleach, and perm human hair: Human hair can be treated and styled in a variety of ways, including dyeing, bleaching, and perming. This versatility enables individuals to customize their hair color, add highlights, or achieve different textures to suit their preferences.

Longer lifespan and durability:

Proper care and maintenance for long-lasting human hair: With proper care and maintenance, human hair extensions and wigs have the potential to last significantly longer than synthetic hair. Regular washing, conditioning, and styling with suitable products can help maintain the hair’s quality and longevity.
Ability to retain style and quality over time: Human hair has the advantage of retaining its style and quality over time. It can be restyled, washed, and conditioned just like natural hair, allowing for long-term use without compromising its appearance or integrity.

In summary, human hair offers superior qualities in terms of a realistic and natural look, enhanced styling options, longer lifespan, and durability. Its ability to blend seamlessly with natural hair and withstand heat styling and chemical treatments makes it a popular choice for those seeking a high-quality and versatile hair solution.

Comparison Human Hair VS Synthetic Hair


Human Hair

Synthetic Hair


Naturally grown hair by humans

Artificial hair fibers designed to mimic human hair


Keratin protein

Polyester, acrylic, or PVC fibers

Natural Look

Authentic texture, shine, and movement

May have artificial or plastic-like appearance

Heat Styling

Can withstand heat styling tools

Not heat resistant, can melt or get damaged

Chemical Treatments

Can be dyed, bleached, permed

Cannot be chemically treated or colored


Long-lasting with proper care and maintenance

Prone to tangling, frizzing, and shorter lifespan

Styling Options

Versatile for various hairstyles

Limited styling options


Blends seamlessly with natural hair

May be less natural when worn


Generally more expensive

More affordable

The Environmental Impact: Human vs HairSynthetic Hair

Manufacturing and disposal of synthetic hair

Synthetic hair, commonly used in hair extensions and wigs, relies heavily on petroleum-based materials during the manufacturing process. These materials are derived from non-renewable fossil fuels and contribute to carbon emissions and environmental pollution.
Additionally, synthetic hair poses challenges in terms of recycling and biodegradability. Due to its composition and chemical treatments, synthetic hair products often cannot be recycled effectively and may end up in landfills, further adding to environmental waste.

Sustainability of human hair products

In contrast, human hair products offer a more sustainable alternative. Hairvietnam emphasizes the ethical sourcing and processing of human hair, ensuring that it is obtained from reliable and responsible sources. This approach helps minimize the negative environmental impact associated with the hair industry. Furthermore, human hair is inherently eco-friendly and renewable since it is a natural resource that can be replenished. It does not rely on synthetic materials or contribute to the depletion of non-renewable resources.

Why Choose to Buy Human Hair at HairVietNam?

Hairvietnam is dedicated to offering exclusively human hair products, ensuring customers have access to the highest quality and most authentic hair extensions and wigs. By focusing solely on human hair, Hairvietnam aims to provide customers with a natural and realistic hair solution.


Assurance of quality and authenticity:

Sourcing and processing of human hair: Hairvietnam takes great care in sourcing its human hair from reliable and ethical sources. The company acquires hair from individuals who have voluntarily donated or sold their hair. This ensures that the hair used in their products is genuine and obtained with the consent of the donors.

Strict quality control measures: Hairvietnam implements rigorous quality control measures throughout the entire production process. This includes thorough inspection and testing of the hair to ensure it meets the company’s high standards. By adhering to strict quality control protocols, Hairvietnam aims to deliver consistent excellence in their human hair products.

Wide range of human hair options:

Different hair types (straight, wavy, curly): Hairvietnam offers a diverse selection of human hair types, including straight, wavy, and curly textures. This variety allows customers to choose a hair type that matches their natural hair or desired style.

Various lengths, colors, and textures: Hairvietnam understands the importance of individual preferences and offers a wide range of options to cater to diverse needs. Customers can find human hair extensions and wigs in various lengths, colors, and textures, ensuring they can achieve their desired look with ease.
By providing a comprehensive selection of human hair options, Hairvietnam strives to meet the unique styling preferences and requirements of its customers.

Hairvietnam’s commitment to human hair excellence, along with their stringent quality control measures and wide range of options, positions them as a reliable and trusted provider of high-quality human hair products.

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In conclusion, when it comes to choosing between human hair and synthetic hair, the superiority of human hair becomes evident.

Hairvietnam’s commitment to providing human hair products ensures customers have access to the highest quality and most authentic options.

Human hair offers a realistic and natural look, enhanced styling versatility, and a longer lifespan.
If you’re looking for a hair solution that exudes authenticity and versatility, consider exploring Hairvietnam’s range of human hair products. Experience the beauty and excellence of human hair today.
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