Hair Accessories – Tape Roll & Tape Remover

Main items of the hair accessories industry

Tape Roll

Refer to Hair accessories, The tape roll is the thin sticky band specialized for putting a thin layer of hair. The adhensive layer main ingredients are: acrylic and polyurethane which are safe for human health and organically stick. Each tape later on would be installed directly to the lady hair to make the hair longer and thicker naturally.

Tape Roll 12 Yards – Made in USA

The tape roll quality affect much to the longivity and beauty of the tape hair, hence, it directly impact to the hair style of person who use it finally.

The best tape roll come from USA or Germany, which are safe, thin, and long lasting while the Chinese made are cheaper and quality still acceptable. Normally the good tape will last for 4-6 months depend on your ability of maintainance, the better you take care your tape hair, the longer it would last.

Tape Hair natural black color – ready to ship from

Tape roll provided by HairVN has more than 12 colors for your selection

Tape Removers

Becoming more beautiful with a natural tape roll hair is a sweet story, but the extension can not last for long time, they would come out after time of using. Tape removers made mostly from oil (coconut oil and other organic material) would eliminate all your worries about the health affection. The tape hair would be stripped off smoothly and gradually without any damage caused to the hair. The tape remover is quite easy to apply, just put the remover liquid around the tape bond, wait for seconds then, slowly take out the strip. The tape hair, the weft would come out of the hair as it has to. The hair later on could be reuse after removal.

Tape Remover Walker Made mostly from oil (coconut oil) naturally

Hair Accessories and its role to the manufacturers, salon and users

Main those two above accessories become the most important for manufacturers, salon and users.

The manufacturers use huge amount of tape roll to produce tons of the tape hair each month. Then the salons use those tape hair to install on the lady,  and apply the tape removers when the tape becomes quite old or lady wanna change the hair style.

For years, the important of those becomes inarguable.

Best Hair accessories from Vietnam

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