Lace Closure Remy Human Hair Extensions 13×4 inches

Lace Closure Remy Human Hair Extensions 13x4 inches is smooth, strong and shiny. We specialize support to all kinds of lace closure with different sizes and hairstyles such as wavy lace closure, curly lace closure, brown color lace closure, etc. We also supply lace closure with high quality and factory price.

As you know, HairVN Lace Closure Remy Human Hair Extensions is one of the biggest collectors in Vietnam about virgin human hair and Remy human hair. And we are also the leading wholesale supplier in Vietnam. After many years, we always ensure the best price, service, and quality hair including lace closure Remy human hair extensions. If you worry about your hair too short or your head is balded, now please eliminate your thoughts, try to own our lace closure hairstyle extensions. You will not disappoint with your decision. With the goal of attracting and increasing potential customers, we truth that we will be your trusted partner.

All base size and styles for Vietnamese Lace Closure

The superiority of lace closure Remy human hair extensions

The source of lace closure Remy human hair extensions

For those of you not familiar with the hair sector, you will probably wonder about the origin of our hair types or how do you produce lace closure Remy hair extensions? With the person who already owns our hair, you know the raw material to create lace closure hair extensions is Remy hair. We have a team that has trained with high professionals to collect all types of hair with high quality for production.

Vietnamese hair is very smooth, slick and strong because Vietnamese women are always know how to take care of their hair. They only use natural flavors for shampoos such as lemongrass leaves, lemon peel, locust, etc. And they less use chemical shampoo and conditioner. Besides, they have the reasonable diet, ensure healthily and developing well of hair. So that, our original of lace closure Remy human hair extensions have good quality, smooth, beauty like your real hair.

The material to make lace closure hair extensions

Characteristic of lace closure Remy human hair extensions

Come to HairVN, you can easily choose a lace closure hair extensions, we support many hairstyles for you. This hair contains many different lengths such as lace closure 2×4 inches, lace closure 4×4 inches, lace closure 13×4 inches, lace closure 360, etc. With the girl who owns too short hair, less hair or baldness a part of the head, this hair is the smart choice. We supply lace closure Remy human hair extensions according to customer options such as curly hair, wavy hair, straight hair, color hair, etc. Do not hesitate, please try to own a lace closure hair extensions suitable for your face, I think you will not feel disappointed about your decisions.

Color lace closure human hair extensions

Why do you like Vietnamese lace closure hair extensions?

The best customer care service for lace closure hair extensions

Come to HairVN, you will experience the perfect service with professional customer care team. We have built and opened training classes about all kind of Vietnamese hair, hair extensions for employees. We also apply for our customer many policies about competitive strategies for price, service, and quality of lace closure Remy human hair extensions products.

Producing lace closure human hair extensions in HairVN

Lace closure hair extensions of HairVN – the leading wholesale supplier in Vietnam

We have been developing and expanding the hair extension products to become No 1 hair export company in Vietnam. We have a team of skilled workers to produce lace closure hair extensions. The material we provide to you is completely 100% human hair, not mixed with synthetic hair or fur animal.

Besides, we have a hair factory, which is a competitive element of our price. Come to HairVN, you do not have to worry about high prices or bad quality. We always ensure lace closure hair extensions with the best quality and reasonable price for you.

General description of lace closure Remy human hair extensions

  • Name of product: Lace Closure Remy Human Hair Extensions 13×4 inches
  • Material: Remy human hair with high quality that cut from Vietnamese girls
  • Specificity: Unprocessed, without nits, lice, insect, no short hair inside, no chemical, no shedding, always smooth and strong
  • Color: natural color, other colors are available
  • Style: Straight hair, wavy hair, and curly hair is available or hairstyle following to customer’s request
  • Length: 13×4 inches, available other sizes
  • Shipping through UPS/FedEx/DHL or Cargo carrier from 3 working days to 7 working days
  • Long lasting 1 to 2 years if you care your hair very well
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