Lace Closure & Frontal from 100% virgin Vietnamese thin hair

How to know a Bad and Good Lace Closure & Frontal

As widely accepted by people, a lace closure a frontal are the layer of lace (cloth, mesh) with full of hair knotted on the surface to make a hair full coverage. To distinguish a Good Lace closure from the bad one, we need these main factors:

Various size of the lace closure from HairVN

The Mesh of Hair Closure

Mesh is the important factor as it attachs directly to the head, it should be thin, and same color with the hair. The net in the mesh also give the important base of the hair to be knotted, hence, the size of net hole should be suitable, not too small, not to big and must be strong. The thinner the mesh the better it is. The best mesh should come from Swizerland, Germany, Italia and USA.

Quality of the source hair

The source hair to make the lace closure must be the Remy 100% Virgin human hair, absolutely no non-remy. The non-remy hair will make bad impact to the overall whole lace closure. And the longer time the users apply it, the worse they realize. HairVN ensure 100% human virgin remy hair in each and every products we produce, not only the lace closure and frontal.

All lace closure and frontal are made from 100% Vietnamese/Cambodian virgin natural hair

The Frontal Hair

The front hair must be selected with the baby thin hair to make the hairline most natural possible. This will help the hair look like your real hair when walking out.

Front hair is made from baby thin hair to make sure the natural beauty of the lace closure

Same length hair

Hair must be in the same length to make lace closure. First, it save your own money, it will be really unreasonable when you pay for 20” closure and get most of the hair just 14-16” length. Second, the same length hair make the lace closure to be most full covered and natural.

The knot in the lace Closure

The longiness of the lace closure depends half on the hair and remaining half on the knot which help each hair strand to be attached in the mesh. To make the best knot, the worker must be very concentrated.

Best Knot for Lace Closure made by high skillful worker

Skill of lace closure maker

Lace closure is one of the most time-taking items in the hair industry, as no machine could be involved. The maker must make it just with a specialized needle and the patience. Normally, to make a perface lace closure and frontal, a worker must have the experience of making more than 100 pieces.

Size of the lace closure

The size really matters, HairVN serves all sizes of the closure to serve all requirements from 2×4” mesh size to 4×4”, 5×5” and 13×4”. We also make size based on the customers requirement.

Buy cheapest Closure and Frontal from Vietnamese factory

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HairVN office and main factory complex

            Quality warranty for hair

We are confident about our hair quality, all the hair provided by HairVN is 100% remy virgin human hair. That’s why we always suggest the customer to take the sample order first to learn more about us, to know most detailed about products and select the most suitable hair to the usage from manufacturer, other factory partners, reseller, salon or even end-users.

Then all the hair comes from our factory could be warranted for best quality and service which is mentioned very clearly in the contract.

            Best hair and selling service

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