Tape Remover

Tape Remover and the usage

What is tape remover?

Tape Remover is the solution to remove tape roll out your natural hair or wash the glue on your hair. Usually, it useful for tape hair and wig hair. It completely removes glue out natural the most simple way and make tape roll out the hair, avoids adhesive tape damaging the hair or the root hair.

Tape Remover in HairVN

How to apply this solution in hair extensions

It is used when we need to remove residual glue after using a sticky wig or tape hair. We only need to put the solution in where we want to remove tape roll of hair extensions, wait 2 minutes and wipe clean with a tissue or tissue paper. Then, you only wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.

You should attend that tape remover is easy to fire, contain ethyl – acetate. So that, you should keep it away from electrical sparks, high temperatures, or open the lid when the fire is near.  You should avoid it away from the reach of children, should try for the skin on your hands to see if your hands occur allergy, you will not use it for your scalp.

Tape remover in HairVN

The high quality of tape remover

HairVN is the wholesaler, we have the relationship with many foreign partners in the world. We specialize import these solutions from the US, Australia, French. So that, we ensure this high-quality solution for all customers. We sell this solution with wholesale price, mainly serve our potential customers such as factory partner, salon, resell, etc.

Using tape remover to remove tape hair extensions

The diversity of tape remover

This our solution is diversity about shapes, volume or the color of the solution. We have the solution with the color yellow, green, blue, etc depend on the kind of tape roll you want to remove. This solution is usually put in the bottle with other volumes including 100 ml, 200 ml, 300 ml, etc. You can easy to select the kind of the solution that suitable with your scalp.

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