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Purple Bone Straight Human Hair Weave Bundles

Material: 100% Human Hair
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Purple bone straight human hair weave bundles  are the best solution for colored-hair lovers who want to protect and avoid damaging their own natural hair  many times. In the hair fashion stage, the human purple weave hair emerged and quickly became a hot item. If you are new to weaving purple human hair extensions, the basic knowledge is mentioned in this blog.

Get to know about purple bone straight human hair weave bundles

Although the trend of dyeing hair with striking vibrant colors is gradually becoming popular, purple is still a relatively new and adventurous color for users. Therefore, many people have chosen a safer solution than using hair extensions. For newbies, before purchasing purple hair extensions, keep these things in mind.

Why call “human weave hair extensions purple”?

Purple human hair extension is a hair extension made from 100% real hair, after colored, the hair color changes from natural color to purple color. It's used to add thickness and length to the hair. Asia is the region with many leading purple hair extensions exporting countries in the world such as China, India, Vietnam....

Although purple human hair extensions have better quality than synthetic hair. But, the quality of human purple hair extensions in different countries may be uneven, due to differences in the source of the hair material, manufactured processing.  For example, Indian purple hair extensions are made from hair which is collected from public places and hair donated from temples. The hair comes from different donors, area, country, so purple hair does not have the same quality and the hair color is not consistent. 

On the other hand, purple hair extensions from Vietnam are more attractive. Hair material is carefully collected from  women in mountainous and rural areas, the quality of hair strands is consistent.That make Vietnamese purple human hair extensions are shiny and silky soft.

Purple bone straight human hair weave bundles : Purple hairs are machine or sewn into horizontal strips of fabric. Usually purple hair weave is sold in bundles weighing 100g with different lengths depending on the length of the hair. The hair undergoes dying and straightening to achieve a bone straight look and purple color.

What skin color does purple hair match?

Purple hair is loved by African-American girls because it brings a unique and personal beauty. This hairstyle corresponds to a dark and healthy skin. For people with white skin, this  color helps to highlight the beauty of the face.

Where to buy purple bone straight human hair weave bundles?

To buy  purple bone straight human hair weave bundles you can trust - We are the leading human hair factory in Vietnam. Hair Vietnam Factory supplies all types of textures, length of purple human hair weave. The hair is shipped worldwide and we have a great price for wholesale customers.  We are guaranteed that our purple hair is made from 100% Vietnamese human hair, hair soft, smooth, durable and can last up to 2-3 years under a proper care. 

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