Customer Review

The importance of customer’s feedback

It’s always nice to get good feedback from the clients. It’s great when we get positive feedback from a customer, special from clients of our customer.

We always work hard to make our customers happy, and we also aim to make the clients of our customers happy. Because we want your clients to enjoy the experience of using your service. We try to make it easy as possible for you to find what you’re looking for, to make contact, or make a purchase for the best hair quality.

Through many years, HairVN has delivered a large number of high quality of hair for many customers around the world, from hair salons, retailers, wholesalers, factories to end users. After each order, we received much feedback both positive and negative that is a big motivation for us to effort day by day.

Positive Feedback

Recently Ms. Hussan Lushdasia, a manager of a hair salon in Hungary sent an email to us. It started out asking about some hair types he was interested in, but then went on to say…

“First of all, I wanna say thank for kind support. I received 0.5 kg sample for Vietnamese thin hair last week. They have really nice hair quality!  I’ve convinced our customers to try and the results are dramatic! I noticed our hair salon really like your product after the first see. They wanna more.”

Feedback of Hungary customer

There are many new customers who want to change suppliers, and finally, they cooperate with us. Although we are a new supplier compared your perennial suppliers, the good quality of hair is the key to conquering your thought and belief.

As a result, we received the positive comment Ms. Sonia – a wholesaler hair in England: “I received my hair yesterday morning. I tested the hair. I really satisfied with the first sample order of weft and closure type. It’s very smooth and silk, exactly the hair I looking for.

In fact, we’re importing China simple drawn hair, the price is ok, and the quality is quite good. But we’d like to have more suppliers, and your esteemed company is really a good option.”

A positive feedback of customer in England

Negative Feedback

With a large number of customers around the world, HairVN cannot do everything perfectly. Besides many positive comments and feedback from friendly customers, we also received some negative feedback.

Mrs. Bana Mapalo from South Africa wrote an email for us to complain about the slow shipment: Firstly, I glad to notice that almost our customer have many positive feedbacks for Vietnamese double drawn hair. All of them wanna find out more products that are made by your hairstyle. However, my customers complain that shipment time is slow. So dear, please kindly help us to arrange the shipment earlier, about 2-3 days for each order. Because you know the latest order was in June, and if next shipment is in August or September, we certainly have nothing to sell and also have no word to explain to our clients.”

Feedback from a customer about the shipping time

To solve this problem, let give us a chance to discuss with our transport partner to improve the time shipping. For all next order from you, we will use the carrier shipping method to serve you. You and your client only stay at home and get the hair without having any problem with customs.

Besides, there are some other limitations that HairVN needs to your sympathy. That is the difference of Time Zone. It leads to the slowly reply compared with your thought.

We work hard to make our clients look good to their customers.

Customer’s Feedback is a big motivation of HairVN

Improve the hair types

Thanks to all comments and feedback from customers, HairVN knows about the diversity of customer’s needs and wants. Therefore, we will set up the new strategies to meet your requirements.

Testimonial from our customers around the world

Besides raw, bulk hair from virgin human hair, many customers want to own new stylish hair extensions with the new style of color. It is not only one simple color but also the combination of 3 tones in one bundle.

The 360 wig is the special order of this year. A number of customers order 360 wig increase so fast that we need to recruit more labors to make. In the next time, HairVN will ensure the more investment in technique and in trained workers for serving all customer’s requirements.

Improve the customer service

Along with the improvement of technique and labor workforce, HairVN also needs to improve the customer service. We will focus on developing the online purchase channel and off-line store for you freely come and test the hair quality.

Thank the negative feedback, we also release the necessity of improving the shipping method and payment method. Customer’s pleasure is always the most important factor for us to effort.

When doing anything,  that received the customer’s feedback is the great thing than anything else. It is the encouragement and motivation to improve more, effort more for the prosperous development in the future.