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Natural straight hair from Vietnam


Straight hair is enough cuticle layers, healthy, smooth and glowing.

Natural straight hair is always fascinating to look at them. Isn’t it easy to buy and maintain those? With Hairvietnam experts, it seems to be an easy question to answer. Yet, there are a lot of factors to examine before choosing. The hair strands may be thin or thick. Read all the methods and tricks below you’ll have your answer to protect those gorgeous, shiny hair.


1. What is natural straight hair?

a. Definition texture 101

Type 1 hair is called natural straight hair, doesn’t have a curl pattern, is dazzling, and has a smooth feel. It holds and reflects light the best yet includes the least quantity of hair. Beautiful hair requires more time and effort to grow than other hair types.

Without heat using before processing, it remains straight until the finish. For virgin hair, we use one donor’s hair. Besides, raw hair is hair from two to three donors. Throughout the procedure, all cuticles must be aligned and undamaged. Dyeing and recoloring are also possibilities.

Straight hair seems greasier, flat from the root to the tip.

b. Is natural straight hair good?

Type 1 hair is defined as flat from the root to the tip and stays perfectly straight as it dries. The strands enable your scalp’s natural oils to go along the hair shaft from base to end. And because there is no curl in the hair, oil goes down more quickly and seems greasier. Yet it will cover and protect hair well and shiny.

The ability of hair to keep a style is another thing about its structure. Fine natural straight hair is often fragile and does not keep curls properly. The medium one is reasonably simple to style and holds its form for an extended length of time. Thick hair, so, may keep curls nicely. They can be easy to change due to their structure but still suppleness. Due to the various purpose, customers buy this texture frequently.


2. Best natural straight hair bundles

a. What is the best bundle hair type?

Super double drawn quality

Double drawn quality Single drawn quality
Length 6” – 32” 6” – 32” 8” – 28”
Price From $12 – upper $100 per 100gr From $11 – upper $100 per 100gr From $11 – upper $70 per 100gr
Quality Best quality Fine quality Medium quality
Fullness 80% same length, 20% short strands 70% same length, 30% short strands 60% same length, 40% short strands

The average lifespan of Vietnamese hair is 3 to 5 years. The super double-drawn bundle describes the thickest hair bundle. Approximately 80% of hair strands are even in length to give a realistic and natural look. 70% of the hair strands in the double-drawn bundle are the same length, while in the single-drawn bundle is 60%.

Single-drawn natural straight hair is the least expensive. Doubled-drawn hair being in the middle, and super double-drawn bundle being the highest. Because of the medium cost, double-drawn hair is more common and widely used.

Straight hair with various length and quality.

b. Which color is best for natural straight hair?

  • Natural traight hair #1b color: Natural hair color or #1b colors is dark and the most common of all human hair colors globally. This color is the most common hair color in Africa and Asia. It is considerably thicker than other hair colors. Natural hair color has no reflections other than its primary hue.
  • Natural straight hair dyed: Colors are great for boosting the appearance of natural straight hair. They provide a smooth, soft color to your hair to make it seem fuller and more vivid. We sell plenty of colored hair, such as gold, ash, chocolate, or other vibrant colors. These hair colors provide a shine to your hair and skin. Every hair color is two shades lighter or darker than natural skin tone is proper for everybody.

Straight hair with vibrant colors provides a shine to skin.

  • Natural straight hair blond color: Blond hair color is due to the absence of other pigments. Blond hair is the most common hair color in Europe. This hair is a fantastic option for those who like Paris Hilton’s hair color. When mixing this color with other dark tones, we can create the look of different ombre blonde hair. Check out our whole range of blonde hair!

c. What type of hair is natural straight hair?

  • Type 1A (fine): Type 1A hair is present in the first type, completely straight, fine stem-to-tip hair. People have it once in a blue moon. This hair type is ultra-soft, very smooth, silky, and shiny. Many people think this hair is beautiful while hard to maintain the curl. The features of type 1a hair make it simple to manage, with no dryness, frizz, or coarse hair. Caring for your silky hair doesn’t have to be extreme.

Use hair conditioners from the mid-shafts to the ends for more effectiveness. That will prevent the roots from getting oily while yet keeping them moist. Choose a lightweight hair spray if you want to keep your hairdo in place for a lengthy period. But, there may be times when you want to use heat styling tools to add waves and curls to your hair. With natural straight hair, you don’t want to heat your curling iron as much as possible. Because of the increased heat, you will suffer more heat damage than your fine hair can tolerate. Don’t shatter it! A powerful heat protectant can safeguard your delicate strands from intense heat.

  • Type 1B (medium): Type 1B has a thicker body one-and-a-half times than Type 1A. Because of more volume, it’s less flat, easier to handle, and more bouncy than type 1A, too. Type 1B is capable of holding a curl, while type 1A is not. Instead of being completely straight, Type 1B has a slight bend at the ends. The majority of women with natural straight hair will most likely have this hair type.

Type 1b hair is a straightforward concept. As a result, its advantages can overcome even any issues with the right products. Use hydrating your hair tips to prevent split ends. To avoid the excess product from accumulating on your hair, use half a pump. Combining it with a wide-tooth comb is the perfect combination for removing tangles. We recommend avoiding hot tools regularly and changing your hair color very seldom.

  • Type 1C (coarse): Type 1C is generally straight, with a body like 1B, but a few waves throughout the length. This hair type has thicker, coarser strands that may hold a curl. Type 1C may also be dried naturally with an untidy look. This thick hair feature belongs to the third group and is typical of many people.


3. Tips and tricks

Straight hair is one of the best texture.
Hairvietnam factory’s goal is to provide wholesalers all around the globe with the opportunity to satisfy their clients with the best hair.

a. What should you not do with natural straight hair?

  • Natural straight hair is one of the best texture kinds. To preserve the natural shine, avoid utilizing a hard-bristle comb. Keep note of the thickness of your teeth and avoid tugging on your hair. Coarse teeth are very damaging to wet hair when used after towel rubbing.
  • Avoid using ammonia-based hair dye, which causes dry, brittle, and broken ends. If you want to color your hair without uneven hair color, have a professional do it.
  • An over-tight headband is terrible for the elasticity of your hair.

b. How to maintain natural straight hair?

  • It’s worth keeping your high-end hair in good condition. Use a mild hair conditioner having good nutrition after you’ve washed your hair.
  • Natural straight hair is not thick, so you must use specific shampoo and conditioner to get voluminous hair.
  • Before styling your hair, ensure that your hair dries completely. You can apply dry shampoo to your roots to absorb excess oil.

In conclusion

Although this texture has less stylistic, it has appealing characteristics. One of the best aspects of them is their length and strength. The sebum helps hair with fewer split ends and breakage, well elasticity. Natural straight hair can tolerate rigorous brushing, braiding, or styling. It has a mirror’s gleaming look, more reflective, smoother, and shinier.

The Hairvietnam factory is located in Bac Ninh city, Vietnam.

The Hairvietnam factory is located in Bac Ninh city and is a significant player in high-quality hair supplying. It is a great thing when a passion and a career companion. To discover natural straight hair wholesale prices, contact the Hairvietnam factory right now!



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