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The hair market is a developing and potential over the world, especially Africa countries such as: Cameroon, Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana, etc. There are a lot of successful sellers through investing hair industry. If you want to do hair business, you can see some big hair suppliers like Vietnamese hair factory, India hair factory, China hair factory to start. Also, you are considering to change hair suppliers to achieve high quality with reasonable price. We believe that Vietnamese hair vendors is the best choice for you. Why do we say that? Let’s learn about that together.

1.Some outstanding characteristics of Vietnamese human hair

Origin of Vietnamese human hair

Vietnamese hair factories is raw hair collected from 100% Vietnam healthy women at the age of 18 to 35. Especially, Most of these people live the mountainous region that have the quite cold climate. Therefore, their hair is not affected by the sunlight, this makes it stronger and durable when you use it.

You know, they also usually take care of their hair by herbal shampoo, conditioner to have hair healthier. This is reason why Vietnamese hair vendors are always confident to bring customers the best quality and the most interesting experience.

Based on the thickness of hair quality, divided into 3 grades: single drawn hair, double drawn hair, and super double drawn.

Origin of Vietnamese human hair
                                             Origin of Vietnamese human hair

High quality

Vietnamese  virgin hair is typically “straight, with very round and thick fibers with a high level of black melanin.”  This is rather important to know when you need bleach or dyeing Viet Nam hair.

Human hair extensions has a natural black color, a smooth and strong appearance, so it is very popular in Africa, especially in Nigeria. Many people are concerned about the quality of remy hairs, but as far as we’ve seen Vietnam remy hair reviews, the quality is very much appreciated.

Hairvietnam extensions
                                 Hairvietnam extensions

Vietnamese hair is very strong and durable because it is cared for with natural products and has not been treated with chemicals before. In addition, ong lengths of Vietnamese hair (up to 30 inch) are also available.

Reasonable price

  • Vietnamese hair factories have experienced for many years, so they can optimize the production process and reduce costs
  • Low labor expenses: Vietnam’s population is 97.3 million people and he current labor force is around 58 million people. Therefore, there is a benefit for sellers over the world.
  • Logistics: Vietnam’s transportation system is increasingly perfected and developed. Besides, Vietnam has borders with many countries such as China, Cambodia… so it is very convenient for transporting hair both by land and by sea.
    Human hair extensions
                                     Human hair extensions

     2.Some types of Vietnamese hair classification you should know

The origin of hair: Vietnamese raw hair has 2 main types: virgin and remy hair.

Vietnamese virgin hair is cut from only one donor. The hair is guaranteed to be fresh and never processed before. This type of hair extension is quite popular among hairdressers since it is great for bleaching, dyeing, and styling, as it is the most flexible and the only type of raw Vietnamese hair to be bleached to the brightest possible hair color.

Vietnamese remy hair is collected from 2 or more donors. The hair is also intact and unprocessed. It is also guaranteed to be uniform in direction. Therefore, the quality is good.

human hair wigs
                                      Human hair wigs

3.Some benefits of buying Vietnamese hair vendors

Save Money

Hair Vietnam companies usually own factories and low labor expense. So, customers can buy hair at reasonable price.


Super easy to maintain Vietnam hair extension. You only need wash and blow dry hair everyday. Wear it out and wash it. Be careful when you wash, avoid tangling. Very easy to maintain and you will last hair longer.

Natural hair

We supply natural vietnamese hair which is 100% natural real human hair. Also, we use natural method that uses no chemicals or tools to make hair. This will help save your heath, no damage to your real hair.

Easy to remove

Remove weft extensions instantly using our coconut bond remover. All natural weft hair slide right out. No tangling or residue left.

Wear Vietnam hair extension on the morning when you go to work and take it out when you come back home. That is very easy which any one also can do.

 virgin hair Vietnam
                                        Virgin hair Vietnam

4. How to find a trustworthy Vietnamese human hair factory

You can follow some ways later to find a reliable Vietnam human hair supplier.

Find Vietnam human hair supplier at website on Google. You can view the results, compare pricing, and read what others are saying about it. Because your website has a significant client base and traffic, top un-sponsored results are typically worth checking out.

Example: Hair Vietnam website:

Find Vietnam human hair supplier on eCommerce website like Amazon, Shopify, and Alibaba

Find Vietnam human hair supplier through social media. Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are among the most prominent social media sites in Vietnam, you may discover a plethora of Vietnam human hair supplier there. More photographs and videos of their items may be seen on their social media site.

Find a Vietnam human hair supplier through networking. You may receive more than just nominations for a good Vietnam human hair supplier; you may also receive personal advice on how to operate a hair company from an experienced businesswoman.

Hairvietnam Factory
                                              Hairvietnam Factory


Mr Davis (Boss): +84 367811999

Mr Anne: +84 83 920 4555

Ms Lisa: +84 38 885 2421

Ms Ella: +84 38 544 1857

Ms Nana: +84 84 755 4081

Ms Jade :+84 33 472 6342

5.How to buy Vietnamese hair products from The Hairvietnam

Hairvietnam is established in 1990 with many years of experience in the field of hair production. This business provides a great variety of hair products in multiple colors, textures, and styles. Compare to the companies, the hair Vietnam is the first hair factory in Vietnam to supply 100% pure Vietnamese high-quality wigs, sideburns, wavy hair, lace wigs, and human lace wigs to wholesalers. hair all over the world, including Brazil, Dubai, Russia, America and Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, etc.). Also, the company’s website is easy for customers to find suitable products. People can look for additional information and contact them at:

+ website:

+ Facebook: Hairvietnam Factory

+ Instagram: hairvietnam.factory

+ Whatsapp:

Human hair extensions
                              Human hair extensions

6. Positive feedbacks about the hair Vietnam

HairVietnam- Vietnamese hair review

This is one of the prestigious brand that exports to many foreign countries with a variety of products (bone straight hair, curly & wavy hair, natural straight hair, Frontal hair, human hair extensions)

Company provides 24-hour customer service to help you solve your problems.

Furthermore, they provide substantial discounts to consumers who have big order more than 3 kilogram.

Hairvietnam feedback
                     Hairvietnam feedback

Beequeenhair – Vietnamese hair review

Beequeenhair is a rising brand with ambitions to expand into foreign markets.

They offer a variety of products in separate lengths, hues, textures, and thicknesses.

The brand emphasizes delivering 100% Remy hair from 100%Vietnamese ladies. In general, this indicates that quality will not be compromised.

They have a good customer service and support center.

Hairvietnam Feedback 2
                           Hairvietnam Feedback

Jen hair – Vietnamese hair review

Jen Hair is also a reputable hair supplier in Vietnam that you can refer to. Main products of Jen Hair: Ombre hair extensions, Curly wavy, weft straight hair, 360 lace frontal closure, wigs, …

Hairvietnam Feedback
                                 Hairvietnam Feedback


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