20 Inches Vietnamese Straight Thin (Baby) Hair

Vietnamese Smooth Thin (Baby) Hair Remy is rare. If you are seeking a good material for your hair extensions, thin hair is a suitable choice. With 100% Vietnamese hair, smooth, shiny and strong strand structure, you will immediately want to own. Because the scarce of the thin (baby) hair, we have to

Vietnamese straight thin (baby) hair is the best kind of Vietnamese hair. Wholesalers, hair salons, and resellers are so interested in thin hair. However, it is very rare.

Vietnamese thin hair – raw, bulk hair in our factory

HairVN factory with a large staff is always ready to serve all customer requirements at any time and anywhere. Our goal is to give our customers the best hairstyle and best service. Come to us, every woman can have the most beautiful hair. At the same time, the factories will find the best and cheapest hair source. But firstly, let find a reason why Vietnamese baby hair is so rare.

Vietnamese thin hair- The source decide the quality

The origin of Vietnamese thin (baby) hair

As you know, baby hair is the best kind of Vietnamese hair. Vietnam is a developing country in Southeast Asia. The climate of Vietnam is hot and humid, with heavy rains that make the hair of the Vietnamese not too dry. Therefore, Vietnamese hair is long, silky and shiny.

Besides, Vietnamese women take care of hair a lot. Getting a smooth and shiny hair is the pride of a girl. In the past, Vietnamese lady used natural aromatherapy and shampoos to clean their hair and nourish their hair.

Long thin hair – baby hair for making hair extensions

Nowadays, that tradition is preserved. In many parts of Vietnam, to protect their hair healthy, the ladies restrict the use of chemicals to styling or dying their hair. So, when you touch their hair, you will feel their hair as soft as silk.

In addition, Vietnamese thin hair is selected from the hair of young lady donors who are from 7 to 15 years old. So their hair is soft, smooth, strong, very favored. Moreover, Vietnamese parents don’t want their children exposed to many hair chemicals. They always keep their kids far from it.  So normally, young lady’s hair is natural.

The special characteristics of Vietnamese thin hair

Apart from that, baby hair is collected from the hair of young lady, baby hair has a lot of special characteristics that make many customers interested.

Firstly, thin hair is 100% Remy hair. As you know, in wigs market, there are many kinds of wigs like nylon hair or Remy hair. Using nylon hairs, you will feel hot, itchy, and uncomfortable. Conversely, hair t is easy to style, comfortable and protects the environment.

A bundle of smooth and silky thin hair

Secondly, Vietnamese baby hair is provided by HairVn. HairVN has a lot of the professional and skilled staff. They are involved in the selection, cleaning, and drying of hair. All production steps are hand-made carefully. All of the small hair that causes itching is completely removed.

Finally, Vietnamese straight baby hair is carefully cleaned with shampoo and dried naturally. Finally, thin hair is carefully cleaned with shampoo and dried naturally so it doesn’t have lice and fungi. In addition, there are many factories demand baby hair, but it’s very rare and precious. We cannot provide enough all of the demand. It’s a reason why thin (baby) hair is so high.

Vietnamese straight thin (baby) hair- The service decide the brand

As you know, there are many factories that provide baby hair. What reason makes HairVN special?

5 Facts about HairVN

#1: 80% of our customers is wholesalers, hair salons, and resellers to demand Vietnamese thin hair. We provide a large of drawn Remy hairs to produce wigs and hairs extension like simply drawn hair, double drawn hair, super double drawn hair, weft hair, clip in hair, lace closure….

#2: HairVN encourages customers to come to the factory to check the production process and product quality. We are always ready to assist with transportation, hotel when customs need.

#3: Your inquiry will always be answered within 2 hours

#4: 90% of our customers want to continue to cooperate with us after the first order.

#5: We have 20 years of experience in the hair industry. Besides that, we always focus on human factors. We participate in many social activities to protect the environment and take care of orphans.

The special order of a wholesaler in United State

HairVN- The famous Vietnamese brand

With 20 years of experience in the hair industry, HairVN is proud to be one of the largest factories that provide 100% human hair in Southeast Asia. We have a cornucopia hair source in Vietnam and Cambodia. HairVN offers customers the best price and service. Let come with us.