Hair Care

Hair care is one of important As you know, own a beautiful and personal hair is very easy in this make beauty field, but keep it soft and smooth for how long is a big problem, a long process. So that, we write this Blog to explain why should you care your hair? And How to care natural hair or hair extensions effectively?

Using natural shampoo to wash hair

Overview of hair care

What is hair care?

Hair care is a general term for hygiene and aesthetics related to hair growth from the human scalp. Hair care habits vary according to the individual culture and physical characteristics of the hair. Hair can be dyed color, trimmed, scraped, plucked or removed by treatments such as hair removal, polishing, and threading. Hair care services are available at the salon, barber, and spa days, and the products are available for use at home. Remove or waxing by Laser is also available, although they are provided (in the US) by licensed professionals in specialized medical or spa offices.

Properly shampooing is the key factor that helps your hair stronger

When do you need to care hair?

Hair care and scalp care can appear separate, but they really stick together because the hair grows under the skinhead. The living parts of the hair (hair follicles, hair roots, root cysts, and sebaceous glands) lie under the skin. While the actual hairs appear (the epidermis covering the cerebral cortex and pulp) without the process of life.

The scalp, like any other skin on the body, must be kept healthy to ensure a healthy body and healthy hair. If the scalp is cleaned regularly by people own raw hair or having hair problems, it can lead to hair loss and dandruff. In addition, there are also bacteria that can affect the hair. Lice are probably the most popular hair and scalp in the world. Lice can be removed with attention to detail, and studies show that it does not necessarily involve poor hygiene. So that, hair care is very important issue in developing hair.

The method of hair care

The tips for caring natural hair

Hereditary and health are factors in healthy hair. Proper nutrition is important for hair health. The live part of the hair is under the scalp where the hair roots are placed in the hair follicles. So, with natural hair, we should use natural care methods to nourish the scalp, avoid chemical abuse to make the hair become the tangle.

Limit and avoid using the hair dryer to dry your hair

We should use natural shampoo for caring natural hair like locust, lemon, lemongrass leaves, etc for wash hair. When you wash hair, you should let your hair dry naturally, limit using the hair dryer to dry your hair. If you use the hair dryer, you should let your hair dry about 55% – 60%, the rest is to dry naturally.

Besides, you should combine natural shampoos and conditioners to keep your hair healthy, smooth and shiny. You must build a healthy diet, eat lots of green vegetables and some products contain omega 3, vitamins, proteins, etc. It will main key factors help your hair to become stronger, smoother and silkier.

Masking hair is a good way to try for hair care

The method for caring hair extensions

Shampoo hair extensions carefully

Because hair extensions are not the same as your natural hair, so that, your hair extensions will easily break and loss in shampoo process if you do not wash it carefully. Before you shampoo, you must brush your hair carefully, guarantee that your hair is not tangle and shedding. You have to moisturize your hair before you shampoo, this will make your hair reducing break and loss hair.

Wrap up your hair extensions

That’s worse when you wake up with a spectacular and tangle free hairstyle. Before you sleep, you should gently comb out your hair extensions and tie it with a silk scarf. When you wake up in the morning, your head will prevent the breakage, tangling and shedding. With curly hairstyles, you should gently braid your hair carefully before you sleep, this will help your hair avoid tangling, losing hair and easily into folds.

Eat many fruit and vegetable contain many nutritious for your hair

Avoid using the devices making hairstyle with high-temperature

As you know, you must use fire in order to your hair extensions easily sew in, for example, clip in hair, closure hair, etc. But if you use high temperature, your hair will be damaged, make it become tangle and easy dry hair and break hair. You should set up the low heat if you want to make dry your hair by the hairdryer, avoid hot iron and do not go too near the fireplace.

Here is one of the small tips to help you own a beauty, nice hairstyle extensions. Do not hesitate, try these tips right away, I think you will be amazed at its effectiveness. If you have any question, please contact us HairVN, we are very happy to help you!

Thank you for your attention!!!