The most popular and beautiful long hairstyles 2018

If you are lucky enough to have long hair, take some time to learn how to take care of long hair so that the hair is always beautiful and try to make some beautiful long hairstyles to be more modern and fashional. Today, we will find out some hot trend of hairstyles can help you become a beautiful girl quickly.

The image of a long smooth hair always impressed with the others. But long hair naturally seems too boring to modern girls. Along with HairVN find out some most beautiful long hairstyles in 2018 for gentle girls but no fewer personalities.

The beautiful long hairstyles that are expected to be hot trend 2018

The smooth long straight hair

Do not think this is the obsolete hair, in fact, straight hair is gradually becoming the trend of beautiful long hairstyles in 2018. In addition, long straight hair will smooth the face and can hide the weakness of the cheek. Therefore, not to say that the smooth long straight hair is the hair for square and round face. In order to increase the personality and modernity, you can dye your hair color or bright colors.

The long straight hair is so beautiful

Curly long hair

If you like romance, curly hairstyles with big bundles will suit you well. You can choose a warm dye instead of bright highlights, combined with a thin bang to add saltiness to the face. Curly long hair is the top choice of hairstyles for the girls. Curly long hair is the hot trend of beautiful long hairstyles in 2018.

The curly long hair is never out of the trend

Long hair with the curly tail

Variated from the natural straight hairstyle to long hair with the curly tail will give you a simple and gentle beauty. Besides, this style will help you feel confident and show your personality in public.

A long hair with the gentle curly tail

Horizontal long hair

Instead of straightening the full of hair, your long hair will be trimmed into different layers. Thanks to this pruning, the hair will be more gentle. After pruning your hair, you will wiggle your hair in different lengths. And by this pruning, the hair will have short curls on the shoulders that look beautiful. This is one of the most beautiful long hairstyles you should try once.

Another long hairstyle is also a hot trend

How to take care of a long hair

You should not wash as much as you do once a day, as this will not help your hair to get better and damage your hair due to exposure to chemical shampoos.

To beautify your hair, shampooing is not enough because healthy hair requires more intensive care. When the hair is dry, it is the lack of nutrients. To quickly get soft hair, intensive weekly hair care is essential. If the economy allows you to go to the salon to massage and steam your hair periodically 1-2 times a week.

The combs made of animal hair brush the hair strands, while combs from nylon fibers do not stick, do not roughen the lock.

To dry your hair properly, you should only use a towel to pat your hair. In addition, you can dry your hair by hand or dryer.

If the hair is too tangled, it is time to cut the hair. You should trim your hair once a month to help remove the tops.