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Keratin Tip Hair all U – I – V Shape, #1 Quality – Factory price

Welcome to hairVN – one of the leading wholesale supplier in Vietnam. Along with the development of technology, we make and support many kinds of hair extensions including keratin tip hair extensions. And we ensure to apply keratin in tip beautiful, more straight, always float, smooth and strong for you.

Moreover, HairVN has many hairstyle types with various styles, unique, useful for the girls who want cover the disadvantage on their faces in order so they can become more personality, sexier and more luxury.

Some kind of Tip hair extensions in HairVN

Keratin Tip and the invention of Keratin

As you know, the beauty industrial is more and more developing so it is dragging different beauty technologies come and go every year. But Keratin treatment method in hair extensions is constantly progressing and expanding. Keratin – A major structural component of hair, which accounts for 70% of the structure of the hair strands. And it helps hair to become float, strong and against the effects of the environment as well as adverse external conditions.

Keratin tip hair extensions are tip hair extensions product that will restore by Keratin treatment. It helps tip hair extensions replenished and restored the lost Keratin structure. And it helps you to own it a sleeker, stronger and more elastic hair.

Advantages of using Keratin Tip extensions

For those with weak hair, tangled hair, shedding hair and hair loss, Keratin tip hair extensions are the perfect choice for them. It is very effective in maintaining and restoring your hair. You can have a long, thick, silky and shiny hair immediately only with using our Keratin tip hair.

You do not have to worry like other hair extensions, keratin tip hair is sewn and tied completely at the root of the hair. It makes your hair extension almost completely hidden. This is one of the best advantages, looking outside your hair seems quite natural like yours and my natural hair.

In order to create a Keratin tip hair bundle, we arrange, build a system of inspection and supervision closely by the skilled workers. Longevity of the hair can last over 6 months, you do not need to use any hairdresser. Your hair is always smooth and strong for a long time by using Keratin tip hair. That’s great, right?

Keratin U-I-V Tip hair extensions

Disadvantages of Keratin Tip Extensions

You can not use any hairdressing tools, hair styling tools such as hair straighteners, hair bending machine, hair dryers, etc in the process of using keratin for tip hair extensions. Because if you use hairdressing tools, hair styling tools for keratin tip hair, your keratin link will be broken, your hair will become tangled, shedding, weak and not smooth.

You can not dye or use any chemical shampoo while you use keratin tip hair extensions due to it will be damaged your natural hair, make your hair more tangle and shedding. That’s boring if you only use a hairstyle for a long time, right? So this is one of the disadvantages of using Keratin tip hair extensions.

Differences between U – I – V Shapes and its usage

U-Tip Hair Extensions

U-Tip hair extensions are called Fusion, it’s a kind of hair extensions that are pre-tipped with keratin and are supported to the customer using hot iron hair extensions. The shape of this tip hair extensions is diversity from u-tip to straight tip. The temperate of iron from hair extensions will not be invaded by your hair because the heat of iron hair extensions is less than the temperature of hair straighteners or hair bending machine.

You know, Super Keratin tip is always the strongest keratin currently and the U-tips are created by Super Keratin tip. Super Keratin tip has the highest hardness, so U-tip hair extensions are one of the most professional hair extension products

Keratin U-tip hair extensions

I-tip Hair Extensions

I-tip hair extensions are called shoelaces tip, flash point, and cold fusion. This hair has I-tip shape, these hair extensions are supported using the pull, hook or loop tool, pulling the customer’s hair through a micro-loop. After the I-tip extensions inserted into the micro loop, it will be compressed with special pliers.

This hair is very popular for people who do not want applied temperature for their hair. The hair of customer should have medium thickness or thickness for keeping I-tip properly.

Keratin I-tip hair extensions

V-tip Hair Extensions

The V-tip Hair Extensions have V-tip shape. It’s adhesive with super keratin tip to help your hair opening the length, raising your hair volume and making your hair smoother, shinier and stronger. If you use The Remy hair to make the V-tip hair extensions, this hair type will last long over 1 year. And we supply the Real keratin V-tip Remy hair extensions on the top in Vietnam.

The best source for Keratin Tip hair in Vietnam

Vietnamese Remy hair is the best suitable for making keratin tip extension

Vietnamese Keratin tip human hair extensions make of Remy hair with a production process and supervise by the skilled hairdressers of HairVN. All our hair sources collected from the hair of the girls in all countrysides of Vietnam. As you know, hair of Vietnamese ladies are very strong, smooth and shine because they take care of their hair very carefully. Most of the Vietnamese women use natural shampoo products for caring hair, less use chemical shampoo products. So that, all of Keratin tip hair extensions that we offer for you have good quality, all cuticles the same time, feeling smooth, soft and without the smell.

Producing Keratin tip hair extensions

The benefit of buying keratin tip hair from factory

There many companies in Vietnam that may produce Keratin tip hair extensions. But Keratin tip hair extensions of HairVN is the best choice for you. Do you know why? Firstly, as you know, HairVN is the leading hair vendor in Vietnam. HairVN has the big network of collectors, large-scale factories. We are constantly training and creating opportunities for local labor. Now, we always open training courses on hair for workers, helping them develop basic knowledge about hair. So that, we have a young, dynamic, having knowledge workers in finding and purchasing quality hair types from all girls in Vietnam.

Further, our company always sets up the quality on the top. All of our Keratin tip hair extensions purchase and manufacture under the strict supervision of the skilled workers. Therefore, our hair is always smooth, strong, soft, no smell, no tangle, and no shedding.

HairVN factory with best price and service

HairVN is one of the largest hair suppliers in Vietnam. Vietnam is a country with abundant human resources, young, dynamic. To capture this advantage, HairVN is building and training a team of skilled workers, dynamic and always creative in their work. We have a team of dedicated service, always ready to answer any questions of customers 24/24. So that, if you have any questions related to our products or want to order any our products, please contact us. We are very happy to serve you!

Moreover, we are wholesaler – one of the leading Keratin tip hair vendor in Vietnam, we will offer the factory price for you. Do not hesitate, please try owing a Keratin tip hair extensions. I think you do not disappointed about your decision.