Vietnamese Double Drawn Hair

Distinguish Double Drawn and Single Drawn

Double Drawn Hair and Single Drawn are a popular term used in hair sector to distinguish each other hair type. Undergo the additional process, raw bulk hair become the complete double drawn bundle with the very high ratio of main hair inside. It is the most profitable type of your business and all end users also like to buy.

Vietnamese Double Drawn Hair – the best quality – wholesale price

As a prestige wholesaler, HairVN always targets to satisfy all customers. Therefore, we provide diversity hair types for clients over the world. Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair are always in stock, wait for shipping to your store.

Vietnamese Double Drawn Hair

Our collector team goes around to find out the beautiful long hair of Vietnamese woman. They are both professional collectors and hairstylist. After being cut off, hair is just washed with herbal shampoo and naturally get drying.

Prepare for exporting Vietnamese Double Drawn Hair

Long black hair and “Ao dai” – Vietnamese traditional costume are the symbol of Vietnam. Many Vietnamese women own long smooth and silky hair. They know the good way to care hair with a natural method, for example, they wash hair with herbal ingredient shampoo. They boil water with grapefruit, lemongrass to shampoo twice a week, so their hair is clean, strong and silk.

One more characteristic of Vietnamese hair is no tangle or shedding which attracts all salon, retail to buy a large amount of hair.

Cambodian Double Drawn Hair

Beside collecting Vietnamese hair, we also choose Cambodian hair as a sub hair type. With the different features, Cambodian hair makes gravitation for many partners, whose clients want to own shiny hair.

In Cambodia, women often wash hair with cold water and use a natural method to care hair. They are very careful in choosing shampoo and conditioners. Gene characteristics and natural conditions bring them natural wavy hair with black color that many customers dream about.

Tips for choosing the best Double Drawn Hair at the cheapest cost

All the information about the best quality of Double drawn hair you can easily search on Internet, but in fact, there are many sources of information so that you can not sure whether it is the best or not.

We are looking forward to co-operating with you

Where to find the best source?

In the large world, with the advantage of the development of technology, you only need to sit down on your sofa and search about HairVN. You can get the right information. With 20 years experience in manufacturing and exporting hair to all reseller, salon, and factory in the global market, Hairvn always assured the capability of providing a large amount of raw bulk double drawn hair. You will have no worry about the quality of all hair type because we achieved may international certificates.

Double Drawn Hair in the factory of HairVN

Customers feedback worldwide

If you are new customers, maybe you have doubt in our hair quality. But the truth, many our potential customers leave the feedback that our hair is really smooth, strong and easily treat like their real hair.

Customers from all over the world satisfaction

We always welcome all of you can come to visit our showroom in Bangkok, Thailand or our factory in Bac Ninh, Vietnam. You can directly test the hair quality and then fall in love with the diversity of Vietnamese hair type.

Tips for caring the best Double Drawn Hair

There are many useful tips to keep long last your hair extension, that mentioned by many golden bloggers, hairstylist, the experts in hair sector. For double drawn hair and any hair types from Vietnamese hair also need to follow these rules. Because the essence is 100% virgin human hair, so you can consider as your real hair to care it effectively.

Choosing the right comb

You need to notice in choosing the comb. The wide tooth comb is encouraged to use, it will not cause the shedding situation – the big problem for all women has weak thin hair. You shouldn’t comb the wet hair because it’s time for the weakest hair structure.

Choosing the right shampoo and conditioners

You should shampoo your hair with natural ingredients which is made from some plants such as grapefruit, lemongrass, coconut to ensure no damage to your hair.

Read all information in use direction of each product to avoid the skin irritation situation. There are many big brands you can be safe to use, Dove, Pantene, Tresame’, and so on.