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Some techniques to take care of long hairstyles to be strong and smooth

You can own a long hair but not sure how to take care of long hairstyles in the most reasonable way. Is a professional provider of large Vietnamese hair, with the understanding of the hair, including long hair, HairVN will share to you some techniques to take care of long hair in the best way

Besides the shape or a beautiful skin, a long hair is an attraction that helps you can attract the others of your beauty. A beautiful long hair will help you be more confident and shine everywhere and every time. However, one situation is that after cutting, the hair is usually very long. So in this post, HairVN will share to you some tips to take care of long hairstyles in order to get a strong and smooth long hair.

How to take care of long hairstyles?

Using shampoo reasonably

You should not be too lazy because your dirty hair will not look good and make your hair difficult to brush, more broken. The frequency of shampoo should be 2-3 times a week. Of course, you should not wash as much as you do once a day, as this will not help your hair to get better and damage your hair due to exposure to chemical shampoos.

Should using shampoos reasonably

Hair care weekly

To beautify your hair, shampooing is not enough to take care of long hairstyles because healthy hair requires more intensive care. When the hair is dry, it is the lack of nutrients. To quickly get soft hair, intensive weekly hair care is essential.

If the economy allows you to go to the salon to massage and steam your hair periodically 1-2 times a week. Or else, you can take care of your own hair by creating natural masks such as coconut oil, olive oil, egg yolk … to make your hair a week at home.

Using some natural materials to take care of long hair

Choosing comb to brush the hair

Making a choice of how to buy a suitable comb is also a problem needs attention to take care of long hairstyles. When wet your hair should not be combed with a closed tooth comb, but use the bristles teeth will result in better results.

In addition, combs of mixed hair also help you protect your hair from friction. The combs made of animal hair brush the hair strands, while combs from nylon fibers do not stick, do not roughen the lock.

Carefully in choosing a comb

Dry properly

Long hair care that many women do not know that when and how to dry hair. Many of you always have the habit of wrapping and rubbing your hair with a dry towel. However, this little thought works more harm than good. It will remove the nutrients in your hair and easily break your hair. To dry your hair properly, you should only use a towel to pat your hair. In addition, you can dry your hair by hand or dryer.

Drying hair is a very important stage to take care of long hair


Did you know, the long hair requires frequent pruning? If the hair is too tangled, it is time to cut the hair. You should trim your hair once a month to help remove the tops. This not only minimizes the hair follicle but also stimulates your hair to grow faster and shinier. This is an important tip to take care of long hairstyles.

Long hair should be cut monthly

Some long hairstyles you should try

  • The smooth long straight hair
  • Curly long hair
  • Long hair with the curly tail
  • Horizontal long hair.