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Girls and women have hairstyles to choose for their head, may be their real hair or weaves or wigs, depending on one’s preference. There are a variety of beauty items to meet user’s needs. Body wave hair and loose wave hair are two  popular types in manufacturing stunning wigs or weaves. These hair are made by human and synthetic hair, women love human hair wigs.  If you want to try these hair, you can read the following information to understand to decide the one to pick.

Photo: Body wave hair and loose wave hair
                                Photo: Body wave hair and loose wave hair

1.What is loose wave hair?

Body wave hair is a kind of hair weave that usually has huge loose curls. Loose wave hair are especially great for anyone wanting an easy, everyday look with minimal styling time. We can have a natural appearance with this hair. That is the reason why lots of women choose to use it.

Loose wave hair is also fluffier than most hairpieces available in the market today. When you have this hair on your head, it will bounce like your natural hair. The hair is naturally thick and doesn’t split on the ends.

Loose wave hair is of high quality and is very shiny. You can color it as you wish, and this does not affect its clearly defined curls. It is also good to know that this hair does not require styling tools. Also, experts discourage women from bleaching loose wave hair.

Photo: Loose wave hair
                                                       Photo: Loose wave hair

Features of loose wave hair

  • Curls that flow in different directions
  • Larger and tighter curls compared to body wave hair
  • Made from 100% human hair
  • The luster varies from high to medium.
  • A more defined curl pattern.

Pros and Cons of loose wave hair

Pros of loose wave hair

  • High-quality hair
  • Looks very shiny
  • Can be colored
  • Features defined curls
  • Doesn’t demand any additional styling tools

Cons of loose wave hair

  • It should’d be bleached on your own.

2. What is the body wave hair?

With a body wave style, there is a deep “s” pattern on the entire human hair bundle. The hair is usually shiny and brings an interesting feel as you wear. It easily straightens and curls according to your demands. Besides, Body Wave hair can blend with other natural hair and help your hair look more natural. When you wear correctly, no one may be that you are wearing hair wigs.

This is a reason why body wave short hair from Vietnamese raw hair is prefered in Africa, America, Europe.

Photo: Body wave hair
                                                       Photo: Body wave hair

Features of body wave hair

  • 100% human hair that’s directly cut from the donor’s head.
  • No chemical additions.
  • Silky, smooth, and thick.

Pros and Cons of Body wave hair

Pros of Body wave hair

  • Easy to maintain
  • Do not shed or tangle a lot easier
  • Can be colored and bleached just like your natural hair
  • Affordable than most hair bundles.

Cons of Body wave hair

  • Do not hold up curls well: when it will lose the curls, you have a straight hair look.

3. What are the differences between Body wave and loose wave?

Loose wave hair and Body wave hair
                                Loose wave hair and Body wave hair

Although two types: body wave hair weave and loose wave hair weave is quite similar, there are some little differences you can find out. So, what are they?

  1. Volume 

Loose wave hair bundles have more volume than side part body wave hair.

  1. Curl Pattern

Loose waves are more curly than body waves. It depends on your hobby to make a decision any type of hair or you can try strange hairstyles to have a new look.

  1. Versatility

Body wave virgin hair can’t hold curls well and will get straighter and straighter as the time goes. Therefore, loose wave human hair is more versatile in styling and holds the curls longer than body wave hair.

  1. Elasticity

Body wave hair extensions are designed with closely placed strains and are less bouncy. Thus, the Vietnamese loose wave hair is the best choice for people seeking a bouncy and fuller look.

4. Which is better? , Loose wave or Body wave

Both body wave and loose wave are recieved a lot of compliments from users. Body wave and loose wave are made of best virgin hair, 100% real human hair without chemicals. It will give a beautiful wavy pattern. Compared with body wave, loose wave give a more wavy pattern.. No matter which hairstyle you choose, I believe it will looks great on you.

Loose wave hair
         Loose wave hair

5. The seller: loose wave or Body wave – The hairvietnam

HairVietnam is established in 1990 with many years of experience in the field of hair production. This is one of the prestigious brand that exports to many foreign countries with a variety of products, especially, dody wave hair and loose wave hair. This is best-seller in the company in recent time. If you need to buy these hair, don’t hesitate to contact with the hairvietnam to be supported soon.

The Hairvietnam factory is located in Bac Ninh city, Vietnam.
The Hairvietnam factory is located in Bac Ninh city, Vietnam.

You can see some product through the website: or contact directly company staff by whatsapp to support you:

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