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Top Guides to travel and buy hair in Vietnam

You've ever wondered how to make a good plan to come to Vietnam and buy the best hair from best vendor. Avoid all risks, all trouble, all misunderstanding which can destroy your trip. These are some top guides which can let you to make a trip not only for buying hair but also for exploring the culture of Vietnam

More than buying hair, it is the experiences

In the previous instruction, I’ve clearly explained all the aspects of how to buy hair online, the way to avoid all risks and maximize the benefit by minimizing the unwanted expense.

It’s no doubt that the internet really makes the world flat, you can buy hair from the man you’ve never met before. But it will be the best to come directly to the factory, see with your eyes all the process from A to Z how the hair vendor prepare hair for you, select each and every hair pieces, test all hair strand before put it into your case and bring it with you for the whole journey to your home.

It is obvious the perfect way to buy the high-value things and complicated item like hair. In addition, traveling to another country like Vietnam, you have chances to see the living people understand more about the country and the fact about the hair which you can read only on the internet or heard it from somewhere. You can feel it, experience it yourself, it is for sure would be much more interesting event than just buying hair with the mouse clicking.

In this post, we will list all the steps which customers starting from making a plan to go to pack the hair to your suitcase and sit in the airplane seats waiting for the plane to take off

Step by step buying hair


Making a good plan

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”. The most important factor for everything is to make a perfect plan before the start. If you make a good plan for your very first trip to Vietnam to buy hair, the next coming time to Vietnam or other countries will be much easier.

Make a good plan will bring you to success in any aspect

First, you need to understand clearly about:

  • The hair type which you need (types, budget, quantity)
  • The vendor list you will visit (it will be the best if you once took the sample from some vendors to make the work there be more effective)
  • Detail plan of every day (which day to do what) this you can list into the excel sheet file. Can take the help from google map to estimate the travel time and order of visiting. You can surely inform HairVN about your trip, we will be the one who makes the suggestion for you, prepare the visa invitation letter and other need documents, we can pick you up at the airport. Give you some good hotel to choose and help you with the booking here. You can easily visit our store first as we are just 15km away from the airport (You can check it here).
We pick up you at the airport and take care for the trip
  • All about money carrying, shipping (if shipping via check-in luggage, you should understand about the limitation of the airport and extra paying fee to consider and balance your budget), you are staying here as well as traveling (HairVN offers you a car with good driver during your staying here).
Lunch to discuss about hair and enjoy Vietnamese food
  • And some good sightseeing spots to help you spend spare time to waiting for your hair to be prepared and customized at the factory. Once again, HairVN assigns ladies to guide you to the best Vietnamese culture and landscape to enjoy not only the best hair but also the best services. You can enjoy and experience the friendship and the beauty of Vietnamese people, and, trust me, you will easily fall in love with this green country.
Carefully select each and every hair piece to your suitcase

What to do during the waiting time

Normally, an ordinary trip will take 5-7 days: 1-2 days to visit factories and discuss most detail about the requirements, 2-5 days to wait for our factory to prepare your hair (normally with 3 days we could prepare up to 200-300kg hair order), 1-2 days to enjoy or solve the sudden issues if any. During the preparing hair, some careful customers can stay 1-2 days with our worker to observe directly how their hair be prepared. Some who regularly visit us or understand clearly about the hair from us can freely travel to enjoy the beauty of this country. Some suggestion could be:

1-2 days: Around Hanoi capital (the museum, the ethnic people lifestyle, some most famous pagodas like one pillar pagoda or Vietnamese Great Church built by French. Hanoi Opera House, Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, Sword Lake and many others location inside the city willfully let you understand our culture and lifestyle. In the evening, you can enjoy the nightlife, if you are active and like the party, there are many bars with full of Western guys for you to let your days here hot and sweating.

Vietnam – the country for beautiful hair and culture

2-4 days: The mountainous area like Sapa or the highest mountain of SouthEast Asia. Halong bay – one of the Seven Nature World Wonders or many beautiful islands are waiting for you. If you are the famous book “The Lonely Planet” reader, you must know about the famous of those locations. HairVN promises you we would arrange you an unforgettable journey to make your trip meaningful and you might say more about your days here than the hair you bought 😀

Enjoy moment in Vietnam

P/S: Even during your traveling, we are still in touch and you can 24/7 real-time check our store working labors via the camera shared by us.

Most useful information for customers

In case you want to see the lists of good hotel recommendation which safe and convenient for staying here and visit the store, Please connect directly (we are building a trustable list and public it soon)

For more detail about Vietnamese hair and Vietnam travel, let feel free to connect us and ask us any question. We are here to serve you, and let your buying hair in Vietnam be one of your best experiences.

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