Tape Roll

Tape roll general information

What is tape roll?

Tape roll is a double-sided tape, use for hair extensions such as tape hair extensions, lace closure hair, wig hair, etc. Usually, these type of adhesive tapes is tape roll type having glue or sticky adhesive. This tape roll allows in medical applications. And these adhesive tapes or bandages make in sterile environments.

How to apply tape roll in hair extensions

There are many kinds of tape roll to connect hair extensions with your natural hair. And it is usually applying for tape hair. With tape hair, you only need stripping of its adhesive tape. And then you put on your natural hair that you want to paste. Moreover, you should use a straightener machine, straighten lightly one time the part of the hair that you just tape in. The glue from the patch will come out and stick more tightly to your hair.

Choosing the type of adhesive tape that best fits your scalp is not difficult. You just need to choose the length of the adhesive tape you want, the time you want to use sticky tape, and the hair extensions you have. If you want to use it every day or remove after 1 to 3 days, you should choose adhesive tape that has a shorter stickiness. But make sure the glue should be good and sticky. This adhesive tape design and uses a short-haired glue on the sticky tape, but it is still very safe and suitable for use on the scalp. You use it without worrying about irritation or damage to the scalp.

Where to buy the best tape roll in Vietnam

The origin of the tape roll

We have the relationship with many foreign partners in the world. All kinds of our tape roll are imported 100% from Australia, the US to ensure high quality for customers. Especially, it does not irritate your scalp, so that you can comfortably use it anytime.

The type of tape roll

All types of tape roll are safe for use on the scalp (except for cloth tape). There is tape roll for the hair extensions system but these adhesive tapes also classified into many different colors and shapes, suitable for different types of tape hair or wigs hair such as adhesive tapes will have a red lining, blue lining, orange lining, etc.

In addition, all types of adhesive tapes with all kinds of different colors are sold under roll shape or small patches shape using for wig hair. The small patches are pre-cut that will have different shapes and are specifically designed to fit the frontal hairline and the outer edge of many kinds of tape hair and wig hair.

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