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Vietnamese Human Bulk Hair

Material: 100% Human hair
Min.Order Quantity: 0.5kg


   Top Quality 100% Vietnam human hair.



   4-5 days after received your payment by UPS/FedEx/EMS or Cargo


   Western Union, Money Gram, PayPal, T/T or Visa card, Master card


   UPS, FedEx: 2-3 days for Americas, Europe and 5 days for Africa

   Cargo only 2 days for big quantities above 20 kg to up


   100% Remy hair, full, shine, silky

   Full cuticle in the same direction

   Very clean, natural, soft, comb easily.

Whatapp: +84367811999 Call: +84367811999

Product infomation

Vietnamese Human Bulk Hair represents the epitome of quality and authenticity, catering to those who appreciate the natural beauty of unprocessed hair. Sourced with meticulous care, this premium bulk hair showcases the softness, durability, and luxurious texture that Vietnamese hair is renowned for.

Beginning with the unprocessed strands, Vietnamese Human Bulk Hair offers a versatile canvas for various styling options. Whether you're creating extensions, wigs, or personalized hairpieces, this bulk hair ensures a seamless integration, providing a natural and flawless look.

Embrace the opportunity to work with the unaltered essence of Vietnamese hair, allowing you to craft hairstyles that exude authenticity and sophistication. The unprocessed nature of this bulk hair enables you to showcase the true beauty of Vietnamese hair in its purest form.

Step into a world of quality and natural allure with our Vietnamese Human Bulk Hair, where each strand tells a story of authenticity and timeless elegance. Explore the possibilities of styling with unprocessed Vietnamese hair, and let your creations reflect the purity and beauty of this premium bulk hair.

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