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Vietnamese hair has become popular in recent times. Vietnamese hair extensions was well-known about its beautifully amazing texture. If you are caring about the Vietnamese hair market, you don’t skip our post. Today, topics we want to share with you is the top 4 famous brands of hair suppliers in Vietnam. With this article, We can be easy to choose the suitable hair vendor for your demands or your company.

1.Hair Vietnam

Hairvietnam is established in 1990 with many years of experience in the field of hair production. This is one of the prestigious brand that exports to many foreign countries with a variety of products (bone straight hair, curly & wavy hair, natural straight hair, Frontal hair, human hair extensions). The company continuously try to improve products every day, every month, every year to  meet any client’s demand. Besides, the business also invests new machines and hire additional employee to increase its productivity.

The hairvietnam Factory
                                                                   The hairvietnam Factory

In more than 20 years, the corporation always tries the best to bring absolute satisfaction for the clients. Compare to the companies, the hairvietnam is the first hair factory in Vietnam to supply 100% pure Vietnamese high-quality wigs, sideburns, wavy hair, lace wigs and human lace wigs to wholesalers. hair all over the world, including Brazil, Dubai, Russia, America, and Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, etc.

About the price of the hairvietnam products, they are reasonable and compared with with other companies.

About the products:

+ a wide range of colors: Red, violet, orange, blue, dark green, yellow, light orange,..

+ a variety of size: any size you need, the hairvietnam can supply for you.

Some hair styles of the hairvietnam

Shipping: fast and safe. This is a primary criteria that the company always put on top to increase customer’s satisfaction.

You can see some product through the website: or contact directly company staff by whatsapp to support you:


Mr Davis (Boss): +84 367811999

Mr Anne: +84 83 920 4555

Ms Lisa: +84 38 885 2421

Ms Ella: +84 38 544 1857

Ms Nana: +84 84 755 4081

Ms Jade :+84 33 472 6342

2.Apohair Company

Apohair is a leading hair extension supplier, UK, and widely in other European countries. It offer the hair industry a professional, reliable and consistent source of luxury hair extensions, hair pieces and clip in hair extensions. It stock a great selection of essential hair extension tools and equipment. You also can become a Apohair trade account or stockist today.

Apohair has undoubtedly become one of the most sought-after hair extension brands in the UK. Its products are consistently used by celebrity stylists and worn by celebrities. One thing is for sure, the Apohair hair range will have your clients looking red carpet ready.

Some hair styles of the hairvietnam
                                                                                      Some hair styles of the hairvietnam

3. Vietnam hair company: McSara Company

MCSARA is one of the Vietnamese leading companies which exports various types of Vietnamese people’s hair with foreign customers all over world. Dealing only with 100% Natural Human hair, especially from Vietnamese women having long hair without being processed or soaked in chemical substance, our products keep their softness and smoothness and meet the demands of customers from some traditional markets comprising Brazil, Mexico, India, etc. In company’s new campaign of seeking new customers from the USA and EU, now we are starting negotiations with various international partners.

Understanding the importance of hair’s beauty to people, the company is trying to promote Vietnamese people’s beauty to the global as well as ensuring products’ quality for customers.

Hairvietnam curly hair
                                             Hairvietnam curly hair

4.Vietnamese hair company: Queen hair

Queen Hair Ltd. is 100% committed to meet the quality of standard products when customers receive them specializes in supplying and manufacturing wigs with all products made from real hair. With initial chartered capital of 100000 USD as well as professional, qualified team. Every month the company always receives high-value orders from customers thanks to the prestige and quality of the product.

Queen hairhair

With the company, products that do not meet the required quality will be evaluated and absolutely not delivered to customers, we will not make a profit selling poor quality products in order to losing our reputation as well as losing our brand.

Human vietnam hair
Human vietnam hair

5.Mic Hair – a luxury hair vendors in Vietnam

Mic Hair has been established for 10 years as one of the well-reviewed raw Vietnamese hair vendors.

Product: these Vietnamese hair vendors in Vietnam has multiple colors like black, red… and thickness like single drawn, double drawn…

Return policy: within 30 days

Payment method: Visa, Master Card, Paypal

Customer service: 24/7

Human hair extensions
                                                  Human hair extensions

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