HairVN culture

The prestige hair vendor in the world

Providing the best quality of hair

As a big manufacturer, with more than 20 years of experience, HairVN can supply a large range of hair type. They are Raw, Bulk hair and Hair Extensions.

There are 4 types of Raw, Bulk hair include: Single Drawn Hair (Affordable hair), Double Drawn (Profitable Hair), Super Double Drawn, and Fullest hair (Same length)

Vietnamese Raw Bulk Hair in our factory

Hair extensions are more diverse include: Tip hair, Tape hair, Clip in hair, Weft hair and Closure hair.

All hair extension types

All hair types are Vietnamese human hair and Cambodian hair that cut off from women’s donors. The essence of hair is smooth and shiny, high bleaching ability.

Sharing the experience and hair technique

Every 2 years, we organize webinar and seminars to meet partners in the hair sectors. We can share the knowledge, skills, technique in producing and sale to find out the best way for the development.

A big business in the industry

Responsibility to the environment

We contribute well to protect the environment because we collect the hair cut off from women’s donors. So a large amount of shedding hair and hairball decrease every year. If this hair type is not processed, it becomes a huge trash in the environment.

Responsibility to the society

In addition, by running the business, HairVN can help people not in the local area but also for many workers who are ethnic. They can work and earn money to improve their daily life. Therefore the unemployment rate decreases each year.

Charity works

Every year, we often go to orphanages, nursing homes to give small gifts to them, help them feel more confident in life.