The hot hairstyles for the round face 2018 and never out of the hot trend

If you do not carefully choose the right hairstyle, your face becomes very large, not balanced with the body and loses your natural beauty charm. We will share to you some hairstyles that are the hot trend hairstyles for the round face.

Finding a beautiful hairstyle for a round face does not only help you feel more confident when communicating but also to point with your lover every day. Do you know how to change your hair to get a new beautiful hair? Let’s try some hair examples of hairstyles for the round face below!

The hot hairstyles for the round face 2018

Short Bob hair

The short bob is the most popular female hairstyle. They not only fit all facial expressions but importantly it has all kinds of variations to decorate the lines as well as overcome the many disadvantages on your faces. It is evaluated that is one of the most beautiful hairstyles for the round face.

But this is not suitable for all people, bob hair is just really beautiful when flexed. So, it’s not for the thin hair and thin face, long face. Making this style with thin hair is not only very difficult, but your hair is very short.

Short bob hair is a really hot trend hairstyle for a round face

Curly tail hair

Straight hair, but with a round face, this style will make your face inert and slightly hard. To harmonize, curl your curls so that they cling to the natural curves of your face. Certainly, you will feel softer, more relaxed. This is why it becomes a hot trend hairstyle for the round face.

Curly tail hair is one of the best hairstyles for a round face

Stratified hair

The right style is not enough, every girl needs to be combined with other types of bangs such as flat bang, thin bang, slanted bang,… to look more fit and feminine face! In general terms, a stratified hairstyle can make your face look a lot more compact. A lot of girls really love this one, so it is ỏn of the best hairstyles for the round face.

The most special thing about it is that it can cover the weak points on the face to the total. Facial look more harmonious. Not only the girls have round face, others with a forehead slightly higher, this style like a savior!

Short hair for small round faces

Long bang hair

Long hair is quite picky but it can not be denied that this type of hair is very luxurious and look you in much more seductive and mature. One of the things that makes long hair so popular, but few people realize that it has so many styling options, you can brush it to the left, flip it to the right or in the middle. Its flexibility and nature are to have the effect of hiding defects on the face in the most optimal way! And you can choose this hairstyle as one of the most hairstyles for the round face.

It’s so beautiful hairstyle and never out of the hot trend

Thin bang hair

The flat bang is one of the hairstyles emerging in recent years. This hairstyle is derived from Korean idols, who use the bang as a tool to make the face more lovely, covering the angles of the face. Of course, anything has two sides, which makes girls afraid of this type of roof is that it is easy to get stuck.

But you can easily fix this with dry shampoo, or chalk. Just lovely and young, covering the cheeks is unnecessary. And this one is also considered as a hot trend of hairstyles for the round face. It is worth to invest and try, is not it?

This hairstyle will help you to look younger and more lovely

The tips to take care of hair every day

  • Keep your hair and scalp clean
  • Do not change your hairstyle too much.
  • You can also do hair styling, but remember to consult your hair stylist about the suitability of the chemical with your hair and scalp.
  • Should use hair care products such as conditioners, lotions, hair mask,…
  • Adding minerals and vitamins to the body through meals every day.