Cambodian Single Drawn Hair – 100% Remy hair with cheapest price

What is Cambodian single drawn hair?

The single drawn hair and how to make it

Workers with many years of experience will collect virgin human hair from around the village. After selecting the best quality bundles of different women, the hair will bring back to the factory. All the workers at the factory are experienced and very hard working. In a bundle of single drawn hair are 50% of the full length hair and the remaining 50% variety length of the hair.

How is single drawn hair different from other hair types?

We have a variety of products such as single drawn, double drawn, super double drawn and fullest tip to top. All our hair types are of the same quality, all natural hair, no chemicals, no synthetic fibers. But all types of hair are different in thickness, you can look at the product directly through our video. Single drawn hair is a popular hair product on the market and price lower in the market because of less work involved in processing and manufacturing. If you compare single drawn hair with double drawn hair, you will notice that the single drawn hair is thinner. When holding single drawn hair in your hand, you will notice less hair on the tail than double drawn hair.

The quality of the single drawn hair is exactly the same as the other hair types

Many customers think that single drawings are cheaper so the quality is not good. We affirm the quality of all hair types are the same and natural virgin hair.

Virgin Human Hair

Our virgin hairs are cut on the hair of different women. We supply all kinds of Cambodian and Vietnamese virgin human hair. When the hair grows on the scalp, it will develop different lengths between the hairs and on average a month, the hair will grow between 1 and 1.5 centimeters. In addition, women who spend a lot of time caring for their hair, when you own a virgin hair is a great thing.

Why is single drawn hair the best choice?

As we know the amount of hair on a head have different growth rates, so inevitably have short hair or long hair. Single drawn hair is always the best choice because all customers who use it will feel very comfortable. On the other hand, single drawn is cheaper than other types of hair because it does not take long to process. Using single drawn hair makes you feel cool especially when the weather is hot. Single drawn hair is also very easy in the process of cleaning your hair, you do not take too much time for hair care. It’s not too thick and it always gives you the most pleasant feeling.

Cambodian & Vietnam Human Hair

Same quality and best price

There are some customers who find our single drawn hair is cheap, they are worried about the quality of the product is not good. Some other customers think that other types of hair have higher prices and better quality. But we always want all our customers to know that all types of hair are of the same quality. The price of a single drawn hair is cheaper because a bunch of hair has short hair and long hair, the rate of hair split with a variety of hair length has been conventionally available.

100% Cambodian human hair

The price of our products is always the best compared to other competitors. If you do not believe in that, you can do a mathematical comparison of the fullest hair price between two different manufacturers. There are some manufacturers that sell single drawn hair at a very low price. You also need to look at it because there are too many short hairs in the bundle. There are many customers using our single drawn hair products and they are always praising for the quality of the product.

Best price for salon, factory, resellers

Manufacturers or salons need to buy single-drawn hair because the price is right for their customers. It is difficult to buy good quality hair that is cheap like single drawn hair. As other types of hair often take a lot of time in the production process should be higher prices. Manufacturers or salon owners often purchase large amounts of orders so they often refer to the prices of many different hair suppliers.

A corner of HairVn – The leading hair wholesaler in Viet Nam

They are always looking for suppliers who have the best quality, best price, and best service. We advise customers to buy the first order of 0.5 to 2 kilograms to check the quality of the product and then buy the next order in large quantities. We do not have any profit for the first order because of the high cost of delivery. But we will get the trust of all customers when using sample orders and satisfaction. The price of our company is best because it is direct from the producer to the consumer, not through intermediaries.

Suggestion for best address to buy Vietnamese single drawn hair

Now there are so many countries provide single drawn hair, so you can easily find out the wholesale hair. Because of that, the market is upside down. There are many hair suppliers with no brand, no prestige, they are scammers. Phishers have a great way of talking and stealing pictures of hair products of the genuine hair suppliers. With genuine hair providers like HairVN, we call live video to customers to help them see the product live. Before the delivery, we also videotape very carefully with the name of the customer because during the delivery may be swindled by the bad guy. If customers have the opportunity to visit Vietnam, you can make an appointment. The company’s person will directly to the airport pick you up and invite you to visit our factory. If you need advice on choosing attractive tourist attractions or good services, we would be happy to give you ideas. HairVN is always the best choice for you, we provide good quality of Vietnam and Cambodian virgin hair.

Cambodian virgin human hair

 Why should you buy from the largest seller?

If you buy hair from a small hair supplier, you will not get the amount you want and they do not have much experience. When buying virgin hair, you should choose the big brands and have years of experience in the field of hair export. Big hair suppliers like HairVN can provide you with large orders, and you will be able to choose the type of hair you want because we are always available. Small-scale hair manufacturers cannot survive long in the market because they do not have much experience and cannot meet the growing market demand.

Warranty of the supplier HairVN

We have over 20 years of development experience in the hair field. One of the reasons we thrive today is the good product warranty policy. You know, Alibaba is the largest international trade channel in the world, and we have been in Alibaba for a long time. We have good product warranty policy so there are many potential customers on Alibaba. We are committed to the quality of our products purely virgin hair. We sell a lot of big orders in all countries around the world. We also provide hair for other exporters in our country. If you buy someone in our country, it may be our hair product. We always follow the warranty policy that we have set. Prior to shipment, we will video carefully to help customers view their orders directly. If we make a mistake, we will pay all shipping costs.

Good service customers

Currently, HairVN is building a chain of hair advertising channels on all social networking sites. Our aim is to look for potential customers all over the world, we want to provide the best quality and best price. We are also very interested in customer service.

Our customers visit the factory

We always have the staff always ready to answer all customer questions even if customers just want to refer to the product. Honestly, we are the manufacturer so sometimes customer service is not as good as replying to slow customer messages. Besides, we need to get the sympathy of all our customers because the time zone between countries is not the same. Sometimes, there are some customers who think we do not respect them because the message response process is slow but in fact, it is our night. We always thank the trust and love of customers with our products. In the near future, we will build better customer service to satisfy all our customers.

 Buy Cambodian Single Drawn hair from Vietnam

Cambodian and Vietnamese virgin human hair is always the best choice for you. As you know Cambodian women always know how to take care of their hair best. They do not use chemicals for their hair, they usually only use herbs such as grapefruit oil, coconut oil, olive oil.

Herbs used for hair care

In Cambodian climate is very good for the development of hair so the Cambodian woman’s hair is very beautiful and soft. It can be said that Cambodian and Vietnamese virgin hair is the most smooth hair in the world.