Super Double Drawn Hair

What is Vietnamese Super Double Drawn Hair?

Super Double drawn hair is the virgin hair cut off from healthy Vietnamese donor then it undergoes an additional process. The team of high skill workers will handly remove short hair from the virgin bulk hair to make a full bundle with the thickness almost same from tip to top.

Super double drawn hair – the most common order for years.

Vietnamese super double drawn hair is evaluated as the hot trend order of salon, reseller, and many factories. This hair type has many noticeable characteristics that no one can refuse owning it. Let take your precious time to read this post written by HairVN, you will get much useful knowledge, and have your own answer.

The advantage of Super Double Drawn Hair

As removed almost short hair inside bulk in the first stage, so the top and the bottom equal thickness. The ratio of long hair is the same, the weight per bundle is heavier than the single drawn hair. This makes your hair thicker and silky. Having a full thick hair also means that you are a healthy and energetic person, confident to do many things you want.

Super Double Drawn Hair – the good quality at wholesale price

HairVN is the leading hair wholesaler in Vietnam. We always provide the best quality with 100% Vietnamese human hair, clean, no nits, no lice, especial no shedding.

All hairstyles can be made

In a special occasion or new season, besides shop more accessories such as clothes, shoes, etc, you also need to own a new hair. Have you ever wonder whether spend money to buy a new hair extension or change into the new style without any anxiety?

If you really own any hair type from HairVN, you never have to worry anything. Because the most outstanding characteristic of Vietnamese hair is easy treatment. With the essence is real human hair, you can freely to change hairstyle if you want.

With 100% human hair, you can treat Vietnamese hair extension like your real hair, for example, straighten, iron or curly. Moreover, Vietnamese double drawn hair is able to bleach and dye into your favorite color. The utilize color can be dye is #8,  you can be a loyal fan of the color hair.

The diversity of hair type from HairVN

Vietnamese Super Double Drawn vs Cambodian Super Double Drawn Hair

Vietnamese super double drawn and Cambodian super double drawn are keywords used frequently to compare the different quality of the hair extension, but if you are completely new to hair extensions, you may be a little dubious about what these actually mean.

Super Double Drawn Hair has the ratio of main long hair reached 85%-90%, so the thickness is almost same. So the shape of each bundle can be beautiful from top to bottom. Super Double drawn hair is pretty equivalent in thickness, so need a smaller volume to make a full bundle. The density of Super Double drawn is not spare as in the Single, so you need to pay more for owning the better quality type.

If you have clients who want to improve the thicker hair, Super Double drawn is the best choice. More money you invest, more return you can get from this commercial sector.

Vietnamese women hairstyle – the young and active stylist

Vietnamese Super Double Drawn Hair and its features

With the prior of climate, Vietnam has the tropical monsoon that makes hair always smooth and silk. Moreover, Vietnamese women are very careful in health care, especial in hair care. Most of the collected quantity is long black straight hair and other is naturally wavy. You will own the strong, smooth and silky hair without worry of shedding or tangle.

Cambodian Super Double Drawn Hair and the advantages

In ancient times, Cambodian women preferred long, slick black hair, as it honored their beauty. From a young age, they have learned how to take care. The good climatic conditions make Cambodian woman’s hair soft, shiny and natural black.

The hair care habits of Cambodian are careful and regular. They often wash their hair with cold water and herbal shampoo. We travel to Cambodia each month to carefully collect hair. That is the reason why we always have beautiful bundles of virgin human hair for sale to our dear customers.

Cambodian hairstyle – Beauty of Peace

Choose your suitable hair type

People said that Cambodian hair is coarse and thick while Vietnamese hair is strong, silky and smooth. Let come to HairVN you will directly test both hair types by yourself.

Vietnamese and Cambodian Super Double Drawn Hair Best Factory in Vietnam since 1998

Long history company in the industry

With 20 years experience in manufacturing and exporting both Vietnamese Hair and Cambodian hair for retailers, wholesalers, and salons over the world. HairVN always provides the best hair quality that tested and achieved many international certificates of quality.

Skilled workers from HairVN system to collect and store tons of Vietnamese and Cambodian hair

Factory price as customers buy directly from the factory

As one of the big vendors in hair sector, we always provide the best quality of product and sure the right price for all agent over the world. We welcome all of you can come to visit our factory and showroom to directly touch and test the quality of hair before making a good decision to own our hair or become our partner.