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5 facts about the Vietnamese hair suppliers

5 facts about the Vietnamese hair suppliers

5 facts about the Vietnamese hair suppliers

In recent times, the Vietnamese hair supplier is one of the most prestigious and reputable hair vendors in the world. What makes these suppliers famous?

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1.Overview of the hair suppliers in Viet Nam

Many hair sellers nowadays choose to import Vietnam hair instead of hair from other countries such as China, India, Peru, due to its perfect texture, and the modern technology that Vietnamese workers apply to the manufacture. Almost every Vietnamese hair factory is now a prestigious wholesale hair distributor.


As you know, Vietnamese hair is known for its thickness and natural bright color. In addition, there are some following features you can know more about Vietnamese hair. We believe that those products could help your business grow and develop successfully.

The original human hair

The hair texture of Vietnamese hair is straight, smooth, soft, and silky due to the fact that the natural shapes of Vietnamese hair are straight. So, you easily restyle while its quality is also maintained. Moreover, we also have a diversity of hairstyles that are suitable for any demands to make the clients confident.

hair viet nam

The hair color of Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese people’s hair is usually black. Therefore, you can blend and dye into any colors you like: red, orange, blue, pink, blonde, gray, dark gray, brown, dark brown

Easy to maintain

You know, hair has durability from 3.5 to 5 years. To maintain Vietnamese hair, you should do the following steps:

Step 1: Wash your hair every one to two weeks, regardless of whether it is Vietnamese straight weave hair or Vietnamese curly weave hair because the hair is not glued to your scalp. So it does not receive the protection or moisturizing effects of natural oils.

Step 2: Massage near your scalp and deliver your own light massage to prevent natural hair from microbial development and to increase blood circulation.

Step 3: Use a moisturizing conditioner after every shampoo and a deep conditioner every 2 to 4 weeks.

Step 4: When possible, screw your hair and let it dry in the air.

Step 5: Comb the hair

2.Compare Vietnamese hair factories with China hair factories

The following are some comparisons of the characteristics of hair suppliers in Vietnam and China to help clients to decide easily.

2.1 Vietnamese hair factory

Vietnamese hair factory vendors are very well-known for excellent quality at a reasonable price.

The healthy sources of hair donors make the hair become durable. (it can be up to 2-10 years if customers know how to take care properly). The hair materials used to make hair extensions are 100% qualified human hair.

The price is competitive and Vietnamese hair factories always try to meet any requirements

Có thể là hình ảnh về trong nhà và văn bản cho biết ' com Hair vietnam'
vietnam hair factory

2.2 Chinese hair factory

China hair factory is widely known for industrial-scale production and cheap products due to the availability of cheap labor and advancement in technology Therefore, the price of hair in China market can be considered to be quite cheap. One reason for this is that Chinese hair is often mixed from many donors of hair like India’s hair, and Cambodian Hair (not from 100% pure hair donors).

However, You cannot purchase high-quality products at such low prices at all. This can result in many annoying experiences such as quick degradation, short-term use, and demanding hair care, etc.

Through the above information, although Vietnamese hair factories don’t produce hair in large-scale production or mass-production like China, the quality is the prominent factor that makes Vietnam is the biggest competitor of Chinese Hair factories.

3.Top 3 best vietnam hair vendors

The following is a list of the top 3 hair factories in Vietnam for customers from different markets.

3.1 The HAIR Vietnam


Hairvietnam is established in 1990 with many years of experience in the field of hair production. This business provides a great variety of hair products in multiple colors, textures, and styles. Compare to the companies, the hair Vietnam is the first hair factory in Vietnam to supply 100% pure Vietnamese high-quality wigs, sideburns, wavy hair, lace wigs, and human lace wigs to wholesalers. hair all over the world, including Brazil, Dubai, Russia, America and Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, etc.). Also, the company’s website is easy for customers to find suitable products. People can look for additional information and contact them at:


• Website:
• Facebook: Hairvietnam Factory
• Instagram: hairvietnam.factory

3.2 Beautiful Hair Vietnam– Famous wholesale hair supplier in Vietnam

This is a hair company specializing in exporting hair to Europe, America, Africa… Beautiful Hair Vietnam is also trusted by many customers from markets.

3.3 MicHair – Famous wholesale hair supplier in Vietnam

Michair Company has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and research in the hair industry over the years. With many years of accumulated experience, Michair has been thriving and exporting to foreign countries around the world.

4. Positive customer feedback about Vietnamese hair factories

Almost all of the top hair salons in Vietnam provide high-quality services at reasonable prices. Surprisingly, hairdressers in Vietnam are considered very beautiful and stylish. That’s why so many oversea buyers are interested in buying Vietnamese hair.

Customers’ opinions about hair of hairvietnam

5. Note how to buy Vietnamese hair

How to contact the wholesale workshop manager

  • For more information about setting up a hair company or importing hair from Vietnam, contact the wholesale factory manager at +84 967 69 69 96 (Whatsapp)
  • Inform them about the type of hair you want to buy. Here’s how to create your list of orders:


  • Check factory-delivered ex-factory invoices
  • Payment in advance
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