Wholesale ombre hair made from 100% Vietnamese human hair

Ombre hair is one type of color hair but refers to the increase in color levels in the hair. This is considered a strange effect in the hair and beauty industry. In, ombre hair is one of the most profitable products because of quality and the uniqueness.

Ombre hair brings youthfulness, uniqueness, and personality as well as make the face brighter for the owner of this hair type. And this type of dyed hair is challenging so the initial stage is very difficult for many people to wear it. Lady Gaga is the famous singer who initiated this trend. Originally, it was considered a fashion catastrophe. However, its uniqueness and the way it has attracted fashion “to play” in the world.

Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Drew Barrymore, and so on, as well as hot-bloggers, promote this fashion as an exciting experience. Young people in Vietnam are enjoying this style of hair dying and the trend is getting wider. In, ombre hair is one of the most profitable products because of quality and the uniqueness. We are a reliable manufacturer in Vietnam that many customers over the world give the trust.

Overview of ombre hair

What is ombre hair?

Commonly, people usually dye hair at least with dye line 1 – 2 specific colors to increase the personality for themselves. However, ombre hair is different. It is the combination of the color blocks together.

Ombre hair is the combination of 2 or more color in hair

Ombre hair is one type of color hair but refers to the increase in color levels in the hair. This is considered a strange effect in the hair and beauty industry. In fashion, this effect is termed a scatter color with an increase in the level from light to dark or from dark to light. Or another irregular blend of colors also apply. In the hair fashion, ombre-dyed hair uses around 2 to 3 color palettes. It ranges from light to dark in the same color. Ombre dye is usually light on the top, dark in the tip.

Types of ombre hair

If you like to stand out and have a bit of rebellion then the ombre hair will suit you. There are many ombre types with different colors and designs. You can experience colorful ombre wigs and are very convenient to use. Ombre weaves, ombre lace closures, etc are popular.

High-quality Ombre weft hair

Or there are ombre types that you can use simply as ombre tip and tape hair. With these types of you just attach your real hair is to have a new hair full of personality. Some of our main ombre hair types such as ombre raw human hair, ombre weft hair, ombre clip in hair, ombre lace closure hair, ombre tape in hair, ombre tip in hair,…

Some other ombre hair types

If you do not like the hair that has gone through the processing that needs raw hair to produce extensions hair, please do not worry. Because we can also provide you with high-quality ombre raw hair products. Almost of ombre raw hair made from 100% super double draw or fullest hair. We just make them clean and clear. Then we bleach them with high quality and safe colorant.

Ombre raw hair with natural styles

We have some professional hair experts. They can advise us on how to dye the hair and how to mix colors for fashion and beauty. You can use ombre raw hair as a material for making wigs and hair extensions. All of our ombre hair made from 100% Vietnamese human hair, without synthetic hair and toxic chemical, no lice, no tangle and really smooth.

Ombre hair and fashion

The trend of ombre hair 2018

Ombre hair is really beautiful and popular hairstyle among young people today starting from the famous Hollywood star. Change your style this summer with ombre dyed hair with distinctive glowing colors like red, smoky, purple, sepia, black,…

Ombre hair trend has become a unique and new fashion trend of hair, help you express your personality and more prominent. As predicted and trended, this hairstyle will never go out of fashion because of the combination and hair color mixing extremely versatile. Just change a bit of color then the ombre hair has shifted to another style.

Ombre is a hot trend hair fashion

You should choose the color that honors your skin to brighten the face as possible. With those who are going to school should choose a light color combined with a dark color. And if you want to stand out, just select the fresh light and outstanding color.

The hot trend of ombre hair colors

Purple-colored ombre hair

Purple is always a beautiful hair color to remember and always create a charm to surprise. Owning a purple-colored ombre hair will make you more seductive and confident. However, in order to create harmony balance, you should choose purple bright enough to brighten the face bright and highlights.

A special and romantic girl with purple-colored ombre

Pink-colored ombre hair

The youthful and charismatic cannot ignore pink-colored ombre hair because this is a fresh color is very eye-catching a lot of girls love and apply, even a straight, curly or wavy hair.

Ombre hair with the main color is pink

Red-colored ombre hair

Red tones help to brighten the skin and enhance the face. This red-colored ombre hairstyle is suitable for those who want to “cheat on” their age with this ultra-bright and beautiful dye.

Full of energy with a red ombre hair

Brown-colored ombre hair

Brown is also one of the best tones for you to choose for your ombre hair. Not too bright and prominent as other color tones, but brown is a very attractive and that you can not ignore.

The most popular color of ombre hair

Ombre hair blonde

Yellow tones are quite familiar when used in dyed ombre hair because it is suitable for a variety of hairstyles and skin colors that will help you create a beautiful, youthful and dynamic image for yourself. Do not miss this yellow ombre hair!

Ombre hair blonde can brighten your skin

Ombre hair short

The girls with short hair can also choose ombre-dyed hair to refresh their appearance, stylish and attractive. Ombre hairstyles for short hair are also varied and help to show off the personality more prominently.

Ombre hair short help you show more personality

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Our products of ombre hair made from 100% human hair

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