28 Inches Cambodian Straight Double Drawn Raw Hair

28 inches Cambodian straight double drawn raw hair is smooth and silky. It is one special hair raw in our factory because it is collected from Cambodian women's donors and moved to Vietnam to continue producing.

The traditional beauty of Cambodian women is their long, black and seek hair. Hence, Cambodian Remy hair is always a high-quality product. 28 inches Cambodian straight double drawn hair is a favorite product of our customers.

What is 28 inches Cambodian straight double drawn hair?

The origin

28 inches Cambodian double drawn hair is absolutely collected from Cambodia. Our collector team bought them from Cambodian women in the countryside. After that, the hairs are taken to our factory and then they are selected and cleaned carefully.

Next, the workers dried them and classified to make many kinds of hair products. 28 inches Cambodian straight double draw hair is one of those products. All of our hair product is Remy hair. We don’t use Non-Remy hair to make our categories.

Double drawn hair with high ratio of full hair

The characteristics

  • Length: 28 inches
  • Style: straight
  • Color: black or dark brown
  • 100% Remy human hair, not non-Remy hair or synthetic hair
  • Strong, smooth, soft and silky
  • Clean, no nits, no lice, no tangle, and specialized no shedding

Why choose 28 inches Cambodian straight double drawn hair in HairVN?

Easy to use

This hair product is 100% Remy human hair so it has all characteristics of natural hair, very strong and smooth. Because the natural color of hair is black or dark brown, you can dye to change color easily. Besides that, you can change your hairstyle without difficulty because of the straight hairstyle of this hair. You can take care of this hair like your natural hair.

Double drawn hair bundle

The best price in the market

HairVN is the best hair wholesaler in Vietnam. Every year we supply a large amount of hair to the market. We supply hair products to customers around the world. When you order our products, we will give you high-quality products at the best price. If you have any question, you can contact us through Zalo, Whatsapp, Viber or Gmail.

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