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Tape In Human Hair Extensions, Top 1 Quality – Factory Price

All people in the world are always researching the hairstyle extension types with the characteristic as shiny, silky and strongly and HairVN do that. You know, Vietnamese women hair is very strong, healthy and smooth. So that the material of tape in hair extensions in HairVN is Vietnam Remy human hair.

HairVN ensure to support 100% Vietnam human hair for you, we produce most of tape in hairstyle extensions with natural color hair or different colors following customer requirement such as #1b, #1, #2, #4, #6, #8, #10, #12, #14, #16, #18, #20, #22, #24, #27, #30, #60, #613, #99j, red, etc. Come to HairVN, you will gain many benefits from customer care to products quality and attractive promotions.

Tape in human hair extensions

Tape in hair extensions and the usage

Where do vendors collect Tape in human hair extensions from?

Vietnamese tape in human hair extensions is Remy hair with high quality, is processed and produced to create tape in hair extensions by skilled workers. The workers in Hairvn will proceed to collect and classify all of Remy hair into hair kinds with different hair quality such as Single Drawn hair, Double Drawn hair, Super Double Drawn hair, Fullest hair. And Super Double Drawn hair, Fullest hair is main material of tape in hair extensions.

Characteristic of Tape in hair extensions

Tape in hair extensions is produced from 100% natural human hair, no chemical, no shedding, without lice, nits, insect. Tape in hair in hairVN is always silky, strongly, smooth and float because all material that HairVN use to produce the tape in hair are Vietnamese women hair. You know, the essence of Vietnamese women hair is very smooth, soft and health due to Vietnamese women know how to take care of their hair well, they do not use chemical shampoo, they only wash their hair with natural material like locust, lemon leaves, lemon peel, etc, so that their hair is always long, odorous and natural beauty. Besides, the cuticle of the tape in hair are kept intact and run in the same direction, ensure your hair look natural as yours and mine.

Color tape in hair extensions

How to take care of tape in hair extensions

Tape in hair extensions like other hairstyle extensions has a shelf life and a lifespan of hair. For your hair to last longer, how to take care of hair extensions is the key. So, you can refer some information about the ways care tape in human hair extensions.

Using the right caring tape in hair extension products

Each hairstyle has certain characteristics and lifespan, so using the right caring hair extension products for each type is essential to make your hair healthier and more floating. You should use the shampoo and conditioner that only dedicated for tape in hair order to it can support full nutrition for your hair.

Limiting and avoiding to use some hairdressers machines, hair dryer

You know, using some hairdressers machines and hairdryer many times will make your tape in hair extensions dryer, your hair become tangle, shedding and decrease the lifetime of hair. So that, you should comb hair before wash your hair and let your hair dry naturally, it will help your hair to become smoother, more shiny and stronger.

Beauty tape in human hair extensions of HairVN

Purchase high-quality tape in hair with Factory price

The best quality of tape in human hair extensions in hairVN

Beside the best price, quality of tape in hair extensions is the top goal of our company. HairVN is one of the leading wholesale suppliers in Vietnam. We are at the top about the quality of hair extension products in hair market in Vietnam. Tape in hair extensions is made to a high standard, always have skilled workers monitoring and controlling the quality of all processes.

HairVN – the top price for tape in hair extensions

Vietnamese hair company is the leading wholesale suppliers in Vietnam. So that, it can compete on price with other companies. HairVN has the abundant labor force, our labor resource has knowledge about hair quite good, therefore, our work performance is very high although we mainly manual labor, less use of machinery. Besides, we are the wholesaler, we can support hair with factory price for customers.

Staffs of HairVN are hard-working

 Service and specification of tape in human hair extensions

We always have incentives, policies for familiar customers and potential customers. We have enthusiastic staff, welcome customers when coming to Vietnam to buy our hair products. They dedicated service from the stage of receiving orders to the stage of creating final products, always inform customers about the preparation time and always have clips and photo products with the name of the customer before shipment in order to ensure that customers always feel safe and satisfied with our hair extension products.

Moreover, we are one of the companies having the best service in Vietnam. We have a team very dynamic, enthusiastic, young, ready answer any questions of customer 24/24. If you find any errors in our hair, we have the policy of exchange products or reimbursement, refunded to you.