Bulk Hair

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Bulk hair is a term used in the hair extension industry, referring to bundles of hair that are not attached to a weft. Human hair bulk in HairVietNam is made from 100% human hair that is carefully selected.

Bulk hair is popular because it provides versatility in creating custom hair extensions or weaving into natural hair to add length, volume, and texture. It can be used to create a range of styles, from subtle and natural-looking extensions to bold and dramatic looks.

Whether you are a hairstylist or an individual looking to experiment with different hairstyles and hair extensions, bulk hair can be a great option to achieve your desired look. With a variety of materials, textures, and colors available, bulk hair provides a cost-effective and versatile way to achieve the hair look you desire.

Currently, HairVietnam is one of the leading distributors of high-quality bulk hair with the best prices on the market and a wide range of diverse products.