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Hair is an important part of every human being, especially for women, it shows their personality. In addition, having a beautiful hair will help us have a more confident appearance, attracting the eyes of others. So we can buy wigs to have a better look. Therefore, we also need to carefully choose the hair quality as well as the size, length closure to suit for our face.

Human hair closure
                                                                   Human hair closure

What is the closure?

A closure is a hair piece that is usually made of lace or silk. Normally, lace is more favorite than silk. The hair piece is attached to a cornrow base and secured around the perimeter so as to protect your hair and help you to use human hair extensions. 

Why should we need hair closures?

Natural feeling: Wearing hair closures gives you a natural feeling, not like you are wearing a wig. This helps you feel comfortable and confident at any time.

Protecting your hair and head skin: Protecting your hair and head skin: Your hair is fully braided and protected with a woven cap. Using a lace closures allows your hair to avoid daily high temperatures and product damage. It is firmly attached to your natural hair so you can use the hair size according to your preference long or short.

A variety of texture: A variety of texture: There are a lot of closure texture suits for each type of hair. Therefore, you do not need to worry whether your hair and the hair extensions will blend together. So you can choose the texture that suits you best.

Breathability for your hair: You know, women who wear lace wigs and sew-in hair extensions feel too hot and comfortable, so this is the best choice for us when using human virgin hair.

Hairvietnam Closure
                                                          Hairvietnam Closure

What are lace and silk bases?

When choosing hair closures, you can choose between lace and silk materials. There are advocates for both types, although lace is the far more popular and common choice. Lace closures are much thinner than silk closures. So they lie flatter on your head, making the “line of demarcation” (where your scalp ends and the closure begin) much less obvious. However, most lace bases need to be bleached so that they match the color of your scalp. Because not many companies will do this step for you, some people prefer silk closures over lace ones since silk closures don’t have to be bleached. Additionally, silk closures look much more natural and similar to your hair, but because they aren’t as thin, they won’t lie flat on your head and can look bad unless they are properly sealed in the front. The major downside of silk closures is that they are much more expensive than lace closures.

Size of lace Closures, silk-based Closures, Full lace Closures and Silk-Based Frontal Closures

Lace closures

Lace closures are an excellent way to give your hair a break from the challenges that can accompany wearing a weave with a leave-out style.   Lace closures have hair that is attached to a lace base. At an estimated sizing of 4 x 4, these closures are small. They are often placed at the top of your head to generate a more natural look which is extremely important. The great thing about a lace closure is that it shields your hair from environmental elements such as heat, excess hair product use, and everyday styling practices.  Lace closures allow you to part your hair in a variety of ways within the confines of the lace. The kind of closure are below:

Lace Closures
                                                                       Lace Closures

Silk-based Closures

Silk-based closures also come in a 4×4 size. These closures resemble skin and have hairs that are attached to a silk base. They are available in a lighter color and darker color. This characteristic may require you to perform a bit of tinting to achieve the right color by either using tea bags or another tinting tool. These closures do not always lay as flat as the lace closure, but they deliver a look that rivals a natural scalp. They allow for parting,and you do not have to worry about having to add fabric beneath.

Full Lace Closures

Full Lace Closures are also known as Full lace frontals. They are useful when you are looking to create a new hairline from ear to ear. Imagine a piece that is 13 x 4 or 13 x 6. These dimensions and design are particularly beneficial to women who are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair and are therefore looking to replace their hairline with something more natural.

These pieces are particularly useful for sew-ins as they can help to give you a more natural look. Unlike silk or monofilament pieces, lace lies flat, closer to your hairline or scalp, helping to shield you from scrutinizing eyes of your hairstyle.

If you have an itchy scalp, lace closures may not be the way to go as excessive scratching can cause the lace to shed over time. Also, they receive a fair amount of criticism for showing bumps and visibility of their gridlines without bleaching or concealing them.

Vietnam Lace Closures
                                                          Vietnam Lace Closures

Silk-Based Frontal Closures

Silk-based Frontals also come in a 13×4 and 13×6 sizes. These Silk Frontal just like the Silk Closure resembles the skin and have hairs that are attached to a silk base. They are available in a lighter color and darker color. This characteristic may require you to perform a bit of tinting to achieve the right color by either using tea bags or another tinting tool. These Frontals do not always lay as flat as the lace Frontal, but they deliver a look that rivals a natural scalp. Silk Frontal allows for parting, and you do not have to worry about having to add fabric beneath.

Closure length chart

The hair closure is from 8-30″ in length. If the hair is from 8-18″, it needs 2-3 hair bundles to form the hair. It requires 4 hair bundles to generate a 20-30″ closure. But it comes to the question” Should I get all my bundles the same length.” It’s all up to you. if you are a long-haired girl, you can choose the same length bundles to create a closure. It matches your natural locks perfectly.

How to Pick The Right Length of The Closure?

Depend on your preferences

People tend to ask “what length closure should I get” when buying a hair extension. We think you should ask yourself first. You love traditional or modern hairstyles. You prefer short hair or long hair. The length of closure is depending on your preferences, on how you want it looks like. You want to possess a hair 16″, 18″, or 24″, tell the hair vendor. If your numbers don’t work with any of the standardized hair lengths, just send the detail to Layla, we ensure to customize the length to your need.

A Closure from Vietnam hair supplier
                           A Closure from Vietnam hair supplier

How to install a closure

Here are the standard steps to installing a closure. 

The first step is that braid your hair down so that the closure can lay flat. You want your closure to lay down as flat as possible to create a natural look. 

The next step is probably the most important. You want to make sure your closure is secure. If your closure is on a wig, you can secure it down with straps or even glue it down with some  glue gel. If you are doing a sew-in you, want to sew down your closure. Keep in mind that you can also tape down or glue down your closure.

You can use a closure in both a sew-in and a wig. When installing I highly recommend that you sew the closure tightly down to ensure security. Before applying any other hair to your sew-in first sew in the closure. The same goes for when you are creating a wig with a closure. This will allow you an accurate amount of space to work with. This is very important because if done the other way around you may end up not having enough space to sew down your closure. This will also ensure that the closure lays down flat.

The next step is adding the remaining tracks to your wig or sew-in. You can do this before or after customizing your sew-in.

Once you have sewn in your closure to your braids or your wig head, it is now time for customization. The first step in customizing your closure is cutting the lace. You can cut the lace straight off or cut it to fit your hairline.

Now, this step is optional, but you can pluck the closure along the hairline or even along the part. Lastly, you may want to use a concealer or foundation to tint the lace to match your skin tone.

*If you are using a lace closure make sure to bleach the knots before doing any of these steps to achieve the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

# Should I get closure?

If you want to protect your hair and don’t want to deal with having to maintain your leave out then closure is for you!

# How long do closures last?

How long closure will last really depends on how well you maintain it plus the quality. A quality closure should be able to last pretty long especially with proper maintenance. Make sure to follow our maintenance tips listed earlier in the article.

# What are the dimensions of a closure?

While the dimensions can vary, closures usually come in dimensions of 4″ x 5″ or 4″ x 4″ or 4″ x 3.5″ or 5″ x 5″.


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