Grey hair

What is grey hair?

One word – two meanings of grey hair?

Grey hair is considered as a woman’s crowning glory. Sooner or later, the crown will start to grey so they have to face this situation.
However, gray hair is a special term in hair sector. We use gray hair to describe one hair type that can be dyed to make many color hair extensions.

The grey bulk hair in HairVN’s factory.

The original of grey hair?

Grey hair is cut off from middle-aged women or the old by our collector team. After that, they aggregate a large amount of natural gray hair in our factory.
It undergoes the cleaned and additional process. From the raw bulk of grey hair, high skilled workers classify careful into each bundle. They characterize it in two color black and grey mixed together so the quality is still the best.

Normally, the workers washed the virgin hair with shampoo included natural components to avoid losing epidermis. The hair is hung on or flat on the surface to be dried in a natural way, after that the workers wrap in a separate bundle for shipping to retailers, salon, wholesaler worldwide.

The grey hair in the factory

The remaining quantity we use to make hair extensions such as machine weft hair extension, gray tip hair, clip-in hair or closure all size. All customers don’t have to hardly find the hair everywhere.

Who is using grey hair extensions?

If you are the reseller, salon or wholesaler, all gray hair extensions are available in our factory and ready to ship to your store. The machine weft hair, the tip I U V shape, tape-in hair or closure grey hair extensions are good orders.

Vietnamese grey hair – Tip hair extension

If you are factory, let feel free to come to directly test the quality of gray hair. We sure that you will fall in love with the essence of hair strands: strong and silk structure, especially the ability of bleach and dye. Your clients like to banish old hairstyle by changing the color with a silver mane in your salon or buy your hair extensions to keep best looking and feeling.

The natural grey hair is easy to bleach and dye. No #613 is the most favorite color of all girls so the gray hair is the utilize solution for your business.

The grey hair and many color hair in our showroom

Where is the prestige company for choosing grey hair?

The best quality of Grey hair in HairVN

The gray hair is cut and collected from a source of old and strong ladies who own gray color hair. It’s 100% human hair, natural and easy to bleach and dye into light color, no tangle, all cuticle layers intact, and facing the same direction, completely natural hair.
HairVN ensures the best quality and service for you. We are a wholesaler, not middleman, we guarantee the best price for you.

HairVN –the best grey hair wholesaler in Vietnam

With 20 years of experience, HairVN always supplies the best hair quality to all customers in the world. The diversity of hair types in general and the multi-choice of gray types in partial help to meet the customer’s demand.

The headquarter of HairVN in Bac Ninh, Vietnam

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The traditional channel, in store, and factory are always open for you come to visit and check our hair. Whenever you want, let us know. It’s our pleasure to serve you.