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Top Secrets to buy hair online cheapest and worry-free from Vietnam

Buy hair online seems to be never easier but there're many risks from losing money to being cheated with bad quality products. In this article, HairVN would show you a top secret to be a wise man when you buy hair online with the best source - cheapest price and eliminate all the risks.

Nowadays, in a flat world, with the information abundant everywhere from Website, Google, Facebook, Alibaba and many other channels, that you can buy hair online seems to be never easier. But, everything has two faces. When it is convenient and effortless, there’re many risks from losing money to being cheated with bad quality products. In this article, HairVN would show you the top secret to be a wise man when you buy hair online with the best source – cheapest price and eliminate all the risks.

Step by Step to buy hair online

  1.     Research our price list and hair types
  2.     Chat/Email us for your requirement and get the consultation.
  3.     Make the agreement from both sides about hair types, price, payment, warranty and other terms, documents required, etc.
  4.     Invoice issued
  5.     Make payment – Send payment proof
  6.     Hair preparation
  7.     Hair packing and photo, clip making for customers
  8.     Tracking number
  9.     Receiving the hair
  10.     Make a feedback
  11.     Repeat order

At HairVN, step by step, we are professional to handle and follow up with your requirement at the fastest speed as possible.

The convenience and satisfaction of customers is our key to the development.

Whatsapp or call us now +84 973 777 132 for further information, and anything you want. We are here to answer.

Buy hair online from Manufacturer or from a trading company?

There are 2 types of companies who sell the hair online: Manufacturers (like us) and the Trading companies


Manufacturer and Trading company

The Hair Manufacturers:                     

Good points:

  1. The abundance of hair, the hair is always available with huge quantity for selection
  2. Best price/ Factory price -> Cut all the middleman and another commission fee
  3. Confident about the timeline of making hair

Not good point:

  1. Poor communication due to the manufacturer focus on producing hair, might not take care the small order/small customer in the best way. At HairVN, we are sure to support all customers, fast in responding and serving all types of order from small order, test order to very big one.

How to find them:

  1. Website online, Alibaba page, Facebook
  2. From other customers’ feedback and your friends’ suggestion
  3. Promotion and Business Chamber
  4. Advertisement
  5. Yellow page
Sources to find the hair vendor (and the best manufacturers)

The Hair Trading companies:

Good points:

  1. Fast and integrated into communication with customers
  2. Lots of promotion (not all cases, even manufacturers with good marketing team can do the same) – as they do the promotion or price reduction to let the customers feel that their services are nice.
  3. Lots of advertisements: As they are the trading agencies, many customers after using might realize the price and quality, they have to run lots of ads to keep on taking new customers

Bad points:

High price: They are the middlemen, they run ads to connect customers and factory, so the price hence will increase at a high or low level depends on the policy of those company. But, for sure, it is higher than a manufacturer’s price.


How to know if one was the trading company or manufacturer?


  •     Lots of photos updated with factories with their TRADENAME
  •     Always available for making a video call to show the factory real time
  •     Have only one location of factory or factory complex to show

   Trading companies:

  •     Can not show the photos with factory or just a corner of factory photos (as the broad photos might have the logo or number of a factory which different from the trading one)
  •     Can not show the real-time video call to show the factory as they are not there
  •     If you want to go to their factory, they will take you to many different factories (as they have worked with different factories) or each time different factories to be visited.
HairVN Factory and all offices, daily working days on real-time camera

Most important factors to find out the best vendor

Find a good reliable with best price vendor

  • As discussed above, it is suggested to buy from a manufacturer. They are big, with a huge amount of ready hair. No need to wait for a long time for hair preparation.
  • They are  a factory which settles down in one place, they rarely cheat customers as they can not hide and they never trade their fame their brand name for few amounts of money

A vendor who can make live call/ live photos for you

Should make a video call to make sure they are a real person working, to see the factory or at least to check their ability to explain clearly what you need in a fast way with the sample on the table.

My experiences: (Just the experience, I don’t mean to criticize any person, group or country): There’s vendor from Uttar Pradesh, India who connect to me to sell the hair, send me tons of photos with very low price list. When I call to check, it is a child to talk to me, yes, it is a child to chat, to consult and to convince me to buy the hair and send money.

Be wise on the internet, carefully find all information about one company and the person you talked with before sending money to anyone online. The risk is HIGH.

Making a live video call to let customers see the factory like they are here

A vendor who can show all certificates.

  • The professional hair vendor is the one who has worked in the industry for long and understand not only the hair but also the process of shipping the hair to other countries. If you are lucky, the customs and market policies will let your package to freely come to your door. In a bad day, just because of Fumigation documents to be lacked then the hair is prohibited, you lose the time, lose the chance and might lose the hair if the contract with a vendor is not clear and firm.
  • Some vendors might charge you for extra documents, but it is just 10-25 USD (depends on the types of documents). Some will free for you if your order is big enough. Always ask for this to make sure your hair safe and come to you after you pay
All documents are provided in each and every order

 A vendor who has the good feedback/ Portfolio

Of course, the hair supplier who has got the good feedback from customers will be a reliable choice. It is certain that the review and sharing ideas from the experienced one who already tried to use the service from that vendor will give you a broad view of the hair and services.

All feedback and customers review about HairVN online

Anyway, the fake (self-made) feedback or testimonial or we can say “seeding” member is common these days and easy to make, but you are wise enough to distinguish which one is true and which one is not. Besides, you can randomly trace back the personality of those members to find out who are they if it is possible. This method is really accurate in case the vendor is quite well known in the market or in the industry

Making a safe payment.

Most common types of online trading are

  1. Bank Payment (Wired Transfer)
  2. Western Union or Money Gram
  3. Paypal
  4. Cash
  5. Others: Escrow, AliExpress, L/C, …

Let me explain you the pros and cons of each and you might have an idea which one could be the most suitable for your case

Bank Payment:

Making bank payment by going to the bank or mobile banking

This method has many advantages: Clear, transparent. The vendor who provides you enough and detail information of bank payment means that they seriously and professionally in doing the business. If you have skills, you even can check the authority of the account owner. When you do the bank payment, it is also convenient for you, time-saving when you just make it online via bank website (portal) with few clicks.

The bank receipt (online or paper) should be kept carefully somewhere to use if there’s any doubt or problem. With the bank receipt, in case the vendors provide you the bad products or in the worst case, they don’t send hair you can use this as a strong proof to sue them or at least let them be in trouble with what they caused to you

The disadvantages for this: Take so much time! The fastest is around 2 working days, normally it would take 3-4 working days depends on the country and the bank you sent (we use one of the biggest banks in Vietnam, then thank it, quite convenient and time saving). In some case, it might take 5-7 days.

At almost countries, customers can do the bank payment directly, some countries (African countries) requires invoice only then the bank can release payment.

Western Union or Money Gram:

Western Union and Money Gram are super handy and convenient

By this method, customers simply come to any bank, submit money and write a receipt with full information provided by the seller. With the MTCN – Money Transfer Control Number with Western Union or Tracking number with Money Gram, the seller could immediately come to the bank to collect the money. Few minutes, and it is done!

The Money Transfer Control Number by Western Union
The Money Tracking Number by Money Gram is to send to the vendor after making payment


Super fast, and very convenience, no doubt that it must be the method love the most, as easy as taking money in the pocket.


Most of the disadvantages lying on the customer/buyer’s side. High risk and high expense, why – let me tell you now.

#1 High risk: As the senders have only the name and other basic information of the seller and the information is PERSONAL, then it is not a company or organization to easily make it a serious legal case when a problem happens.

That person could be anyone, if the vendor wanna do cheating on you, he or she can let his/her friend or neighbors, relative to be the one for money collecting from you, then the story will be even more complicated for you to prove that the money receiver and the man who sell you hair has some relationship. The money sending in WU or Money Gram is irrevisable,

The process of solving a problem in the case is really headache and time taking, then normally for few hundreds of dollar cases, the customers would give up in hurt and furious.

#2 High expense: Not all the country the WU and MG charge high, but generally it will be 5-50% higher than the bank transfer fee. It is quite certain as it is super fast compared to bank transfer, and the procedure of sending money is very easy too.

As you just read through, this method is quite risky, but it is no doubt that this method is super fast. In case, the testing sample order is just 200-500 USD value, and you REALLY TRUST the seller, you can use it. Everything has two faces, then don’t judge this method as being totally bad.

At HairVN, we have only one person to be the receiver, and his name is clearly mentioned in the Company Registration Document – Certified by Vietnamese Law and Legally be active. By this way, we wanna show the customers that we are the factory who always want the customers to be safe, to be worry-free and to be satisfied.

We provide only 1 person to receive WU and MG and this man legally be in the company registration form


Sound unreal? Yes, it is possible, How? I tell you now:

This method is completely possible if:

You have a friend, relative or someone you trust in Vietnam, this man will withdraw money from you and give us directly when we ship hair to you. It will be the best if this guy knows something about hair, then he will be very useful for checking the quality before sending hair to you.

You are living in this country: RUSSIA, GERMANY, THAILAND, NIGERIA, you can give money directly to our people living in the capital of those countries. At least, this way you send money to people who live in the same country with you, just a few to hundreds of miles away.

Cash for hair

Still better, feel much freely controlling money than sending to someone else in the different sphere half – million of miles away. One more point, money could be sent by that countries currency, mean what? Mean you no need to lose few amounts of money converting to USD when sending it directly to us. It will be not so small when you start to order more than 50kg per week from us 


Ideal method theoretically but not very amazing in practice

Thanks to Elon Musk who created Paypal pay since 2000. This paid acts as the middleman for a transaction between seller and buyer. You submit USD to Paypal wallet, transfer USD (online) to our wallet, then we withdraw money to our bank. Sound easy? Yes, that is how it works. But why it does not become the most common and dominant way to do payment, not only for hair selling but for all other online trading items.

The reasons are:

As being the middleman between customer and buyer, Paypal will charge from both sides: Hair seller and hair buyer. And this fee is not very elegant, believe me. This method is quite protective for buyers, but from the hair seller side, they have quite many problems like:

  1. Time to do money withdrawal to the local bank take tremendously long time, some cases take even to 10 working days. Yes, it is 10 working days, mean around 2 weeks. Imagine, for the high value of the order of around hundreds thousand dollars or more, how loss they have to face if the money stuck there for such a long time?
  2. In any argument issue, Paypal act so slowly, and the contacting with them is really difficult, they even don’t have a hotline for customers in many countries. So weird.
  3. The exchange rate is really bad. The exchange rate to local currency set by Paypal normally be 10-15% lower than in the local bank board rate. This means the sellers have a loss and they don’t prefer this method when they have to bear this quite unreasonably high rate loss. Some vendor plus 5-10% of the total value of payment who send via Paypal to recover this expense. Finally, the expense comes up to buyers.

The all above reasons, even this method seems to be an ideal way, but in practice, many vendors refuse to apply or apply with a low-value order or with the additional charge for total order value.

Update: Paypal sometimes set the limitation and issues withdrawal to account like below announcement, suddenly without advance informing. Frustrated!!!

Other methods:

Other than 3 main methods above, there is

Credit card:

The developing credit card payment gate from HairVN.com

Using your own card to pay via an online gate seems to be a fast and easy method. Behind it, the whole process is not very secured as you think. The website or not-very-trusted/ unclear pay gate could store and not-encrypt your information. Mean that, your credit card is obviously at risk to millions of hackers online. I know paying via credit card on eBay, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and many other online giant websites is extremely safe and secure.

For Hair industry, the portal is not as secure as those big gates. In addition, this way is quite complicated for the hair website maker, this is the reason why you don’t find the hair website or any other small entrepreneurs website attach the credit card payment gate in the website.

Besides, the hair industry is full of CUSTOMIZATION (from the length, color, smoothness, hair type, hair origin, bleach-able ability, etc…) cause many variations in the goods to make it possible to check out online. It is not just like an iPhone, choose your iPhone, variations are just color and storage capacity.


While this method is quite popular in bulky goods industry like Exporting steels, ores, agricultural products, fertilizer… as most of the goods are much lower value in the same weight compare to hair. It is almost no application for this method in hair industry worldwide (as I know). In HairVN, if customers reach to 100kg/month, we are willing to open L/C for your case and we have people to come directly to your factory/office together control the quality at the customer’s end.

Escrow, AliEpxress:

Escrow method

Widely used in Chinese mainland and not very popular outside China, those methods are warranted by Alibaba and be safe (somehow, be similar to Paypal with some more addition and better update) but it needs time to extend and become the worldwide method. Let’s wait and let’s see

AliPay is now very popular in China mainland but not worldwide


You might feel funny reading this to buy hair online with bitcoin. Actually, we few times do the transaction with customers using Crypto-currency, 1 with Ethereum and others with Bitcoin. It is super fast and super low transaction fee, it is the utmost advance method of the financial system of the human being. Using crypto to buy hair online were also very cool experiences. Hopefully, this method could become popular not only for hair but also for many aspects of the global commercial. On the view of technique man, I would review this for you. Chat directly me for more interesting information, not only for crypto fan 🙂

Bitcoin Hair


Tips for buy hair online

    Some questions to find out they are the factory or trading company

As mentioned and analyzed clearly the differences between a factory/ manufacturer and an agency/ trading company, There’re few questions which simply let you find out the most suitable one to fit your requirements:

  • Can you please show me your factory via photos as well as direct video calling?
  • If we are planning a trip to Vietnam for taking the hair, would you let me directly come to your factory and discuss with all people there (in case you have a translator, the thing could be very clear

Save shipping costs and avoid referendum with costumes

After choosing the best hair which suitable for your budget as well as the requirements from your clients, another story is how to ship it fast, safe and low-cost to your assigned destination. And would they willing to make the customization for packing to let you do your own brand and impress your customers?

Hair to be shipped worldwide from Vietnam

Let’s go one by one shipment method and choose your best one:

The Express carriers:

DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT and many other names in the international logistics industry would be the top choice for test order, a sampling which smaller than 20 – 30kg. The reasons are they professional, experience and the most important thing is it is very convenience. They provide tracking number then you can check the location of your hair parcel in real time at any moment.

Express carriers are perfect for small hair quantity

All are Door-to-door hair services, which means the carriers will have a man to pick-up hair from your vendor, bring it to their store and ship directly to your country and then another guy will deliver the hair directly to your doorstep. All you need to do is just waiting for your hair to come.

Normally it will take 3-5 working days (weekends are not counted) to complete the whole shipping process since the day the tracking number is provided. Sound simple, but the only disadvantages of this method is: High price. It is certain you trade the conveniences and effortlessness for the high price. This is why we recommend the small order such as test order, sampling or less than 30kg.

Air Cargo:

So what is the solution for the vendor who take 30kg, 50kg, 100kg, 500kg or even more?

The answer is to use Air Cargo where we – the vendor would directly bring the hair to the airport from original country (in this case, it is Vietnam). We will send via an airline which accepts parcel to your country. After 2-3 days as well (with the documents to receive), you will be informed by the carrier. Then you bring the copies of the documents required to acquire the hair parcel at the airport.

Air cargo – Complicated but Minimize your expense

By this method, you should have experiences with the procedures in the airport store, customs, and others side-work. This is not a new thing to the senior resellers or the factory guys, actually, you have to take the hair yourself from the airport. No man to deliver it to your door. There will be no scene that you just sit in your office and someone brings hair there, this would be done by yourself. But it saves cost, and help you to make more benefit or compete better with other companies or hair salons in your market. It’s worth.

With the ultimate idea served customers in the best manner, we always are ready for the air cargo method and always suggest this when they order the big quantity. Don’t worry, we will not charge more for the work of bringing hair from our factory to airport and prepare more complicated paperwork than the express carriers above. Just because the price we informed you is FOB price (learn more about Incoterm here). And thank for the fact that we are just a few kilometers away from the national airport.

Small and big orders are all hearted served by HairVN.com

Anyway, you might think about the method of bringing directly hair via the check-in luggage, that belongs to the part “Buy hair online directly in Vietnam – Buy hair offline” you can click in the link for more detail.

Documents Taxes and customs story

Hair shipping is filled with tons of documents

It will be a big mistake not to mention the documents required, taxes and customs. Your dream hair is approaching with your and your clients’ eagerness then you can not take it. Just because the documents required and customs take your hair parcel into red lane due to the lacking of required documents.

At HairVN, we eliminate all that doubts for customers as we have experienced work in most countries and continents, all customs habit and story we’ve ever passed by. We know which country which policy to suggest and prepare enough documents to give it along with the hair parcel. We would sit with you, patiently to solve any issues if there is until your hair is in your store. The normal documents required are Contracts, Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin (CO), Health issues certificate (as in many countries, hair is considered the living human parts), Sanitation certificate, Fumigation Certificate, etc…

No one happy pay extra money for the extra tax

We’ve heard many complaints from our customers that they USED To have to pay any tax on the customs. Because the wrong categories of hair listing or quite high value of hair are written in the Invoice. We don’t tell that one should avoid taxation to earn more. We just find the way that balance which you contribute up to the country regulation and still save your own expense.

By understanding the rules from the countries of customers, we directly suggest and ask the value of money you wanna write in the invoice at the SUITABLE value (mean it should not be too low or too high) to reduce the tax paid and still follow the regulation.

Reduce Tax legally

Don’t lose too much money off it, as no one happy pays extra money for the unawareness (whatever by you or by your vendor)


Well, you’ve passed nearly 4000 words information post. We do hope that you might have a deep inside the hair buying online, how to avoid risks and make it the most convenience and most benefit for your own business.

Once again, thank you for being with us till this line. HairVN always available for all of your queries, as we said, to serve customers in the best manner is our ultimate core value.

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