Wholesale Unprocessed Full Hair Vietnamese Raw Hair 30 inch

Vietnamese full hair raw bulk hair 30 inches is chosen much more by many customers who are big salons, wholesalers hair in the global market, especially Europe. The same lenght of each bundle with smooth and healthy hair attracts them to come to pick. Moreover, the hair can be used to bleach and dye

What is the full hair (same length)?

Full hair (same length) is a term used to refer to the hair without any short hair inside the bundle. Just like its name, we can understand full hair is: “There will be no short hair inside the bundle. The hair is no short, no shedding, no tangle, no lice, no nits, smooth.” We can assure the best quality of full hair for each order.

The bundle of full hair in the factory

The difference between full hair and others?

Firstly, when we refer to the length of the hair, we can see that:

  • The length of full hair or the same level hair can get 95 -100%.
  • Whereas, others hair has only the same level less than full hair (only get under 95%)

Secondly is the difference of glossiness level, tangled level or the situation damage of the hair. Only full hair can get the best quality about 3 criteria as above.

Natural beauty

In Eastern countries, long, thick and smooth hair makes women more confident when they go out. “Hair and tooth are human’s root” is the opinion of Vietnamese women from the ancient. So, the hair represents the beauty of the human, especially women.

100 gram per bundle is the standard weight

Full hair made from 100% natural Vietnamese hair will highlight the woman’s natural beauty and make the woman more beautiful in the eyes of men.

The honest supplier of full hair for shopping online

The long experience in the sector

With more than 20 years of building trust and belief in customer. HairVN becomes the big brand and the prestige address for all customers in the global market.

Nowadays, our hair can be known to the international market: Brazil, South Africa, America, Europe, etc. Always put prestige on the top, HairVN has gained the trust of customers in over the world by many big orders of Raw hair and Hair Extensions)

Workers tie each bundle of hair in the factory

The friendly website for all readers

Beside the big factory in Bac Ninh, Vietnam and a large showroom in Thailand, we have built a website for all customers can easily find information. The internet brings the convenient and fast order even you are anywhere.

With the friendly display of the main website and a showcase on, all of you can surf the internet and find useful information about hair type, price, address and hair care.

The enthusiastic consultant staff

Our consultant staff is always conscientious and responsible for answering all questions from you. Let feel free to contact us if you have any problems in hair sector.

Use direction of Full hair type

Hair care tips (choosing shampoo and conditioner)

After owning the hair you want, care hair is also important for all users. You need to choose the right shampoo and conditioners that contain herbal ingredients inside. Washing hair twice time a week is enough for the development of hair.

Long hair of standard weight and full length per bundle

Combine fashion and hairstyle

A beautiful hair with attractive clothes will bring a new look for all women in the party, wedding or special occasion. Let take care of yourself, care your hair to be lovely in someone’s eye.