High quality 13×4 Lace closure Vietnamese double drawn hair

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What is Lace closure hair and characteristics?

What is Lace closure hair?

Lace Closure hair is a hairpiece with thousands of knot made by clever hands of highly skilled workers. The one by one hair strand will be knotted into the mesh. The mesh of lace closure hair is in the size and color (see the pic below).

Mesh is the important factor as it attaches directly to the head, it should be thin, and the same color as the hair. The net in the mesh also gives the important base of the hair to be knotted. Hence, the size of the net hole should be suitable and must be strong. The thinner the mesh the better. The best mesh should come from Switzerland, Germany, Italia, and the USA.


High-quality Lace closure hair

The characteristics of lace closure hair

Hair must be in the same length to make high-quality lace closure hair. First, it saves your own money, it will be really unreasonable when you pay for 20” closure and get most of the hair just 14-16” length. Second, the same length hair makes the lace closure to be most cover fully and naturally.

The loneliness of the lace closure depends on half on the hair and remaining half on the knot which helps each hair and attaches in the mesh. To make the best knot, the worker must be very concentrated.

The characteristics of Lace closure hair

High quality 13×4 lace closure Vietnamese double drawn hair

Product detail

Material 100%Vietnamese double drawn hair
Color Natural black, natural brown or the color according to customers requirement
Length 8- 32 inches, 13×4 inches in size
Style Natural style, straight, Body wave, kinky curly, straight, loose wave, deep wave, etc
Weight 100 gram/ bundle
Payment method T/T, Western Union, Bank, Money Gram
Delivery time From 3 to 7 working days
Shipping UPS, DHL, Cargo carrier

Lace closure Vietnamese double drawn hair in

We are the wholesaler, we produce perfectly human hair, no mix synthetic hair, and animal fur. Our company specializes produce with factory price and high quality. We only sell hair products that have great quality but at the best price. Our lace closure Vietnamese double drawn hair made from 100% natural double drawn hair, no lice, no shedding, really smooth and soft.

High-quality Lace closure from

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