Virgin Hair from one donor Most original hair from Vietnam

Vietnamese virgin hair and the facts

People refer to virgin hair as the best hair for any purpose. It’s absolutely right as the hair is from only one donor, in the exact condition of a living hair.

As HairVN company is a big hair wholesaler and manufacturer in Vietnam. We supply not only raw bulk hair but also hair extensions to meet the demand of all customers over the world. Vietnamese virgin human hair is one in multi hairstyles that our collector team collected directly from a single donor.

Vietnamese-Virgin- human-hair
Vietnamese virgin human hair from HairVN

The features of Vietnamese Virgin hair

As the virgin human hair is selected by hand from one healthy Vietnamese donor. This hair is silky, soft, shiny and thin grain, no chemical, unprocessed, no tangle. This type is suitable to do hair extensions or making wigs. If you are salon, factory, the Vietnamese virgin human hair is the profitable source that you cannot refuse.

Renew the hairstyle from Virgin hair

Come to HairVN you can find ponytail hair with a variety of length from short to long and natural color: Black, GreyBlonde and many styles such as straight, wavy or curly. Virgin hair with all shape in each bundle: thin, thick, grey and curly hair. With the essence of 100% natural Vietnam human hair and natural color, you can restyle or change the color you like.

Virgin human hair – separated donor

Who should own virgin hair?

With a large amount of collected virgin hair, HairVN divided into two part. One part is used for next process – making hair extension shown in our display. All hair extension types such as machine weft, clip-in hair, lace closure are started from the virgin.

Although we are the leading wholesaler in Vietnam, we do not specialize in all hair type, so where the other part can go. And, the answer is that we provide for other wholesalers, factory to continue the particularistic process of making hair extension like 360 frontal or wig.

If you are a salon, factory, retailer the virgin hair will be the most beneficial hair type for your own business that still satisfies your clients.

The most prestige address to buy the good quality of Virgin hair

As mentioned HairVN is a big company with 20 years excellent in collecting and exporting all type of hair in the global market. We always sure the capacity of supplying the best quality of hair at the wholesale price.

Factory of HairVN

The largest wholesaler of virgin hair

With the strong and high skilled collector team, we can go around many villages in Vietnam to find out the long beautiful hair from Vietnamese woman, then rally in our factory to prepare for classifying process.

Besides the collecting process from Vietnamese women, we also come to Cambodia to collect their virgin human hair to diverse the hair type range.

Thank collector team, we can assemble a big quantity of virgin hair with high quality to serve the customers’ need.

All virgin hair with a wholesale price level

HairVN always featured the brand and the reputation of our customer. We published our price list – wholesale factory price list on the website. That is applied to all retailers, salon, wholesalers and end users worldwide.

Virgin hair from one donor

Customers can give feedback or reflect on the status of any sale agent does not follow the price list.

The enthusiasm staff 

Because our customer service department always serves you 24/24 with the enthusiasm and thoughtful. Thus, whenever you want, let make a call, you will receive the satisfaction.