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How to Get Naturally Curly Hair Without Heating Tools

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Looking for gorgeous, heat-free curls with ease? Explore our guide on "How to Get Naturally Curly Hair" without damage for stunning, no-heat curls!

Whether you are rocking wavy tresses or corkscrew curls, curls have never been more popular. It can be tricky to get curly hair that's effortless, tussled and defined, especially if you want to avoid using styling tools. You don't need to use styling tools or worry about heat damage to enhance your hair's natural movement. For curly hair, you should moisturize and hydrate your hair, as well as use the right products to prevent frizz. Find out how to get naturally curly hair, as well as how to obtain heatless curls. 

1. Methods for how to make your hair curly naturally

Below mentioned are some of the methods of how to get curly hair naturally.

1.1 Use the 'twist and press' method.

You should wash and condition your hair with a gentle, sulfate-free formula intended to hydrate your hair and make sure to absorb any moisture with a microfiber towel or cotton shirt afterwards. Rather than rough rubbing the hair back and forth, take your towel and press and twist it. When the hair is vigorously rubbed to dry, the cuticles of the hair are pushed upwards, which causes frizz.
1.1 Use the 'twist and press' method.
Use the 'twist and press' method

1.2 The ponytail method

When it comes to bouncy curls, you don't have to stare at the mirror for hours. Wake up with curly hair with this method. Your hair should be washed and towel dried until damp (not wet). The towel should not be rubbed against your hair as it causes frizz. The last wrap around your hair should be skipped when making a high ponytail. Wrap your ponytail hair around the scrunchie in small sections. Wrap all your hair in a bun and repeat. When you wake up the next morning, you can remove the scrunchie.

1.3 Using braids to curl hair

Your hair will look flawless if you braid it. This is the easiest way to curl hair. Once your hair has been washed, let it air dry for 70%. Split your hair in half and braid each side separately. If you only want waves at the ends of your hair, you can create two regular braids. Boxer braids and French braids are good choices if you want waves that start close to your roots. When you open your braids, be careful not to let your hair frizz. After your hair has dried completely, remove the braids. The braids are easy to undo in the morning. Finger-comb your hair after spraying it with hairspray. Make your hair shine by smoothing it out with a hair serum.
Using braids to curl hair
Using braids to curl hair

1.4 Velcro-fastened rollers

As well as giving your hair body and volume, Velcro rollers protect it from heat damage. A spray bottle or volumising shampoo can be used if your hair needs to be dampened. Squeeze out excess moisture from your hair with a towel. You should roll your thick hair upwards if you have thick hair. If you have fine hair, you can skip sectioning. You should roll upwards until your scalp is snugly fitted against the rollers. The rollers can be secured without pins. 
Velcro-fastened rollers
Velcro-fastened rollers

Taking too thick a section may cause the roller not to stick. Let your hair dry completely with the rollers in it for a couple of hours. Makeup can be applied during this time or household chores can be completed. Finger-comb your hair after undoing the curls. To make sure your hair stays in place, spray it with hairspray.

1.5 Method using straws

You can curl your hair with the straw method if you want tighter and more defined curls without exposing it to heat. When your hair is 70-80% dry, wash it and towel dry it. You can now wrap a small section of hair around a straw by placing it as close as possible to the scalp. Curls will be tighter if the section is smaller. Make your curls bigger by using thicker straws. Bobby pins should be used to secure the straw to the hair. You can use it as a DIY hair roller. Wrap the hair until all of it has been wrapped. Wake up with bouncy curls in the morning after removing your straws.

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1.6 Make your hair scrunch up.

Using curl-enhancing stylers and scrunching your hair is the best way to dry wet hair. The lumps and waves created by the tool give your hair some natural curls. You should scrunch your hair after you get out of the shower with a microfiber towel once you have dried off. Scrunch the hair upward in the towel to remove all of the extra moisture. You should follow the same steps when applying creams, gels, and mousses. Make your hair look wavy and ringlets by scrunching it.

2. Tips for Managing Natural Curls

Tips for Managing Natural Curls
Tips for Managing Natural Curls

2.1 Choose the right haircut

Getting curly hair does not require a haircut. Nevertheless, it appreciates your new curls. To showcase your curls more effectively, it creates shapes. In terms of haircuts for curly hair, layered haircuts are the best.

2.2 Spray with Sea Salt

When used as part of your styling, sea salt spray adds a gentle curl to your hair. Sea salt dehydrates the body. If you need to style midweek or after a shower, you might find this product useful.

3. Conclusion

You now know how to get naturally curly hair permanently. Curling your hair naturally with many different methods is possible, but most require a long-term commitment. You cannot achieve this with a one-time style. Considering the hair's current texture is also important. Natural wavy or curly hair tends to curl, so these methods are best suited to these types of hair. These methods have the goal of redefining and reshaping the hair's curl.

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