Vietnamese straight fullest hair extension 22 inches

We differentiate ourselves from all other competitors by developing competitive pricing strategies, but with the best product quality. Currently, fullest hair attracts a lot of customers around the world.

Best fullest hair from Vietnam

Great source of fullest hair from Vietnam

Of course, the origin of Fullest hair is still Vietnam virgin human hair. The different of this type is the same thickness from tip to top. Vietnam virgin hair quality is best and absolutely no short hair inside.

100% human hair

Virgin human hair is collected from one particular donor or multiple donors. Virgin human hair quality is always the best. We usually buy virgin hair from villages in Vietnam. Vietnamese women have special hair care and they often use herbs so their hair is naturally fragrant. Vietnam human hair is very shiny, smooth, no lice, no nits thanks to special hair care.

Fullest hair can make a lot of different hairstyles

Fullest hair is your best choice as it suits every face. We supply all hair samples originated from Vietnamese and Cambodian virgin human hair. Because our hair products are real human hair, you can easily change your hairstyle.

Fullest hair

Our hair products are non-synthetic and non-chemical. When customers use fullest hair products always feel cool and comfortable. Vietnamese Fullest hair is also very easy for you to clean your hair.

At the moment, we also offer all kinds of hairstyles like body wave, deep wave, loose wave, natural wave, Fumi curly, kinky straight, kinky curly, jerry curly. All hairstyles are made according to traditional methods and from fullest hair. We hope to bring the most satisfaction to all the customers are factories, salons, resellers.

Straight fullest hair

With a variety of lengths of hair makes it easy for you to choose. The length of the fullest hair ranges from 8 to 30 inches. The length of the hair is 22 inches which are most commonly used.

Most of our customers love the Fullest hair

We always put quality products on top to satisfy all customers. We are the manufacturer so we always provide products with the best price.

Fullest hair does not have short hair inside so it attracts many customers. The bundles of our hair are very soft, not messy. It’s great if you can directly visit our factory and see all kinds of our hair.


The best quality of fullest hair

Our products satisfy all customers who are in demand. We can meet all the needs of our customers because in our factory there are always over 5 tons of all types of hair.

Why are customers choosing our products?

We sell hair products directly to you, not through intermediaries. Therefore, we always offer the best price because there is no intermediate cost.

We also found that Vietnamese and Cambodian virgins are good quality. For that reason, we have been developing products for more than 20 years.

Skilled workers in our factory

We supply all kinds of hair such as Raw Bulk, Weft, other hair extension and originated from Vietnam virgin human hair. Our factory is located in Bac Ninh, Viet Nam with a lot of skilled workers. We always provide products with the best price and best quality. Today, we are the largest hair brand in Vietnam.